I originally found this recipe on Pinterest, and changed it a little to suit what was in my kitchen. They used butternut squash and baby spinach. I was really impressed by not only how simple this curry was but also by how good it was. My husband enjoyed it, and compared it to one we order frequently in a popular restaurant.  



1 onion
Pumpkin or butternut squash (I had quite a bit left over but no idea regarding weight)
Thai red curry paste 2/3 tablespoons
The original recipe used yellow curry powder but I couldn’t find in the local supermarket so I bought a medium curry powder instead. 1 teaspoon.
Coconut milk
Coconut oil
Crushed cashews
Sliced limes
Spinach or kale


Chop the onion and the pumpkin into cubes.
Pan fry the onion for 4/5 mins in a little coconut oil.
Once the onion has started to brown add in the pumpkin and add in the thai curry paste and curry powder. Stir to coat the onion and pumpkin. 
Add the can of coconut milk and let simmer for roughly 15-20 mins. The pumpkin will soften and you will be able to break it with a fork.
I added in the kale and waited for it to wilt. 

I had a little left over roast beef which I cubed and added at the last moment. Although this dish is amazingly flavored and filling without meat, so it really depends on you. Serve with rice, crushed cashews and a slice of lime for decoration.

Love Steph x


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