I find buying mascara is the eternal dilemma. I’m always looking for the next best thing… higher lengths, intense volume, more curl. Each time a new mascara is launched it peaks my curiosity and I am always willing to try the latest trend. 


I have never used this brand before, yet it comes highly recommended by the staff at Melita Pharmacy in St Julians. I think this is the first time 4 different members of staff all told me to go for the same product. 


The aim of this product is high definition and volume. The colour is highly pigmented so its seriously black. I tried to take a before and after photo of my eye lashes but without mascara the camera couldn’t actually focus on my naked lashes. 

The wand is plastic and has separate bristles in order to lift and coat the lash with product without weighing it down and making it clumpy. The wand is also quite thin, which I like as some times the bigger the brush the more messy it is. The texture also isn’t very gloopy which is important.



The photo shows a couple of coats of the mascara. It coats well without being to clumpy. I did apply in a rush so I didn’t clean up where it hit the skin on my lash line. I felt like my lashes had been elongated, it didn’t help with the curl at all. The volume is decent. 

I think for me the big plus for this mascara is that it is incredibly long lasting. At no point did it flake or smudge. I find that unless I buy waterproof formulas they tend to melt under my eyes by the middle of the day. This really stayed in place.



The High Definition and Volume Mascara is well priced at 18 euros. There are definitely cheaper mascaras in the market, but then you will be compromising on the quality. The black is a nice rich black and the fact that it doesn’t budge all day, yet it isn’t a waterproof mascara is a big deal for me. I don’t want to do any damage to my lashes trying to remove at the end of each day.


I have used this mascara for the last few days, I think the more I wear it the more I like it. Will I repurchase? Perhaps. Do I love it? I think its still to early to tell. For the moment I am happy with my purchase, and I don’t regret it. 

Whats your favourite mascara? Leave me a comment. 
Love Steph x


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