Hello all you beautiful people!
I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday, and made the most of the festivities.


The last few years Christmas has been extra special for me because Christmas Eve marks the moment my partner asked me to be his girlfriend (Collective awwwwh) so this year we celebrated our third anniversary.

Some of you may know that we have been saving for our future, we got engaged mid 2014 and will soon start house hunting. We have been trying to cut back on travelling and for my part I am def trying not to over spend…

But I wanted to really go all out and treat us this year. I booked us two nights at a lovely boutique hotel called THE GEORGE. There was a really good deal on booking.com when I was searching hotels. It is a really wonderful hotel and we stayed in a penthouse suite which is stunning.

16-hi Penthouse-Suite 10887891_10152947983108147_373219146_n molton brown

The first two photos I took from the website & the the last two from my phone. My phone made the lighting look really dark so I couldn’t really take a decent photo… Note to self: Buy a camera in 2015.

For dinner on Christmas Eve he had a table booked at Zest Restaurant, he went all out and treated me like a princess. It was so nice to see my partner dressed to the nines in a dinner suit! He looks so handsome and smart, there is nothing better than a man in a well cut suit. Here he is posing before we left for dinner…


 When we got to Zest I told him that we should do it the old fashioned way and made him choose the food & drinks. Each course was a lovely flavoured surprise that way. During the dinner I didn’t take any photos (apart from one quick instagramed check in). So here are some photo’s taken from their Facebook

The set up is a stunning mix of electric pink and greys, the ambience and service is 5 star.

The meal ended up about 6 courses long, whilst they were preparing they gave us bread and dips to start. We had an Asian platter which had the most amazing duck crystal rolls & beef satay. Then we had a selection of sushi with tuna and salmon nigri, followed by a portion of phad Thai noodles and prawn tempura.

I was already bursting at this point but there was more to come!

He also ordered the Kheng Curry, which is a yellow curry and coconut sauce with thai spices and delicious king prawns. We finished with a selection of sorbet mine was raspberry and his was lime. I think it’s the most amazing sorbet I have ever tasted in my life! Absolutely bursting with flavour. Throughout the meal we shared a bottle of white New Zealand wine called Villa Maria one of my favourites.

It was a perfect evening and created the right Christmassy mood, I couldn’t wait to see our family & friends. I actually set the alarm for 9am but I woke up at 7am! So I got to pamper myself with a hydrating mask and have a nice long shower.

1471761_10152944131368147_5962045069697063117_n 10410739_10152944313918147_3640936462134797712_n

We woke up to the most amazing view and my love brought me some orange juice and a chocolate croissant. 

My cousin wanted to cook Christmas lunch for the first time, it was a big success and I am so proud of her. I hope that next year we will be settled enough for it to be our turn. I can’t wait to host lunches, dinners and cocktail parties. We finished our Christmas by visiting more family members & going for drinks at a friends.

christmas 2014 full fam1384121_10152944769518147_6050061585304716162_n

A few Family Selfies with love from the Lauri, Caruana, Capar, Borg family!

Happy Holidays
Steph x



Red-y For The Festival is a stunning creamy red from Gelish.
It has a wonderful coverage which makes this bright red stand out.

red-y for the festival gelish red-y for the festival

Although this is classified as a Christmas red I think it will be very popular throughout the year, as it’s what I like to think of as a true red. It’s not to pink or too orange. Its a beautiful sexy red, something to make Santa blush…

gelish red-y for the festival

Would you keep this colour for the holiday’s or dare to wear it all year round?
Love Steph x

Happy Christmas 2013 + New Layout

Hello to all my beautiful and amazing readers!

I wanted to take a chance to wish you all a very Happy Holiday whether you are celebrating or not…

For those who will be cooking tomorrow’s lunches I wish you lot’s of stress free recipes and to be able to enjoy good food with great company. I wish you all very happy memories, that this season will bring you all you dream of and so much more!

Lot’s of Love
Steph x


Triple chocolate fudge walnut brownies

Pure heaven 

I found this recipe on Prada for Breakfast‘s blog, I made it for xmas 2012 and since it was such a hit thought id do it again this year 🙂

triple choc fudge brownies

Here is how to make it


Mix into a bowl 1 cup butter, 1 cup flour (all purpose), half a cup of cocoa, 4 eggs, and 2 cups of brown sugar and 2 teaspoons vanilla. Then using an electric whisk make sure that the batter is properly mixed.

Then add in the walnuts. 

brownie mix

Grease a pan (mine was about 10×9) with butter and place grease prof paper inside, add in the mix and place into the over at 280 degrees. It took just under 30 mins to cook and the aroma made the house smell delicious. After 30 mins I inserted a toothpick inside to make sure that it was done. The toothpick came out clean so I left the brownie to cool for a few hours.


The Icing

Heat up a small amount of hot water. Place half a cup of butter into a pan and heat until melted, add in 5 table spoons of cocoa, a little salt and 2 teaspoons vanilla. This will start to make a thick paste, remove from heat and mix in 2 cups icing sugar I did this one cup at a time. Add in the hot water to give it a nice runny texture ready to apply to the brownies.

The mixture will start to become thicker and you can add in hot water to help thin it. 

You are now ready to apply it to your brownies! Because my brownie was a little too big to fit on the plate I cut it smaller (it was also an excuse to eat the trimming with my boyfriend). As the icing will be warm it will be easy to spread onto the brownie, because we are close to Christmas I made the icing look lined and log like and topped them with chocolate chips.

Happy Holidays! Hope you enjoy it!
Love Steph x