Clinique is a brand that I am very familiar with, I have been using products of theirs for the last decade. I am a big fan of the makeup line especially the foundations. Recently they launched a new liquid eyeliner. 

Pretty Easy Liner is a liquid pen with a really thin tapered and flexible brush. It makes application “pretty easy”.pretty-easy-liner

You can manage to draw a super thin line with it across the lashline without too much trouble. The black is a very nice black which is quite pigmented. 

When I apply a full routine I apply foundation then shadow to my lids and then the liner just glides on. When I’m in a bit of a rush or not to bothered I apply just foundation and then the liner. I must admit when I do it the second way it’s not as long lasting and does have a tendency to smudge a little. Which is prob the only downside. 
When I do apply a shadow under the effect is beautiful, non smudging and incredibly long lasting. I’ve received quite a few comments and compliments when I have worn it this way. 


Sometimes I apply a tiny amount of powder over to soften and smoke the look.

I have noticed as I age that my eyes are more sensitive, I use my glasses all the time. My eyes feel strained by a computer / phone screen. So using a product that is fragrance free means I feel safe that I am not going to cause further irritation. It is also allergy tested and ophthalmologist tested. This equals peace of mind.

It is reasonably priced, I bought it just before Christmas and have been using it almost every day, I will update when it runs out how long lasting it is. 

Am I a fan? Yes I am. Also I am planning to keep repurchasing this product for a while, its simple to use and has a great pigment. 

Love Steph x



I have to admit the cc creams I’ve tried in the past never really thrilled me, then I was given this beauty in the shade light/medium and it literally changed everything…



In true Clinique’s style the CC Cream is in a green tube with silver lid. I love that the packaging is in a tube because it makes dispensing easy, I can squeeze out the right amount quickly without wasting product. It is also much more hygienic in a tube since dust, dirt and bacteria will be much harder to penetrate verses tubs and jars. I only need a little which should make the CC cream last quite a while.


“Correct any irregularities in your skin in one step with the new CC Cream SPF30 Superdefense. This new generation perfecting care moisturizes skin, corrects skin tone and prevents early signs of aging. Its smart technology instantly corrects redness, dull or uneven skin tone. In seconds, your skin regains its natural glow”. – Clinique.

The CC is oil free which makes it suitable for all skintypes. Absolutely perfect for my skin, which tends to be dry on the cheeks and forehead yet oily on the nose and chin. It contains a range of antioxidants to help protect the skin, boosting skin health, as well as an spf30 which is essential to keeping skin protected from sun damage.

For some one who is very dry they might need to boost with moisturiser underneath, for my skin I find that it’s fine for everyday use but I like to use a thicker cream for the evening which has more nourishing (and anti ageing) properties.


clinique superdefense cc cream clinique superdefense cc cream clinique superdefense cc cream

The texture is rather creamy considering its oil free, it’s got this gorgeous dewy finish that doesn’t leave the skin feeling sticky. I feel my skin instantly brighter and more even toned, it has this lovely radiance without shimmer that makes the skin look luminous.

This is how my skin looks with the CC & foundation, no concealer just powder and blush.

clinique superdefense cc cream


It retails just under 25 euro which I think is really quite reasonable, not exactly cheap but not the highest priced CC on the market. I love that it can be used as a light moisturiser with cover, or a primer under foundation. Since its such a versatile product no girl’s beauty stash should be without it.


I have worn this alone and with foundation ontop. When I use it alone it has a very nice glow to it, I feel my skin looks radiant but not shiny. It has a slightly dewy effect on skin which personally I adore, but if you prefer a more matte finish you can set with a little powder.

 When I have used it to prime under my foundation I found that I needed the minimal amount of foundation as the CC cream has a lovely cover. I love to have quite a bit of cover so my skin looks uniformed also I generally skip concealer so using both the CC and my foundation gives me that even toned look immediately. One of the things I like so much is that it’s nice to build up layers with. When I use this with my Clinique Superbalanced foundation I get a really beautiful flawless finish.

I have to admit it didn’t make much of a difference to how well my foundation lasted, my foundation always lasts me a full day though.

I have been using it almost daily since I received it just before Christmas and I really really love it. Quite surprisingly my partner actually noticed the difference and told me how nice my skin looked when I paired the CC and foundation. So that’s a huge bonus as guys hardly notice these things.

Have you got any flawless foundation tricks?
Or brands you just can’t live without?
Steph x

New Year… New Cosmetics Vs Old Favourites?

Hello beauties!
Today I bought two new products…

As some of you may know the last few weeks I have been on a mission to find a new foundation… (which you can read about Here, Here and Here) In the end I decided to go back to a tried and tested favourite of mine. Nothing beat’s Clinique when it comes to foundation…


This is “Super Balanced Foundation“.
Sheer might be fantastic for summer but not so much for the colder seasons and even though the texture is lightweight this gives me a moderate coverage. It’s oil free and good for a combination skin like mine.

I chose the colour 03 which is ivory.

As you can see from the pic it’s quite a creamy texture (it’s not runny at all) I could actually keep it on my finger upside down without it dripping. I like the way it just glides onto the skin.

