update after 9 months.

So I felt like I should update you all on how my oil training is going. I am now washing my hair every 6/7 days and applying no talc or dry shampoos, I no longer do a rinse with apple cider vinegar. 

I usually wash my hair on a Sunday and have it down. Monday morning it’s still clean! although I try to not brush the roots I still tie it up as for work my hair needs to be off my face.

Monday to- Wednesday my hair looks greasy when down, tied up looks ok. 

Thursday its tied up in a pony tail as although my roots are starting to look quite oily the hair from the band down is still clean.

Friday and Saturday its slicked back and made into a bun since the mid length by this point is starting to get oily. The ends of my hair are still clean. Almost a year ago by day 3 my roots to my tips would have been covered in oil.

When I feel the need I do rinse my hair but just using water and no products, or some times usually about Thursday I will take a very small section from the front and wash just that area, so my pony tail looks fresher.

I find that it looks rather oily by the end of the week still. But it is much more manageable. My hair is healthier and seems much thicker since I reduced to weekly washing. Much less breakage, in fact I don’t need to cut my hair as frequently as it’s keeping the style better.

Love Steph x


Original post:

I dunno about you girls but my hair has always been mega super scarily oily. My hair is the type of hair that if I wash in the morning, after a few hours I would feel the need to tie it back as its already started to flop, and by the night its already looking rather limp and a little dirty. Even a hairdresser’s blowout never got passed 1 day.

I will spare you pics for this post 🙂

As long as I can remember my hair has been like this since the dawn of time, or shall I say since I was a teen. At school I used to wash it every 2 days or so, by the time I got to 16 I needed to wash my hair every day.

When I first started working I used to wash blowdry and straighten my hair every morning. The last few years I have been much kinder to my hair. I pretty much stopped straightening my hair about a year and half ago. My hair is longer so the weight keeps it quite straight, and I will only use my GHD’s if its a special occasion.

The next logical step for me was to bite the bullet and train my hair to be less oily.

In the past I tried dry shampoos. They were okay in the beginning but after the first couple of uses when the powder starts to run out the spray made my hair sticky. And it never really did much for the oil control. Did give me a nice volume when applied to freshly washed hair.

No the only way to do this was to go COLD TURKEY!

Since Feb I have been washing my hair once every 4/5 days. My hair was a nightmare at the start. Like seriously a mess, I felt kinda ashamed to be in public, but I pushed through.

I started to use talc, I found the best way was to apply before I sleep so that my tossing and turning would rub in and remove any excess, like that my hair wouldn’t look white. I think it was the first 2/3 weeks that was the worse. The oil now started to ease up, soon I noticed that my day 2 hair was looking kinda clean.

The routine was:

Day 1: Wash hair.

Day 2. Tie up, in the eve add talc.

Day 3. Tie up, in the eve add talc.

Day 4. This was a bit of a cheat day, I allowed myself to wet my hair in the shower. I also did a Apple Cider Vinegar rinse the first 3 day 4’s. This helped to remove the extra oils and make my scalp feel less itchy. I never suffered itchy scalp until I started on this journey. By the end of day 3 & start of day 4 it would be feeling quite yucky.

Day 5: This was the day I was allowing myself to wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner!

Last week I noticed that my Day 4 hair actually looked pretty good, even one of my friends commented. Since yesterday (Day 5) was a public holiday I didn’t wash it, and pushed it out til today (Day 6). The only times I have ever been this long without washing my hair was when I was to physically sick to do so.

My Day 4 hair is now less oily than how my hair would have felt at the end of Day 2. Improvement is seriously starting to show. My hair looks so much more healthy, more thicker and less weighed down.

I changed my products I will write up a review for you later 🙂

I hope that if any of you beautiful women want to break the cycle that you will have the courage to do it! I am so glad I did. Let’s see how the next few weeks go.

Love Steph x



For Woman’s Day I was invited to an event held by Melita Health & Beauty. It was organised to showcase the many brands Melita have to offer, and introduce their team.

melita team

L-R: our hosts Alexia, Steph, Daniela, Tamsin, Jennifer & Janine.

Melita has a strong dedicated beauty team which will be there to help you with all your needs; from skincare to makeup, to the best nail polish brands.

The staff are well trained on products, friendly and most importantly are not pushy.
As a customer its refreshing to see the same familiar faces each day, and know that no matter my concern the girls have me covered.

It was also great to get to see all my fellow bloggers and have a good gossip! We were treated to canapes and a lovely light pink prosecco.

