#100HAPPYDAYS: DAYS 71 – 77

Challenge week Eleven.

Day 71: Chilling out with the guys. Perfect vibe.
Day 72: Online shopping makes me happy.
Day 73: Bright colours ♡ feeling good about this design.
Day 74 A gift to myself, the brand new perfume “Dolce” by Dolce and Gabbana
Day 75Max Factor Goodie Bags ♡ one for me and one for beautyshewrote
Day 76Coral toes! A little pampering.
Day 77: Looking good, feeling good.

This week was a good week, I did a huge amount of shopping… I think I need to put myself on a shopping ban. Some of the online shopping items I’ve received already but most I am still waiting for Excited!

I also managed to squeeze a little pampering in this week.

I have a really cool collab coming up with MAX FACTOR soon! So keep an eye out 😉

I am really happy I started the #100HappyDays challenge, I love looking back over the things I did at the end of the week, it makes me feel good. I am thinking of starting a photo a day challenge after this…

Hope you had a wicked week!
Love Steph x


#100HAPPYDAYS: DAYS 64 – 70

Challenge week Ten.

Day 64:My first attempt at Risotto with pancetta and spinach.
Day 65: The Charles & Ron fashion show for MFWA
Day 66: Happy birthday Nanna 92 years young! My inspiration shes always smiling.
Day 67: 65: My first glimpse of Elie Saab at MFWA
Day 68: D&G launch for Dolce with the Bblogger’s BeautySheWrote and AskDorianne.
Day 69: Sushi fix, a well deserved night in my pjs with the bf, sorry fashion week but I need some “me” time. Can’t wait to catch up on the other blogs ♡
Day 70: Time to relax, running a long bath using my beautiful new Dolce & Gabbana Dolce shower gel and body lotion, and a few bath bombs for fun.

This week has been a hectic one, if there was any a point that I thought I wouldn’t have the time to complete this challenge it would be now, but I made it through the week. I am so happy to have reached the 70th day and start of my 11th week, yes there are times that its hard and I’m tired, but then I look back over these photos and I am so happy that I didn’t give up.

Love Steph x

#100HappyDays: Days 43 – 49

Challenge week seven

Day 43: If you can’t beat them join them… (Gamer bf)
Day 44: That moment you bump into a friend you haven’t seen in ages.
Day 45: Healthy tastes good, quick (vitamin) break with a friend.
Day 46:  At the hairdresser, new woman in the making. 
Day 47 Got loads of compliments on my new hair colour.
Day 48: Time for sushi with a good friend.
Day 49:  Making my clients feel beautiful makes me feel happy. My makeup ♡

Wow looking back I realise how social this week has been!
lots of lunch time and after work catch ups.

We all need to make time for ourselves and what better way than catching up with the girls? Never get so caught up in making a living that you forget to make a life! Even a 15 min break for a coffee and a gossip can do wonders.

Love Steph x

#100HappyDays: Days 36 – 42

Challenge week six.

Day 36: Taking a walk around Gozo this spot is gorgeous sun, sea, sand, nature = happy blogger.
Day 37: Training for a new brand in Malta
Day 38: When its 7pm the last time you ate was 11am and your exhausted, a burger king burger and chips really hits the spot.
Day 39: Knowing that tomorrow is a public holiday. 
Day 40 Aunty Steph.
Day 41 Fresh strawberries!
Day 42:  Another milestone moment as we reached 1250 fans!

It’s been quite an eventful week!
Walking around Gozo Sunday, training for Dermalogica and Milk Solutions on Monday, Catching up with clients on Tuesday and Wednesday dreaming of a lay in. Thursday I found out my older sis is pregnant with her first child so I am officially going to be an aunty!!! Fresh sweet strawberries and a milestone moment, phew!

I wonder what next week has in store for me?
Be happy!

Love Steph x

#100HappyDays: Days 29 – 35

Challenge week five.

This one has definitely been the hardest week so far.
Mainly as I spent most of it feeling sorry for myself whilst sick and haven’t left the house in days. But I like to find happy moment’s in the small things so these are this weeks happy moments…

Day 29: Sometimes the moments that make you feel the happiest cant be put in a photo…
Day 30: We gave the chihuahua a new toy today. Shes so excited she’s been running around with her little piglet all evening. 
Day 31: My orchid is full of beautiful flowers ♡
Day 32: Even though I am currently suffering from food poisoning, my loving bf went to buy me something dry to nibble on. 
Day 33 Infused water to sip on throughout the day. Lemon and lime.
Day 34 Watching Vampire Diaries. I’m still recovering from food poisoning and I haven’t yet left the house but these hotties give me something to smile about!
Day 35:  I was once told by a friend that “Hugs make the world go round”.

I feel blessed to have some amazing people caring for me during this week!
Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to leave the house and attempt real food, I am so fed up of toast and gatorade.

Love Steph x