This is one of the hardest posts to write, and probably one of the most important. In order to heal I need to be able to tell this story. Each memory is relived heartbreak.

A little over a month ago we had to say goodbye to our beloved chihuahua Abby also known as Mousey.  


Mousey was my husband & his friends nickname for her. She was his from a puppy. I was lucky to share a little more than 5 years with her. They were happy years.

Six months ago she was diagnosed as a diabetic, we started to give her insulin daily, increasing the amount and then the frequency.

Unfortunately the treatment didn’t seem to help. We tried everything changing the food, changing the insulin brands, I would buy the urine glucose strips and test her 4x a day. Towards the end I was testing her almost hourly. Her body just broke down the insulin and no matter the amount it wasn’t helping her. 


She started to lose her hair, she had lost weight and in the end her liver just couldn’t cope. One day while I was at work our little one started to vomit blood and my husband rushed her to the clinic.

It was the hardest day having to say goodbye. My husband made the choice to put her to sleep. I rushed to the vets from work, she had started to have seizures. I am and always will be forever grateful to the person who gave me a lift, letting me make it in time.

To have prolonged her life would have been cruel, and selfish of us. The road to recovery is long. Our happy home sometimes feels so empty and lonely. It was a big shock to us and although we knew about her condition the liver failure was something we didn’t see coming. 

I have found it hard to concentrate, I lost my shadow. My most loyal companion. Tears are streaming down my face while I write. I have felt waves of grief this past month. One day I hope to look at photos and the pain turn into fond memories.


This is my memorial to you my sweet little one.
Love you always.




As some of you may or may not know I froze my shoulder during May 2015. It was a huge wake up call on how I have been treating my body. The road to recovery started with a mix of physio therapy and osteopathy. I did not want to rely on pills. Deep heat patches became my best friend. I had days when even lifting my arm was nearly impossible. 

At one point I was going one week physio, one week massage. The costs, the pain and the frustration of my body not being able to do what I wanted was hard. That feeling of helplessness lasted almost a year. 

Then I decided to introduce Yoga into my life. I’ve started going to sessions every couple of weeks on a Saturday at POWER YOGA WORLD in swieqi.

The work out focuses on Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. It is a mix of stretches and breathing with a flow. It is a mixed class and I am very much a beginner. I felt daunted but from the first class I felt welcomed without judgment. The teachers are brilliant. They all preach that the practice is my own, to challenge myself, to do as much as I feel I can but not to push myself too far. 

Vinyasa means breathing with movement. For each movement, there is one breath. All asanas are assigned a certain number of vinyasas.” – quote

Today was my first class of 2017. I am tired and the class is hard and I am still getting to grips with the poses. I feel exhausted after each session. I think this was my 5th class at the studio. Each time with a different teacher, and each time the practice is slightly different. So each time my body is sore in a new place. 

It has positively impacted how my muscles feel, I am in less pain and have better range of movements. It makes me proud and happy that I am doing something. I feel like I am taller after a session, my spine stretched and aligned. I feel good. I also bought my mat today, a pretty purple coloured one. I am aiming to do 10 mins of stretching every day. 

I am hoping that by writing it here and acknowledging the class it will keep me motivated. With work it is not always easy to make the classes. As of this year they introduced a Sunday class. So I have signed myself up for next week!

I am focusing on making 2017 a very body positive year.

Love Steph x

Details for the studio:
Santa Monica’ Mansions, Triq il-Qantar
7922 6112



This is something that I wanted to do for the longest time.

2015 we started the process of buying a house and we moved in at the end of that year. 2016 just kinda flew by. With a new house and new routine my blog was very much neglected. I  wanted to start again & I just wasn’t quite sure on how to go about it. 

My life has changed drastically since I started blogging in 2012. Thinklovemakeup was my baby. My first blog but it also limited me in a lot of ways. I came to a point that I really didn’t feel like it reflected on who I was any more and I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go in either. 

Goodbye TLM. Hello Stephlauri.com

I got married! Recently too. Although as you might have noticed I kept my surname. It’s well ME. Being referred to as some ones wife is still strange. It’s nice. The other day Mark was on the phone and mentioned that we are all sick, “me my wife and my dog” maybe it’s silly I know it’s just a title but it gives me a warm butterfly feeling when I hear “my wife”. Or the slip of the tongue when referring to him as my husband, but I will get used to it  ❤

12th November 2016



I have assumed the title of mummy to a fur baby Chihuahua. Her name is Abby also known as “mousey” she is actually my husband’s dog. Shes almost 11. When I met her 5 years ago I fell in love with her. Over the last year living together she has become my shadow and doesn’t leave my side for a second. This is me taking her to the vet via Malta’s public transport. Unfortunately shes diabetic so we have lots of vet trips.


