Hey there you beautiful readers, some of you may already know that I recently did not one but TWO Makeup Revolution hauls, which you can read about here and here.
In one of the hauls I bought 9 lipsticks and before you say anything…
Yes I NEEDED all 9!

coloursL-R Top: Lady, Sweetheart, Divine, Dazzle.
L-R Bottom: Dare, Encore, Beloved, Bliss, Flashing.

Some of the textures are extremely glossy or creamy, where as some are more matte and waxy. The matte ones have brilliant staying power but can also feel a little drying on the lips. The colours I chose are the more mainstream shades, which I can use on clients for shoots or bridal. I am very tempted to buy some of the bolder colours in another haul.


I love how they are designed with the colour code on the lid! However, I have to say there is one major flaw, there is no code on the base. When doing makeup bookings I will remove all the lids and then use the colours the client likes the most. When packing up I will be rushed and I can imagine that putting the correct lids on the correct colours to be a little time-consuming. Also the lids are slightly tricky as they wont all stay on.


As I mentioned earlier a couple of the shades are very waxy in texture, this is a bit drying and have quite a strange feeling. However they last much longer so that’s a positive which I think outweighs the negative. I think if your lips are very dry the addition of a balm or a swipe of gloss would be necessary. The more glossy textures are really lovely to wear and they have an okay staying power. They all have a wonderful fresh coconut scent which makes me love them even more!


From L-R: Bliss, Divine, Sweetheart, Beloved, Encore, Flashing, Dazzle, Lady, Dare.

As you can see I bought a range of peaches and corals, pinks and a couple of reds. I wanted to show you what the colour transfer is like, so I used a piece of white paper to blot the colours. I really like the range of shades I bought but I think I need more nudes.

 The photo on the left is with natural light, and the photo on the right with flash. Can you see how the shimmer in Encore shows under the flash. It was really hard to pick up on camera. You can also see how the matte colours really didn’t want to come off from my lips, where as the glossy ones are very easy to smudge and transfer.


The price I paid was 1 pound each, which is brilliant value and I think I will get a lot of use from them. For the price I really can’t complain and the quality is pretty good, I have been wearing “Lady” most of today and I got some really nice compliments, it also matched perfectly with one of my GOSH lipliners.


How soon untill I can buy more? I think I am becoming addicted.
The colours are very close to the ones on the photos from the site, so you don’t have to worry about shades not being how you expected them to look (one of my biggest worries when shopping online).

makeup-revolution-haul-2Top L-R: Divine, Beloved, Dare, Bliss, Dazzle.
Bottom L-R: Lady, Sweetheart, Encore, Flashing.

I saw some photos of the blusher palettes and they are soo on my wishlist. I am really impressed by this brand. They are cheap and quality for the price is excellent. I hope to write-up some more post’s soon on some of the other Makeup Revolution products I bought… Lets just say I am IN LOVE with one particular highlighter.

Love Steph x 



Hey beauties
So I thought id give you a peek into my Gelish Collection today and hopefully a peek into my polish collection next week!

1 - 51

Two and a half wheels of colours.

1 - 4

L-R: 1.”You’re So Sweet Your Giving Me Toothache” 2. “Tutti Frutti” 3. “Make You Blink Pink” 4. “Shake It Til You Samba“.


L-R: 5. “Carnival Hangover” 6. “Gossip Girl” 7. Sweet Thang” – New.


L-R: 8.Grape Expectations” – New. 9. “Samurai” 10. “Plum & Done” 11. “Night Reflection“.


L-R: 12. “My Nightly Cravings” 13. “Lust At First Sight” 14. “Elegant Wish“.


L-R: 13. “Lust At First Sight” 14. “Elegant Wish” 15. “Sweet Chocolate”.


L-R: 16. “Simply Mauve-elous Dahling” 17. “Glamour Queen” 18. “Reserve”.


L-R: 19. “Forever Beauty” 20. “Light Elegant“.


L-R: 21. You Glow Girl” – New. 22.”Tiger Blossom” 23. Candy Paint” – New.


L-R:  24 “Tikki Tikki Laringa” 25. “Sweet Morning Dew” 26. “I’m Brighter Than You” 27. “Coco Cabana Banana“.

27 -30

L-R: 27. “Coco Cabana Banana” 28. “Dirty Martini” – New 29. “Allure” 30. “Amazon Flirt”.


L-R: 30. “Amazon Flirt” 31. “Mint Of Spring” 32. “Up In The Blue” 33. “Ooba Ooba Blue“.


L-R: 32. “Up In The Blue” 33. “Ooba Ooba Blue” 34. “My Favourite Accessory” 35. We’re In The Navy Now” – New.


L-R: 34. “My Favourite Accessory” 35. “We’re In The Navy Now” – New 36. “Caution” 37. “I’m No Stranger To Love“.


L-R: 37. “I’m No Stranger To Love” 38. “Vegas Nights” 39. “Golden Treasure” 40. “June Bride“.


L-R: 41. “Sleek White” 42. “Night Shimmer” 43. “Black Shadow” 44. “Jet Set“.


L-R: 43. “Black Shadow” 44. “Jet Set” 45. “Midnight Caller”.