They boast an impressive range of cosmetics such as: Dermablend, Givenchy, Clarins, Clinique, Shiseido, Stefania d’alessandro, Sleek, L’oreal, Collistar, Makeup Studio, Max Factor, Revlon, Bourjouis & Rimmel. Incredibly luxurious skincare brands such as: La Prairie, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Dermalogica, Clarins, Shiseido, Elizabeth Arden, Dermastir, Lancome, & Decleor. And a range of cosmecutical brands like: Eucerin, Medik8, Uriage, Bioderma, Biotherm, La Roche Rosay & Vichy. There are way to many to list!

And to top it off we got a great goodie bag with lots of amazing products I cant wait to review!!

Love Steph x


Hey there!
So yesterday I treated myself to the Olaplex treatment, I wanted to see what all the fuss is about…

If you don’t know Olaplex is:
“free of silicone, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes, and is never tested on animals. Olaplex reconnects broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair. Hair bonds are broken during thermal, mechanical and chemical services.” – Olaplex

It’s a revolutionary product that links broken bonds in the hair during and after chemical services making them stronger than they were before. That means you can push boundaries, hair can be made lighter without causing damage. It can be mixed with bleach, with keratin, it’s even compatible with perms!

I love to really take care of my hair, and I have always done regular cuts and salon colours, with the house stuff going on I haven’t actually cut my hair since FEBRUARY <sad face> and swapped to box colours <crys>. I felt like my hair really needed a bit of a treat since my ends are a little dry.  I found a salon doing a promotional offer and decided to book myself in…

Here is my hair straight after the treatment:

olaplex olaplex

I feel like I should be in a hair advert, super soft, super healthy, it feels like its never been coloured. If you get the chance to try it out go for it! The photos show my hair without a blow dry, no filters, just pure gorgeous healthy feeling hair 🙂

You can find out more about Olaplex and the local salons on the Olaplex Malta facebook page: HERE 

I am a very happy bunny!
Love Steph x


Yesterday I desperately needed to buy shampoo and conditioner, mine had finished and I had all of about 5 mins to browse the isles in the pharmacy and make a choice, so I hurried to the shampoo section. I have been hearing good things about TRESemmé from some of the other Maltese bloggers so I decided to give them a go.

I had tried TRESemmé before when I still lived in London (maybe 10 years ago) but at the time it didn’t do so much for my hair, I am so glad that I gave the brand a second chance because instantly I felt a difference in my hair’s condition. I wouldnt normally write a post for the first use but my hair feels super soft, and silky. I couldn’t stop running my fingers through my hair all afternoon and I like the way it smells.


Want hair that’s smooth, straight and easy to style? Use the shampoo specifically formulated to leave your hair gorgeously sleek and manageable. The TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner system transforms your hair, making it gorgeously sleek with less frizz, smooth and easy to style.” – TRESemmé


When used with TRESemmé Keratin Infusing Shampoo, this salon-quality conditioner nourishes each strand to leave hair smooth, shiny and manageable. The system transforms your hair, making your hair gorgeously sleek with less frizz, smooth and easy to style” – TRESemmé

I plan on writing up a full review later on each product once I have used them a few times, but so far I am a very happy bunny. And the best thing for 500ml they are in the 5e mark so its beauty on a budget!

What haircare are you girlies using?
Love Steph x


Hey beauties!
So anyone who saw Mondays Muse post knew I was going to get my hair done this week! I have been really happy with my colour and I didn’t want to change much, but felt I needed a new shape.

So I kept my brunette base, and renewed my highlights.
I love my hair dresser Clinton, at first I found the lights a little too bright, so I spoke to him about my concerns, and arranged it in the afternoon. Clinton applied a toner that was 2 shades darker, it made a huge difference! Even though the change was subtle I felt more blended, more “me”. The end result is fabulous. It’s great having a stylist who listens when your not happy with something and does his best to correct it even though they are busy.

That’s what customer service is, ensuring each and every client leaves happy, comfortable and satisfied.

I have found him brilliant for changing colours, I’ve gone from red to blonde to brunette under his care, and he always listens to what I want to do next and advises me how.

This was when the lights were a little too bright for my liking just to show you that even though it wasn’t my preferred colour it still looked good:

I will try to take another photo tomorrow to show you how it’s looking now, maybe you wont notice the difference, but I feel it. I am glad I had the confidence to let him know how I was feeling, when I was younger I always felt “shy” to say something in case I insulted my stylist.

I cut a good amount from the back but left my layers to grow out, so that I can attempt to cut my hair a little something like this:

long bob

This might be a long process, since my front is currently shorter than the back and the way I want it is the other way around. But I have a plan and it’s in motion. 😉

Long bob for the win!

Love Steph x