I find buying mascara is the eternal dilemma. I’m always looking for the next best thing… higher lengths, intense volume, more curl. Each time a new mascara is launched it peaks my curiosity and I am always willing to try the latest trend. 


I have never used this brand before, yet it comes highly recommended by the staff at Melita Pharmacy in St Julians. I think this is the first time 4 different members of staff all told me to go for the same product. 


The aim of this product is high definition and volume. The colour is highly pigmented so its seriously black. I tried to take a before and after photo of my eye lashes but without mascara the camera couldn’t actually focus on my naked lashes. 

The wand is plastic and has separate bristles in order to lift and coat the lash with product without weighing it down and making it clumpy. The wand is also quite thin, which I like as some times the bigger the brush the more messy it is. The texture also isn’t very gloopy which is important.



The photo shows a couple of coats of the mascara. It coats well without being to clumpy. I did apply in a rush so I didn’t clean up where it hit the skin on my lash line. I felt like my lashes had been elongated, it didn’t help with the curl at all. The volume is decent. 

I think for me the big plus for this mascara is that it is incredibly long lasting. At no point did it flake or smudge. I find that unless I buy waterproof formulas they tend to melt under my eyes by the middle of the day. This really stayed in place.



The High Definition and Volume Mascara is well priced at 18 euros. There are definitely cheaper mascaras in the market, but then you will be compromising on the quality. The black is a nice rich black and the fact that it doesn’t budge all day, yet it isn’t a waterproof mascara is a big deal for me. I don’t want to do any damage to my lashes trying to remove at the end of each day.


I have used this mascara for the last few days, I think the more I wear it the more I like it. Will I repurchase? Perhaps. Do I love it? I think its still to early to tell. For the moment I am happy with my purchase, and I don’t regret it. 

Whats your favourite mascara? Leave me a comment. 
Love Steph x




Today I stopped by the 3INA makeup store at Pama Shopping Mall, they have a really cool Valentines offer on two looks:


Each look consists of a blush, a red lip colour and an eyeshadow. 

Left Valentines look: 

  • Red lipgloss
  • Pink powdered eyeshadow
  • Pink powdered blush

Right Valentines look: 

  • Red liquid lipstick
  • Nude cream eyeshadow
  • Peach powdered blush

Both looks are very easy to wear. I love the liquid lipstick and nude cream shadow, I have similar from another brand otherwise I would have bough this set. They say you can never have too much makeup but I am trying to not repeat similar purchases. So instead I bought some items that my kit was missing.

I took my time looking over the hundreds of colours they have on display:


The lighting made it a little hard to take photos, but as you can see there are loads of colours and a ton of choices. All for a pretty good price. I could easily spend a fortune as everything looks amazing. The textures are pretty good too. I swatched a few items and they seemed quite pigmented. 

Will post a review of what I bought in another post soon.
Love Steph x



I am always searching for something to make my house look more like a home, whether its online or in the shops. This week I passed by ZARA HOME’s new outlet at Pama Shopping Mall. If you love Zara go and check out the store its beautiful. 


How incredible are the marble style vases? I also love the sparkling table mats.


Are you a skull fan? I find it fun and quirky but the style is not really me. Loving the dark Martini glasses. 


My dishes are all white, while it might be a bit boring to some I find it practical and timeless. Plus if one breaks its also easier to replace. I would definitely rather add pops of colour to my table with flowers, candles, or with linens.

I like the mirror trend thats going on with furnishings at the moment. Those jewellery boxes are stunning. 


My house is very monocromatic, my walls are white, kitchen and doors are an espresso colour. A rich black brown. My furniture is also mainly white. We have silver accents. So this all appeals to me. Slowly I will start introducing pops of colour and if you havent guessed it im obsessed with lots of greys. 


I find these citrus colours so fun, especially for summer. They can really brighten up the kitchen and work perfectly within the bathrooms. My style is much more muted overall, but I love the glass displays. We were given some Mdina Glass items for our wedding and they make a great touch and cheer up a room.

As I mentioned earlier we have silver accents, so this display is sooo me. I love the bathroom soap dispensers. I bought mine somewhere else but they are actually very similar to these. Would you put shells/corals in your bathroom? 


I like the leaf print candle. I bought some gorgeous plants today I will post about them a bit later 🙂 


You can’t go wrong with white. Crisp and clean always.


Coral and gold go so well together. Beach lux, when I see these colours it makes me want to buy a gozo summer home, peacefully overlooking the sea.


Those silver crackle vases! They are a total must have. I also didn’t realise until I looked closely at this photo that there is a glass mirror bottom tray. I have been looking online for months for one. How did I not see it in the store??? That’s it this weekend I need to go to Zara again!



I LOOOVE those light barely tinted blue tumblers.


Please don’t blame me for any damage that will be done to your credit cards as a result of this post.
Love Steph x


If you are following me on Instagram you might have noticed that I posted some fashion & style photos from the new collections in local shops. I thought id share a little of whats new here 🙂


Tommy Hilfiger 




Tommy Hilfiger






Womens Secret


Tommy Hilfiger


I Am


Tommy Hilfiger


Womens Secret




I Am

I am loving all the floral, lace and nudes. Touches of colour to brighten up an outfit. The quirky and fun cherries. Valentines is coming up so its a reason to splash out on something a little sexy, and buy something special. 

Love Steph x



I originally found this recipe on Pinterest, and changed it a little to suit what was in my kitchen. They used butternut squash and baby spinach. I was really impressed by not only how simple this curry was but also by how good it was. My husband enjoyed it, and compared it to one we order frequently in a popular restaurant.  



1 onion
Pumpkin or butternut squash (I had quite a bit left over but no idea regarding weight)
Thai red curry paste 2/3 tablespoons
The original recipe used yellow curry powder but I couldn’t find in the local supermarket so I bought a medium curry powder instead. 1 teaspoon.
Coconut milk
Coconut oil
Crushed cashews
Sliced limes
Spinach or kale


Chop the onion and the pumpkin into cubes.
Pan fry the onion for 4/5 mins in a little coconut oil.
Once the onion has started to brown add in the pumpkin and add in the thai curry paste and curry powder. Stir to coat the onion and pumpkin. 
Add the can of coconut milk and let simmer for roughly 15-20 mins. The pumpkin will soften and you will be able to break it with a fork.
I added in the kale and waited for it to wilt. 

I had a little left over roast beef which I cubed and added at the last moment. Although this dish is amazingly flavored and filling without meat, so it really depends on you. Serve with rice, crushed cashews and a slice of lime for decoration.

Love Steph x