This is one of the hardest posts to write, and probably one of the most important. In order to heal I need to be able to tell this story. Each memory is relived heartbreak.

A little over a month ago we had to say goodbye to our beloved chihuahua Abby also known as Mousey.  


Mousey was my husband & his friends nickname for her. She was his from a puppy. I was lucky to share a little more than 5 years with her. They were happy years.

Six months ago she was diagnosed as a diabetic, we started to give her insulin daily, increasing the amount and then the frequency.

Unfortunately the treatment didn’t seem to help. We tried everything changing the food, changing the insulin brands, I would buy the urine glucose strips and test her 4x a day. Towards the end I was testing her almost hourly. Her body just broke down the insulin and no matter the amount it wasn’t helping her. 


She started to lose her hair, she had lost weight and in the end her liver just couldn’t cope. One day while I was at work our little one started to vomit blood and my husband rushed her to the clinic.

It was the hardest day having to say goodbye. My husband made the choice to put her to sleep. I rushed to the vets from work, she had started to have seizures. I am and always will be forever grateful to the person who gave me a lift, letting me make it in time.

To have prolonged her life would have been cruel, and selfish of us. The road to recovery is long. Our happy home sometimes feels so empty and lonely. It was a big shock to us and although we knew about her condition the liver failure was something we didn’t see coming. 

I have found it hard to concentrate, I lost my shadow. My most loyal companion. Tears are streaming down my face while I write. I have felt waves of grief this past month. One day I hope to look at photos and the pain turn into fond memories.


This is my memorial to you my sweet little one.
Love you always.




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