A couple of weeks ago I went for a consultation and patch test at Persona Med-Aesthetic Centre in Ta’ Xbiex to try out laser hair removal.

I had done laser several years ago for my under arm and bikini line at another clinic, so I had a fairly good idea of what to expect.

When I arrived I was welcomed and asked to fill out the consultation forms, it’s really important to understand the medical history of each and every client. I loved how clean and bright the waiting room is, and how friendly the staff are.


I didn’t need to wait long before I was shown into the treatment room, I met a super smiley doctor who spent some time explaining to me about the treatment, the machine they use and how its different from whats on the market.


The laser machine they use is called “CynoSure”, the frequency of the laser used depends on many factors like your skins sensitivity, the hair type and the pigment of both the hair and skin. So each treatment will differ slightly, also because of personal pain tolerance. So the Dr would chose whats right for you based on their in depth experience and the reaction of your skin.

When I had done laser in the past I treated my underarms and bikini line, personally my underarms didn’t hurt much, but my bikini line was much more sensitive. Which was one of the things that I discussed before my patch test. My Dr explained that the “CynoSure” machine uses a targeted cooling air spray, this reduces the heat given off by the laser and makes the treatment much more comfortable. The air jet really is quite cool! I didn’t feel a thing. Next treatment I will make sure to book in for my bikini line!

One of the reasons that I waited a few weeks to write about my experience is because I wanted to see how my hair was on the regrowth. When I had previously done laser it left me with a couple non-pigmented hairs (aka grey) on one underarm. So currently I have no hair apart from those two grey offenders in that tested area. After about 2 weeks I had some small hairs pushed out of the skin, but other than that the area is clean. I would need to repeat the treatment roughly 6 weeks apart to get maximum results. Since my hair is quite pigmented and my skin fair I am an excellent laser candidate so I should have very good results, without needing many sessions. 

I love that the treatments are booked by Drs, it gives me more peace of mind. I know that they have knowledge and my skins health as number one priority. 

Persona has quite an impressive treatment portfolio! They have some interesting treatments too, they not only remove hair but they can transplant it too. Persona Med-Aesthetic Centre also offers hair transplants with a Dr who flys in regularly to perform the treatment for men and women. They are also one of the only clinics (If not the only one) in Malta to offer eyebrow transplants.

This I had to get more information about. There is a big part of me tempted to book in for treatment since my brows are sparse and I am always penciling them in. At least this would be the solution I’ve been waiting for, although costly (It is a surgery after all) in the long run its much cheaper than a tattoo and requires no yearly retouching. hallelujah.

Persona Med-Aesthetic Centre also offers: smart lipo & tummy tucks (also something I want to do), as well as breast augmentation, face lifts, botox, lip enhancements, and vein therapy. They have a dermatology department, as well as a GU clinic.  

I was lucky I got to take a sneak peak into the Operating Theater!!!! how cool is that? So obviously I had to take photos 🙂

Medical tourism is on the rise and Malta is one of the IT places to go for a treatment, the Drs are experts and their fields and the prices are very competitive. I know quite a few girls who have flown in for a boob or nose job. They offer packages with hotels, making it stress free to combine a treatment and a holiday.

They also offer a recovery room so that after surgery you can take your time before leaving. Its refreshing to know that after a treatment you have time to rest and recover in your own time, even over night if needed.

If you are considering booking in for laser hair removal or another cosmetic procedures then you can find more details below:

Persona Med-Aesthetic Center

42, Marina Court
Sir Ugo Mifsud Street
Ta’ Xbiex, XBX 1437

+356 21 340 366

 +356 79 340 366






For Woman’s Day I was invited to an event held by Melita Health & Beauty. It was organised to showcase the many brands Melita have to offer, and introduce their team.

melita team

L-R: our hosts Alexia, Steph, Daniela, Tamsin, Jennifer & Janine.

Melita has a strong dedicated beauty team which will be there to help you with all your needs; from skincare to makeup, to the best nail polish brands.

The staff are well trained on products, friendly and most importantly are not pushy.
As a customer its refreshing to see the same familiar faces each day, and know that no matter my concern the girls have me covered.

It was also great to get to see all my fellow bloggers and have a good gossip! We were treated to canapes and a lovely light pink prosecco.

They boast an impressive range of cosmetics such as: Dermablend, Givenchy, Clarins, Clinique, Shiseido, Stefania d’alessandro, Sleek, L’oreal, Collistar, Makeup Studio, Max Factor, Revlon, Bourjouis & Rimmel. Incredibly luxurious skincare brands such as: La Prairie, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Dermalogica, Clarins, Shiseido, Elizabeth Arden, Dermastir, Lancome, & Decleor. And a range of cosmecutical brands like: Eucerin, Medik8, Uriage, Bioderma, Biotherm, La Roche Rosay & Vichy. There are way to many to list!