L-R: 46. “Good Gossip” 47. “Just In Case Tomorrow Never Comes” 48. “Queen Of Hearts”.


L-R: 48. “Queen Of Hearts”. 49. “Red Roses” 50. “Red-y To Wear” 51. “Black Cherry Berry”.

I also have the colour “Simple Sheer” which is a transparent with a hint of pink which is beautiful for French Manicures, but not worth putting on a chart.

I love Gelish as a brand, they have such beautiful colours and they really are high performance products. I rarely have clients who don’t keep the full 3 weeks on. It’s a miracle  for helping biters from attacking their nails!

I still have some way to build a complete collection – like any polishaholic!
A girl can never have too many colours… Hope you liked todays post!

Love Steph x

Monday Muse #09

The Easter Edition.

 As you can imagine this week I am day dreaming about chocolate, bunny’s and Easter eggs! It’s also a great feeling knowing I have Friday off which makes the week pass just a bit easier 😉

Do you have any Easter plans and traditions? 
Normally we go out for family lunch but this year we haven’t really made any plans. I still need to buy an egg for my 5yr old niece but maybe if I’m feeling crafty I will dye one… There are loads of really nice tutorials online and gives me a reason to spend hours on Pinterest.

Love Steph x



Coccinelle Event!

I got a really lovely invite from Coccinelle Malta in the post recently… 


What made this invite intriguing and special was a small key attached with a pink ribbon… How wonderful, how mysterious! Maybe my key could unlock one of their beautiful bags! Excitement has been bubbling up and today was the day… Was lady luck on my side?

When I arrived there was a red carpet and I was greeted by some fellow bloggers.

The shop as usual was perfectly polished and the displays tempting. I had missed the launch but I often visit to drool at the beautiful collections. The staff are always immaculately dressed, ever so helpful and polite… 
They had adorn the shop with cute rose petals and splashes of pink. 

Guests was asked to fill out a form and then given a key to open one of three lucky chests.

We spent ages admiring the stunning spring collection…
Look at these colours they are just divine right? – I want them all!

It was finally time to try our luck and see if one of our key’s would fit in one of the 3 2 chests (one had already been opened) I tried my key in the two remaining and they didn’t even slide in. Sigh. I guess I know how the ugly sisters felt when they couldn’t fit into the glass slipper!

That feeling didn’t last very long because…

  Just before we left each of us was given a parcel wrapped in brightly coloured tissue paper, me and the other girls ( Lara,  Maya, Stephanie – click to check out their blogs) waited until we left the store and huddled together decided to open them. Maya made me laugh commenting it felt like Christmas, which actually it did because when we opened our gifts we all lit up… Each of us had a beautiful scarf.

The little one wanted to say hello 😉 I love the red colour! Some of the girls got a mustard one which was equally pretty but I am glad I got the red since I think it is more my style. Some lucky ones was also given a cookie! How cute are these?


It is so wonderful that I get to meet such amazing women at these events, Both Martina and Marija (check these blogs out too!) joined us at Cafe Cuba for a coffee and a gossip, it really was a lovely Saturday.
How did you spend yours?

Love Steph x



Mani #25: Water Marble

Being obsessed with all things related to beauty, I thought I would give a water marble mani a go. I have seen a few tutorials online and decided that I felt confident enough.

If I don’t like it no problems I have my handy bottle of nail polish remover to help me out… A bit of Sunday fun!

I used:
Water proof plasters.
Cotton buds.
Multiple polish colours.
Nail polish remover.
Plastic cups.


First I did my normal nail polish prep.
I applied my nail hardener, my base coat and then I applied 2 coats of Essie’s “Muchi Muchi” as it’s a lovely light pink base. Then the tricky part was covering  my fingers in the tape. I thought it would be easier to apply one hand at a time, tape wise I managed for my left hand but I needed help for my right.

painted and preped

I filled up a plastic cup with water and then I dropped in the colour, each nail was done using different colour combo’s. I used a mix of colours: Mavala’s “Cyclades Blue“,  LCN ‘s “Vintage Rose”, “Soft Daisy”, “Colour Me Up” and “Pink Passion“. I kept a plastic cup close by to put in all the used toothpicks etc so to minimise the mess.

After I had dipped in my nail I swirled the tooth pick around to remove the excess.

 One thing worth noting is that if the nail polish excess in the water isn’t removed completely it wont allow the new polish to spread out evenly. So it’s worth giving a min between each finger for the film to “dry” and so you can clean up the water.

After completing all fingers it was time to remove the tape…
This was the most awkward part.

after removing tape

Quite a mess! But this is where the clean up comes in, with my cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover I went about cleaning up the edges and around my cuticles. Once I cleaned them up I applied my topcoat. Once all the polish was dry I was able to wash my hands and remove any remaining residue from the tape.

For my first time I am very happy with the results. I think that it’s a cool effect but I don’t think it’s something I will keep on for a long time. (I don’t think they are really work appropriate). I had fun playing with colours although I think a more uniformed effect would look better.

I think it would be awesome for an accent nail. 

Would I do it again? YES!
What’s the point of being a beauty blogger and a nail tech if you’re not prepared to get a little messy and have some fun?

Have you tried water marble?
Give me your links I’d love to see them 🙂
Love Steph x