Home Made Beauty: Anti Cellulite Coffee Scrub.


The other day I was talking to my friend about cellulite, she asked me about brands and treatments. Later that day I came home and was looking on Pinterest, I saw a picture of a body scrub containing coffee for cellulite.

My brain went into google overdrive and I started to research and collect recipes. I had sent a list of ingredients to my friend and accidentally lost the page I found them from. Therefore I continued trying to search online and basically came up with a mix of recipes.


Coffee – This will help to stimulate circulation and remove the water retention.
Sugar – This should be brown as its antibacterial and is a better exfoliant than white, I only had white sugar at home.
Cocoa powder – Cocoa is a fantastic nourishing ingredient which can be used even in face masks for drier skin types.
Vanilla essence – To help cover the smell of the oil.
Olive oil – The oil will help to nourish the skin and stop the ingredients like sugar from dissolving. Rich in vitamin E and C, I love using olive oil in body scrubs.
Cinnamon – cinnamon is rich in antioxidants and tannins, it can reduce inflammation and stimulate blood circulation (and accelerate the breakdown of fats).

So once mixed all together I headed off into the bathroom. The idea of this scrub being easy is only in the kitchen, once I started trying to scrub I found out the product is super messy! I felt the need to add more sugar and more oil to help it slide better across my skin. The scrub made my hands black and I was a little worried that it would stain because of the coffee. However, it washed right off. THANK GOD. – ps I used Nescafe from the jar I dunno if any other type of coffee would stain… 

How does my skin feel ?

Well my skin does feel amazingly soft, and smooth. The skin went pink from the stimulation and I used a shower gel to remove the access residue and my skin still feels great.

Does it work?

Although I never really suffered from cellulite, I do feel like my skin is more even. I think that prevention is something that is key and we should be looking after our skin before we get problems. I am waiting feedback from my friend who had tried the same scrub.

Will I try it again?

This is difficult. There are a lot of body scrubs on the market, and also ton’s of home made recipes to try. I didn’t mind the texture, the feel and the ingredients was at hand in the kitchen. I also think these kind of treatments need to be done regularly and in combination to specialist creams to really combat that orange peel look. I love how soft my skin feels now.

 A few days later

I am still feeling my legs and bum super soft. I think I might be trying this again soon 🙂

Have you got any cellulite fighting secret weapons?
Love Steph x


25 thoughts on “Home Made Beauty: Anti Cellulite Coffee Scrub.

  1. ladywithnoname says:

    This looks super interesting steph! I use a somatoline anti cellulite cream which costs arount 70Eu… So im definitely intrigued! Will try it and let you know how it goes! Thanks a mill xxx


  2. beautyadoration says:

    I think I’m going to try this sometime ( if I remember ) I’ve always had cellulite and hate it.. eating healthily and exercising has helped but not cleared it compeletely. Would be interesting to see how this helped me get along.



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