And to top it off we got a great goodie bag with lots of amazing products I cant wait to review!!

Love Steph x


Hey beauties,  I hope your all having a wonderful new year so far. I made these gorgeous body  scrubs as Christmas gifts and I thought id share the recipe!

I didn’t want to share them before the friends I had gifted had received them not to spoil the surprise. They are truly beautiful and whether for you or a loved one are def going to be a hit!


½ cup Brown Sugar (light or dark)
½ Pure Cane or Granulated Sugar
½ cup Coconut Oil
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
½ tsp Cinnamon
½ tsp Nutmeg
½ tsp Ground Ginger
½ tsp All Spice


Combine everything in a bowl and mix thoroughly.
I had made 5/6 of these so I needed to add and tweak the recipe a little to fill the jars I was using.  I had originally gotten the recipe from a Pinterest post, but I saved only the recipe and not the post.

Once it was all mixed up I transferred the scrub into jars with an air tight lid. Since I was giving them as gifts I decorated the jars with ribbons.

Since the scrub its made from all natural ingredients make sure to use within a month.
Love Steph xx


Hey beauties!

This week I was invited to the launch of Dr. Organics, a brand that’s taking the island by storm because its made from natural ingredients without fragrances, animal ingredients (only using by products such as bee wax, honey, propolis – which doesn’t harm the bees), GM ingredients, mineral oils, or sodium lauryl sulphate.

Dr Organics Dr Organics Dr Organics Dr Organics

As you can see the range is huge, stocking everything from skincare to toiletries. To sum it up, no matter what you need they got it 🙂 I love the packaging the colours are really bright and fun.

Some of the ranges include:

Aloe Vera for soothing, pomegranate for anti ageing, tea tree since it’s antibacterial, lavender to help relax, manuka honey for its moisturising and repairing properties, coconut to nourish, even organic snail gel. 

They have a range of toiletries that is seriously impressive! I loves the idea of natural deodorants and toothpaste! And I was very intrigued by the different skincare ranges. All of the products are bio-active which means “having an effect on a living organism, tissue or cell.” anyone who has been reading my blog for a while will know that I have a love of enzymes and vitamins and peptides. Whilst peptides are not on the Dr Organic ingredient list (since they are lab made proteins) they are full of enzymes & vitamins! p.s they are also fantastically priced…

dr organics

See how intrigued I am 🙂 deep in focus!

Here is me having fun with the bloggers:

DSC01052 DSC01086 MRK_0927 MRK_0946

From L-R: Lara, Elle, Marija, Charlene, Lorraine, Elaine, Me, Maya, Teri (our hostess) and Davi.

As you can see from the photos we sampled, smelled, and lusted after some of the products, we were so lucky when they offered us a choice of 3 products to take home with us! I wanted to try out the “pomegranate face cream”, “pomegranate body cream” and the “olive oil body scrub”. Reviews will be up in the next few weeks after I can really test out the products.

Have any of you lovely ladies heard of Dr Organics or tried them before? any must have items I need to know about? Leave me a comment below ❤

Love Steph x

Ps. Dr Organics recently launched a website, or you can check out their facebook page for more info… If you like quiz’s click here. Photo-credit’s go to  Mark Cassar – Facebook & Website.


What better way to relax after a hard day or long week by running a long bubble bath?

Maybe some back ground music playing and a bath bomb to fizz around you. Sounds like heaven, add a face mask, hell also add a hair mask in the mix and you have my idea of a perfect night in.

I found this section of bath bombs in Mil Ideas in Sliema,
and are from the brand Bomb Cosmetics

Which funnily enough about 2 weeks ago I saw a blog review (for a lip balm) and emailed them for shipping info. They had told me they don’t ship to Malta, but suggested one of their retailers might. Either way I am glad some one ship’s and I hope they start increasing the cosmetics range ❤ They are really pretty products.

bath bombs

I will be honest I didn’t have time to take note of the names of them I did a quick pit stop on my way into work, they ranged in price and the whole box came to about 12 euros. Which for 5 I think is worth it.

So far I have only used the blue one with the pink sprinkles. It had a nice fresh scent and turned the bath water into a fun bubblegum blue colour.


I still have these gorgeous ones to try out ❤

20140508_09313320140508_093250 20140508_09323420140508_093213

I am looking forward to many pampering sessions with my new found friends.

Have you ever tried anything from Bomb Cosmetics ?
They have such a beautiful range on the website!

Love Steph x