Mani #21 Ice Crystals

On Wednesday I’m invited to an event by La Prairie to celebrate the launch of their latest product line. Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal.

lp ice crystals

I am really looking forward to seeing what’s new and so this weeks Mani had to be dedicated to an Ice Crystals theme.

When I saw this beautiful Sally Hansen nail polish on Friday I knew it would be perfect, and look great with a Mavala polish I already had at home.

The colours used are…
Sally Hansen: 657 Mermaid’s  Tale
Mavala: 269 Deep Blue

I used my favourite LCN base coat and Mavala’s colourfix topcoat. My top coat is soon finishing so I am thinking about buying something new, can anyone recommend one?

At first I was going to use the sparkles on one nail as an accent, but my bf really liked the colour and told me to do it on all of them. I think the effect is really fun, and I’m glad I listened to him. What do you think?

Love Steph x


20 thoughts on “Mani #21 Ice Crystals

      • jacquelyng56 says:

        It dries very quickly. On me it lasts about 3days without any tip wear, then I get tip wear. I generally don’t have an issue with polish chipping though as I change it after 3 or 4days anyway. My bottle went thick and gloopy and was almost done anyway so I chucked it away x


      • thinklovemakeup says:

        Thats good 🙂 there is a really amazing product from mavala its a thinner so when things start to get gloopy I add in a few drops, I havent had to throw anything away in years, but their topcoat is naturally thick.


      • jacquelyng56 says:

        I have a similar thing from OPI, but I think this topcoat was way beyond saving. Lol. Plus it was getting really difficult to use as you had to tilt the bottle to get it out.


      • thinklovemakeup says:

        hehe, I have to admit it’s more of a problem in the salon than at home it happens all the time with cuticle oils. Anyway darling have a lovely evening and thanks for stopping by! xx


  1. Amria says:

    I love glittery sparkly bits of all sizes for nails. First of all, they stick well to the polish and make it last longer hehe 😀 They are lovely on all nails, so your boyfriend sure was right about this. And I love the name! Ah, I wanted to be a mermaid when I was little even though I am scared of water ahahaha. Well, I do wash myself, but I am scared of lakes or seas or any other kind of huge puddle of water.


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