Winter boot edition
Because I need all of these in my life and so do you… 😉

I have always had a thing for boots… Flat, high heeled, wedged, knee high, ankle…
I think this could possibly be my favourite part of the winter season, and I can’t wait to start wearing them!

Are you already in winter clothing? I am so jealous.
Love Steph x


Time to make space…

 “Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.” – Steve Maraboli

That dress you used to love you’re sick of but just cant get the balls to throw it out. The pair of comfortable jogging bottoms which are grey from washing too much… The top you spent way too much on but have nothing to wear with it? Or those shoes you thought you would die without but just kill your toes to wear?

Yes we all have these items hanging in our wardrobes.

Today, I got the courage to sort them ALL out! Although I periodically spring clean I was merciless to everything that I haven’t worn, that was ever so slightly faded or just didn’t fit right. Because what’s the use of holding onto something that you no longer use? For it stay there just staring at me each time I open my wardrobe?

Make space for new beautiful things to enter your life!


Since I am off for my holiday next week, I am hoping to pick up some new collection’s on my travels. Welcome Spring colours!
Love Steph x



Outfit #02: Holiday Prep

Only 45 day’s until my holiday and 48 until my lucky birthday… but who’s counting 😉

Since Malta is a warm climate (today I actually saw tourists in summer dresses and flip flops) winter clothing for me is made up of layering. I rely on trendy scarfs, jumpers and jackets. I also have my trusty charcoal Zara coat, which is now about 5 yrs old. In a country where coats are only worn about 3 months of the year these are long term investments. 

So today when Tommy Hilfiger went on 40% sale I decided to buy a new coat. 

tommy hilfiger coat

Originally the photo was taken to show my friends, but it’s not so bad (apart from the photo quality) so I don’t mind sharing with you guys! What do you think?

I love it because the hood is detachable so it’s got a smart and a casual side.
I love being able to dress up and down things!

It will be perfect for when we go to Amsterdam and Brussels in Feb. I think I will have years and years of use from it. 

Have you found any good purchases in the sales this year?
Love Steph x


Street Style: 03/5/13: Stop the press.

Hey guys 🙂

Today is the opening of the 3rd Malta Fashion Week, which will continue until the 11th. Yesterday I was able to attend the press conference, sponsored by Vodafone, Mercedes-Benz and The Baystreet complex.

I loved catching up with some of the island’s most fashionable whilst waiting for the press conference to start.

Style Section: Marisa Grima

I really liked the outfit that Marisa was wearing. She Always looks so cool and comfortable yet smart. I adore the Floral Blazer and check out those awesome boots!!

Marisa is wearing:

Blazer – From Zara.
Denim shirt, jeans & belt – From Stradivarius. 
Necklace- From Zara.
Boots- From River Island.

After all the socialising the conference started…

MFW press 2013

Over the last 15 years Adrian Mizzi (who is the executive producer) has worked hard with his team to bring Malta’s fashion industry to a competitive level.

This year Mr Mizzi proudly told us how even though only in it’s 3rd year that Brands invited for Malta Fashion Week opened their businesses in Malta, guests even brought property and we managed to bring over to our shores media, designers, and stylists from at least 15 different countries for the first time.” This is an amazing feat for Malta bringing in and generating investment. Mr Mizzi then told us “This year we had a much bigger interest for foreign participation from a diverse range of countries from Sweden to Nigeria” I am so excited to see the international designers show which will be held on the 10th May!

Last year I had featured on two displays for MFW in Valletta, Its a beautiful display that you have to go see. I am sure this year will be spectacular. This picture was taken by the fantastic photographer Karl Cutujar.

There are lots of shows that I am excited to see:

Mon 6th: Charles and Ron:  Having spoken to Ron recently I am really ecstatic to see this collection. I am sure it will impress and is one not to be missed. Charles & Ron designs are for women who not only love fashion, but also have a passion for life; confident women who like to be noticed’. The C&R collections are inspired by ‘Silver Screen Hollywood Glamour’ and have a distinct Mediterranean influence.

Wed 8th: New Designers: I think this is one of the shows I look forward to seeing the most as it boasts the collection of new and upcoming local talents. I am really looking forward to see the collection by Martina Spiteri for her brand Celeste in collaboration with Pavlistyle. I was with Pavli soon after she picked up the fabric and I can tell this is going to be a cool collection!

Thurs 9th: Fersani: Fersani is a new brand created in 2011 but has received tons of recognition. Every design is a reflection and recreation of elements found in our natural surroundings. Mary Grace’s inspiration lies in the beauty that she finds around her – the colours, the patterns, the textures and the energy.

Fri 10th: International Designers: I cant wait to see the collections on this show. I am sure it will be intriguing to see creations from international talents. When I had gone to the Runway shows I loved seeing the brilliance and creativity that the show brings. I am sure that MFW will be equally impressive. There is nothing better than seeing the energy of a designers clothing brought to life on the catwalk.

Sat 11th: The awards show: This is one I def cant miss! With so much talent on this small island its tough competition and I  cant wait to see who wins which categories! I wish them all the best of luck.

Which shows are you excited about?

Plaza’s New Collections: S/S 13

Today I was invited for a short fashion show hosted by Plaza Shopping Complex in Sliema.

There was a really cool DJ Miss Cognati pumping the beats and making the crowd buzz while we waited for the show to start.

I also saw some of the most stylish women at the event such as Pavli Medvedova of Pavlistyle, Caroline Paris of CarolineStyling and behind the scenes I saw Marisa Grima.


I really liked the way the model’s was styled as it shows the diversity of brands within the complex, as well as the variation of different clothing from casual wear to evening gowns.

I would have liked to have seen more of the Plaza stores getting involved because the complex hosts numerous fashion and accessories outlets. This was a very short event but was an interesting concept.

Some of the brands that took part was:

  • Benetton
  • Artigli
  • Bortex
  • Emporio
  • Suiteblanco
  • Stivalletti
  • Boux Avenue
  • Franks (for Makeup)
  • Tony & Guy (for Hair)

The event was hosted by Plaza Tv’s Natalie wearing a gorgeous pair of heels… Who even gave me a quick interview after the event (I am really trying to work on this fear of camera’s). So much so that it inspired me to go buy a new pair for work.

I look forward for the next one…