When I started TLM my only interest was what colour my nails are going to be, where am I travelling to next, where are we eating out, and what fun things are happening. 

Although I still consider all those things I am considerably more “settled” now. My priorities have definitely changed since 2012. I am 30! almost 31 (28th Feb) cries! I wanted a blog which reflects that. You will definitely see some home posts, progress and inspo. Lots of recipes tried and tested. Of course lots of beauty, one of the reasons this blog got neglected is because when life is changing at such a rapid pace its very hard to keep up with the trends. I stopped buying things because I liked how they looked and more because mine had run out.

I hope that you follow me in my transition from ThinkLoveMakeup to StephLauri and enjoy what the blog has to offer. Wishing all my readers the best and a very good start to the new year.

Love Steph x


I started this blog as a twenty something, and here I am in a whole new bracket. My life has changed so much in the past few months that it’s some times hard for me to keep up. I am officially 30! Woah where did the time go? It really doesn’t feel so long ago that I was being a typical rebellious teenager and that was half my lifetime away!

I wanted to keep it simple this year since the Malta Marathon was also on the same day as my birthday. I knew it would be chaos with roads closed, diversions and people everywhere. So I invited a group of about 25 to the house for some platters and a lot of bubbles.

We had Strawberry Aperol Spritzers & Limoncello Spritzers. Copious amounts of Prosecco, Champagne and Wine. I forgot to cook half the party food I bought after a few drinks! But it was such a blast. I had the most wonderful red velvet and buttercream cake made, it really was delicious! It was custom made with the logo Chanel No.30 by Nathalie Curtis. If you live in Malta and need something made check out her creations Cute Sweet Treats.

Processed with VSCO

Spritzers & Platters

Processed with VSCO

Chanel no.30 cake

Quite a lot has been done since I last posted decor wise. I managed to find a company to custom make my curtains. Simple, fresh and clean looking. The company that did them were wonderful they took care of everything from sewing to installation and you can find them on facebook too! Frills Curtains & More.

Processed with VSCO

White Linen & Olive tree.

We finally fitted our kitchens worktop, the last few months we have been making do with a tetras game of carefully slotted ceramic tiles. When we had ordered the kitchen I had ordered it without a worktop thinking id manage to get a quote for a quartz top.

However, my budget was cut short by a surprise expense (which has been a common theme during the process – haha ). So I decided to do a postform worktop until we can save for the quartz. The carpenter had an injury and a backlog (also very normal) and so it took us ages to fit the postform.

Finally it looks like a real kitchen now! I still want to do a quartz top but I figure this will buy me some time while I move onto other areas of the house. I also want to do the subway tiles and the quartz together. Look how pretty ❤ my little house is becoming a home…

Bit by bit the house is really starting to take shape. Next step insect nets & starting on the bedroom…

Work wise things are good, and I was invited to a few blog events recently. I will be working on the posts soon. I also have some amazing products to review. So watch this space!

Oh and btw I have a new hair colour!
Love Steph x


Sunset and Selfie: New Year Tradition…

When I first met my bf it was Dec 2011, so we hadn’t known each other very long when New Year came about. We both already had plan’s for the Eve but decided to spend NYD together and make it special.

I remember 1st jan 2012 was a beautiful day so we drove to the beach. We took a photo of the sunset and of us, and every year since we have repeated this tradition. I guess it became our way of seeing in the new year. Sunset and selfie 😉


This years sunset and selfie was a little different as we took the chihuahua (AKA mousey) with us, full family outing to the south-west of the island to visit the ancient temples of Mnajdra. Of course the temples were closed, but we still had a nice walk around the countryside.


Unfortunately that year didn’t quite go to plan for I woke up with fever on January 1st, and ended up in bed for 2 weeks with tonsillitis. By chance we had gone for a walk on Dec 31st and we took a few photos of the sunset and of us, so I will post those, not quite tradition but close enough 🙂

This year was actually so windy my eyes was watering trying to take a photo. My hair was being whipped all over the place so this year you get a bonus photo… 😉

This was taken on the way back from spending NYE in Gozo. We was on the ferry when the sun was setting…

Behold our first New Years Day and the start of a tradition I hope to keep…

Do you have any special traditions?
Let me know about them in a comment.
Love Steph x