Chorizo Stuffed Peppers

This is a wonderful winter recipe as it’s a little spicy and really very filling.


4 large yellow peppers.
125 grams rice.
1 chorizo sausage.
1 leek.
300 grams salsa – medium / chunky.
1 tea spoon cumin.
1 tea spoon paprika.
1 table spoon chilli powder.
some grated cheese – I used jalapeño cheese.


Slice the tops off and de seed.
place inside the oven to soften.


While the peppers are softening in the oven, put the water on to boil and start cutting the leek into small pieces.
Cut the chorizo into small pieces.
Put the rice in the water for 10 mins (I like to use the uncle bens pre packed sachet’s as they are less messy).
Put the chorizo in the pan and fry until crisp (about 8-10mins).
The rice and the chorizo should be ready about the same time, add into a bowl with the leek, salsa and spices.
I removed the lids of the peppers as they was already soft and kept them on the side to use later.
Stuff the peppers and place back in the oven for another 10 mins or so.
Add the grated cheese and wait until melted.
Add the pepper lids and serve.

This recipe from start to finish takes less than an hour to prep
I hope you enjoy it, Love Steph x



How to cook the perfect roast potatoes & parsnips.

Today I cooked the veg for Christmas… My family loved it so much that they all asked for the recipe! So the best place to share is here!

Rosemary & Garlic Roast Potatoes.

We Brit’s are very particular about our “spuds” Aka the potato… It should be soft in the centre yet crispy on the outside, roasted to a nice golden tone.

First peel and chop the potatoes into large chunky pieces.
Boil in salted water for about 7 mins so that they are a little soft on the outside.
Using the colander tumble the par boiled potatoes so that the skin is a little messed up.
Whilst the potatoes are boiling preheat the oven.
Place your pan in the oven with some olive oil to warm up.
Once the oil is hot you can add your par boiled potatoes.
Making sure to coat all of the potatoes in oil and lightly sprinkle in some black pepper.

After about 20 mins check on them.
Using a potato masher gently squash them a bit into the pan, this will create a larger surface area for them to crisp up.
Now is the perfect time to add in the herbs, I love using rosemary! I find that the best is to use dried as its finer, if you place the herbs in at the start they normally end up burnt by the time the potatoes are ready.
I also add in cloves of unpeeled garlic.
Re-coat the potatoes in olive oil and let roast for a further 30 mins or so.

They should look a little like this…

Rosemary and Garlic roast potaoesPlease note if you are using a metal tray they will cook faster than in glass so if like me you had two sets to do allow a little difference in cooking time.

Honey Glazed Roast Parsnips

Parsnips are a root vegetable which tastes like a cross between a carrot and a potato. It’s sweet but amazing served alongside savoury! It’s something that my English side of the family add to a roast throughout the year but something my Maltese family & BF had never tasted! Boy was they missing out! This was my first time cooking them so I found a simple recipe and with a few what’s app’s to my mother I was feeling pretty confident.

Peel the skin off the parsnip.
Top and tail them, these are not so good to eat.
Cut into fairly even slices – note – they will never look perfectly even.

Like potatoes they need to be par boiled for about 10 mins.

Whilst they are boiling you can make this super easy marinade:
2 tablespoons of honey
5 tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon garlic powder – much easier that using real garlic
Mix together until the honey and oil emulsifies.
Toss the parsnips into the bowl and make sure they are well marinated.
Since honey can be very sticky when burnt apply a layer of aluminium foil to your pan.
Lay in the parsnips and cook for about 45 mins.
Turn them over occasionally so they cook equally.

They should look a little like this…


If you are bringing them to a loved one DO NOT COVER whilst hot because they will get soggy!
It is better that they are transported in an open tray and then re-heated a little before serving.

Here’s how they turned out…
Roasted potatoes and parsnips

Did you do any cooking this Christmas? I spoiled my family with a recipe for brownies which you can find Here.

Happy Holidays!
Love Steph x

Jamie Oliver’s Roast Potatoes
Clean Eating Honey Roasted Parsnips

Triple chocolate fudge walnut brownies

Pure heaven 

I found this recipe on Prada for Breakfast‘s blog, I made it for xmas 2012 and since it was such a hit thought id do it again this year 🙂

triple choc fudge brownies

Here is how to make it


Mix into a bowl 1 cup butter, 1 cup flour (all purpose), half a cup of cocoa, 4 eggs, and 2 cups of brown sugar and 2 teaspoons vanilla. Then using an electric whisk make sure that the batter is properly mixed.

