Monday Muse #04

Welcome to the Valentines Edition of Monday Muse!
In Malta it’s a public holiday so I am a very happy bunny… But I will still share my daydreams with you…

*Warning* these photo’s are all LURVE inspired, even if you are single make sure to spend some time pampering yourself! A woman should always have beautiful things and who doesn’t love a day dedicated to champagne and candy?

Love isn’t just about having a partner it starts with yourself! In the words of Harry Winston “People will stare. Make it worth their while” So buy those sexy shoes you have been looking at from the shops window and go get your hair & nails done!

Since we soon have our Euro-trip (Amsterdam, Brussels, London) we wont be celebrating V-day. I might cook a nice meal on Friday but I am very happy to stay home in my pj’s with my loved one and save the celebration for the week after!

What are your plans this Valentines?
Love Steph x


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