Product Review: Givenchy Le Rouge 303 Corail Décolleté

This week has been crazy and rather tough so as a little treat I bought myself an item that’s been on my wishlist for a very very long time (here and here).

I wrote about the launch of Givenchy’s Le Rouge way back in March 2013, and then again this January when it was featured as part of a make-up look. You could say I have pretty much lusted after this range of lipsticks for more than a year. Which made it the most rewarding kind of treat.


I think the casing is simply stunning, extremely elegant and sleek made from real black leather and silver catches. This just shows the attention to detail Givenchy pays to produce the perfect luxury accessory.

I love the click button to open, and how it’s embossed with the logo pretty much everywhere.


This lipstick has a very smooth cream almost gel texture with rich pigments that just glides onto the lips. I am impressed by the finish even though its matte it doesn’t feel heavy or drying on the lips. The lipstick managed to hold well whilst eating. As a general rule I am able to keep it on for almost 5 hours when being careful although the ave amount that it will last though is about 3 hours as seriously I need to eat and drink and life is not made for being careful 🙂


I just adore the textures of these lipsticks, it’s a semi matte but so moist and creamy. I don’t think I have met a lipstick quite like it. I love quite a few shades from the collection, and so picking a colour was really difficult.

Here you can see me wearing colours 204 “Rose Boudoir“, 306 “Carmin Escarpin”  (photos from January) and 303 “Corail Décolleté”  (pictured today – funnily enough wearing same makeup style) which is the one I bought. I love all three! The 204 is a beautiful natural dusky pink and the 306 is a gorgeous red… However since it’s spring I thought a pop of colour would be the best choice. I have to admit the true colours don’t really show well on the camera. The 204 is more pink and the 303 is brighter…



I think this is one of the most expensive in the market and retails at 33 euro and it’s the only thing which has stopped me buying this lipstick until now. I get drawn back to the Givenchy stand week after week and I just adore everything about it so to hell with the price!


How can I explain my love for this lipstick in words? Let’s just say if you have been following the blog you would know that I hardly wear more than a swipe of gloss or lipbalm and I never bother with lip liners… Most products I get bored with pretty quickly and the only thing I changed my mind about over the last year has been the colours. I do wish that they would introduce more colours to the range. So to commit after lusting for it for so long means I really do adore this product. It’s a rather high price tag, but the texture and the longevity almost makes up for it, my credit card isn’t happy but I am!

It feels great to take this off my wishlist! I have to award this lipstick full marks… And now I promise not to splurge for a while and continue reviewing the products I bought whilst I was on holiday.

I know it’s Wednesday but if you stand on your tip toes and look ahead…you can just about see Friday! I hope your having a great week!
Love Steph x


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