I think the only con is that the container is made of glass so it’s a bit fragile. Although this has been my go to foundation on an off for years (I switch between this and “Even Better“) I’ve never broke a bottle (touch wood). I decided to rekindle my Clinique love affair after wearing the Sheer & Perfect by Shiseido for a week. I knew I wanted something light but I felt I needed a decent coverage. I might convert back to Shiseido for the hotter months of summer….

I guess some times what you are used to is the best after all!

estee lauder hydrationist

The other product that I bought was Estee Lauder’s “Hydrationist Cream” for normal / combination skin types. I have to admit I have used this in the past but the formula has been updated a few times since I last tried it.

With the cold my skin has been feeling a little dehydrated recently and although I really like Dermalogica’s “Skin Smoothing Cream” I felt like it just wasn’t hydrating enough. Skincare should be adjusted to what our skin needs so something like the Hydrationist is perfect because it’s a gel-creme texture packed with lot’s of moisture.

Another thing I have grown to really like is creams that don’t contain an SPF. I am head over heels for La Roche-Posay’s  “Anthelios SPF50 Fluid Extreme” it’s become a big part of my routine in the morning.
I think it pays to invest in a separate sunblock since most creams only have a factor 15 and that’s really not enough to protect the skin, especially in a climate with a high UV index.

Well that’s my splurge for today!
Love Steph x


makeup look #06 : Green with envy

Hello everyone, 

So today I felt like going a little lid heavy…

makeupThere is no editing or filter’s to this photo.

I used a beautiful deep green with a touch of sparkle from my NYX Cosmetics 112 colour box, a dab of Chanel from Les 4 Ombres #39 Raffinement on my lid crease and using the same quad to highlight under my brows.

Eyeliner I am wearing Max Factor’s Liquid liner in a gorgeous turquoise,  and Loreal telescopic mascara. My brows are done using Estee Lauder’s brow duo. My foundation is Clinique Superbalance #04 and Clinique’s Blended Powder #20 Invisible.  I am wearing a touch of Estee Lauder Limited Edition Bronze Goddess blusher, and also Estee Lauder PureColour Gloss #04.

I hope you like this look!

Steph x


Time to change my skincare?

I have been working in cosmetics since 2007…

Yet I always tend to stick to the products I loved (Mainly Clinique & Estee Lauder), always a little hesitant to change from the brands I knew my skin agreed with.

However, as a blogger I feel I have a duty to experiment a little with other brands and report back… So these are all products which are new to my routine. As you might have noticed I have been trying Dermalogica products as these are products I use in the salon I want to know that my clients will enjoy them and trying a product is the best way to understand a product.

My skin is changing (those first signs are forming and I see them even if no one else does) and my skincare should change to match my skin concerns. I do believe that skincare is a really personal choice. What suits my skin and what might suit your’s is completely different, and we will always have our favourites.

My current favourites

Cleanser: Dermalogica PreCleanse for removing really stubborn make up & Clinique AntiBlemish soap bar, I have a very clear skin but I find that in summer especially I get underlying congestion and this product has been a staple in my bathroom for the past 3/4 years. I am now interested to try the new Estee Lauder cleansers which was launched last week, which are a cleanser and mask hybrid.

Eye make up remover: without a doubt La Roche Posay’s Respectissme. It removes everything and is super gentle with my lashes. This is a staple of my products and I have been using it for the past 2/3 years I wouldnt change it.

: I am using the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant and I adore it. If I don’t use it for a couple of days I really feel my skin rough and dull. Exfoliation is a really important part of skincare as it promotes the regeneration of new cells. I find this product is so gentle my skin can use it every day.

: I currently have a mask from Good Thing’s which to be honest with im not that happy with, and I need to buy a new one. I was previously using a clay mask from the Clinique Antiblemish line and I really loved it.

: I am currently using rose water as a toner, its gentle and does the trick.

Eyecream: I was given a sample of Dermalogica’s Total Eyecare spf 15 at the training seminar last week and I am enjoying it but nothing beats Estee Lauder’s Advance Night Repair which is still out of stock. I cant wait for it to launch and it will be one of the first products I reach for.

: This is a product which I dont always use everyday, I tend to use serums at certain times of the year depending on my skin. At the moment im not using one.

: I just started Elizabeth Arden’s Prevage face cream with spf 30, its quite a rich texture which my skin normally likes but I think this product is a little too much for everyday so I am keeping it at my partners for the weekends. This system seems to be working well for my skin and I am using Dermalogica’s Dynamic Skin Recovery spf30 during the rest of the week.

Primer: Dermalogica’s Skin Perfecting Primer I bought it just before Christmas and it has lasted me until now, I dont use it everyday but I have had good use from this product. It is also anti ageing so it makes me feel better knowing that I am helping to prevent the first signs.

Night cream: I am currently using Clarin’s Blue Orchid Oil and I love it the texture and the feel, its such a beautiful product.

You will notice that nearly all the products I use contain a SPF. In such a hot climate like Malta it’s really important to use a good spf daily. Did you know that most of the sun’s damage is done from September to May when people skip the sunblock…


What are your current favourite products?