Then add in the walnuts. 

brownie mix

Grease a pan (mine was about 10×9) with butter and place grease prof paper inside, add in the mix and place into the over at 280 degrees. It took just under 30 mins to cook and the aroma made the house smell delicious. After 30 mins I inserted a toothpick inside to make sure that it was done. The toothpick came out clean so I left the brownie to cool for a few hours.


The Icing

Heat up a small amount of hot water. Place half a cup of butter into a pan and heat until melted, add in 5 table spoons of cocoa, a little salt and 2 teaspoons vanilla. This will start to make a thick paste, remove from heat and mix in 2 cups icing sugar I did this one cup at a time. Add in the hot water to give it a nice runny texture ready to apply to the brownies.

The mixture will start to become thicker and you can add in hot water to help thin it. 

You are now ready to apply it to your brownies! Because my brownie was a little too big to fit on the plate I cut it smaller (it was also an excuse to eat the trimming with my boyfriend). As the icing will be warm it will be easy to spread onto the brownie, because we are close to Christmas I made the icing look lined and log like and topped them with chocolate chips.

Happy Holidays! Hope you enjoy it!
Love Steph x

Super easy Eggs Benedict!

Good morning! Sundays are a lazy day for me, and today I got the urge to cook a nice breakfast! 

I have always loved Eggs Benedict and decided to attempt it for the first time… I
didn’t go to the store so this is my version using only what I already had 🙂

super easy eggs benedict

Hollandaise Sauce:

2 egg yolks
Half a lemon
Melted butter
Salt & cayenne pepper
<A glass bowl which fits on top of a pan of hot water>

Put about an inch of water into the pan and heat until simmering.
Place the 2 egg yolks into the glass bowl and add the juice from the lemon
Whisk until pale yellow
Place glass bowl on top of the pan and continue to whisk, slowly add in the melted butter.
Continue to whisk until it becomes stiff, add in a pinch of salt and season with the cayenne pepper.

If the mixture becomes too stiff you can add a little hot water to make it more runny.

Poached Egg:

Crack open the egg and place individually in a bowl.
Boil water in a pan, add a little white vinegar to the water.
Using a spoon stir the water in one direction to make a whirlpool effect,  then just pour the egg from the bowl into the pan. Because the water is whirling it will make the egg white surround the yolk.

Cook for 3 mins to get the yolk perfectly runny on the inside.

Eggs Benedict:

I didn’t have English muffins so I used toast.
You can use salmon or bacon or ham I used Prosciutto Crudo which is an Italian cured ham. This is a great option as it doesn’t need heating up, for instance if you use bacon you need extra time to cook it. I wish I had some smoked salmon but for next time!
Start by making the Hollandaise Sauce, if it gets a little thick whilst you are poaching the eggs you can add in a little hot water and whisk it up into a nice runny texture.

It took maybe 10 mins to prepare, but a lot longer to clean up hehe I think timing is important so make sure you have it all laid out ready!

Enjoy a great Breakfast!

Love Steph x

Recipe Source: Laura Vitale

Formaggio tortellini with smoked panchetta, mushrooms & cream

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach… Well this recipe really impressed my partner and was pretty simple to make.

You will need:

2 small onions
2 cloves of garlic
ready smoked panchetta (I used two packets but removed the pieces which was mainly fat)
a packet of formaggio tortellini
fresh or frozen mushrooms (about 300 grams)
2 cartoons of cream ( I use soy) 
black pepper
mixed herbs
garlic butter
olive oil


I started by chopping up the onions and garlic and placing a small amount of garlic butter on a plate to warm up from the fridge. I had also gone over the smoked panchetta to remove any fatty pieces. 
I put the pan on the flame and used the garlic butter to fry the onions and garlic, I also added in some mixed herbs for flavour. After a minute I added in the panchetta. I also put the water on the boil for the tortellini. 

Unfortunately since it was a Sunday and after a public holiday I had no time to buy fresh mushrooms so I had to use frozen ones. Once they started to defrost I added in the first cartoon of cream. I decided that it wasnt enough and added in the second.

At this point I added the tortellini to the boiling water (which also had a dash of olive oil), and timed 10 minutes. The tortellini takes 11 minutes to cook but I wanted to take it off the boil earlier.  

I added in some black pepper and chilli flakes into the cream sauce and continued to stir slowly for the next 8 minutes. Once the pasta had done just under 10 mins I took it off the boil and removed all the water. 
I then added it in with the sauce and cooked it for a further 2 minutes. This gave the pasta an incredible rich creamy texture.

and ready to serve 🙂


Ideally this was supposed to be for 3 portions as I wanted to make extra so mark could take some with him to work today, but it was so good not a drop was spared! Total time was about 40 mins with prep, and it was very easy to make. I would totally try this recipe again.

Love Steph x