Turing another year older is a hard thing for many. I turned 31 this week, now securely in my 30’s age bracket, my skincare ritual needed some updating. Luckily for me this year Estee Lauder has launched many additions the Advance Night Repair range.

I have been using the serum on and off for the past ten years, and I still remember being given my first sample of the little brown bottle when I was about 16. It was part of a Christmas gift, and equaled instant love.

Over the years I have tried the eyecream’s both the gel and the serum, and I can safely say that this is one of my favourite skin care ranges. When I heard about the launch of the Intensive Recovery Ampoules I knew it was a must have. I also have the new night cleansing lotion from the range which I hope to review soon.


Revolutionize how you repair at night. Help your skin recover the healthy, luminous look of youth.

Micro ampoules. Mega impact.
This powerful recovery concentrate calms and rapidly renews the look of over-stressed skin, helping to strengthen its resistance against future assaults.
Treatment oil includes ChronoluxAI technology to help reduce visible irritation and synchronize the look of skin.” – Estee Lauder


When opening a capsule, a lightweight oil is released. Gliding over the skin the treatment oil replenishes the outer layer of the skin. But what’s going on underneath?

To understand how it works we need to understand a little about how skin ages. As we age our cells start to produce less collagen, which we need to keep our skin supple. The antioxidant’s applied on the skins surface helps to prevent free radical damage, thus repair damage done by environmental aggressors.

Environmental factors such as the sun’s ultraviolet rays, pollution and smoking, which can trigger free radicals or unstable molecules that prematurely damage DNA (genetic material) in cells.” – Scientific American.

We also have a circadian cycle which co-ordinates the repair of our damaged cells while we sleep. Aka BeautySleepAs we age the genes that affect the circadian cycle get out of sync, slowing cellular repair. This is where the Chronolux technology comes into play. Chronolux technology is an amino acid sequence that helps to maintain a healthy cell repair schedule. It’s basically our skins personal assistant reminding the cells to repair at night.

Antioxidants & Chronolux Technology is already included in other Estee Lauder ranges so what makes the ampoules different?

With the new Intensive Recovery Ampoules Estee Lauder infused the current Chronolux with AI Technology, becoming a dual action, Anti-Irritation + Synchronization technology. This helps skin address all phases of irritation. Skin becomes stronger and is more resilient to future aggressors.


Apply PM after your repair serum, before your moisturizer. Twist capsule open, dispense into palm and massage lightly over skin using fingertips. Use it especially when skin feels stressed from environmental damage, lack of sleep, travel, even changes of season or weather.”  – Estee Lauder

It can be applied alone, or ontop of the serum. I finished my serum and I am using it solo. I would love to see how they feel together. When opening a capsule you need to be a bit gentle, it’s very easy to accidentally apply to much pressure while twisting and shoot the oil all over the place.  

While being an oil I don’t feel this greasy or sticky. It glides onto my skin and feels comfortable, hydrated, and balanced. After using it for a few nights I am seeing a difference in my skin. I am feeling it a lot more supple. 


There are 60 capsules in a jar, and in Malta retails for 75 euro. Each ampoule therefore costs 1.25 which is less than the cost of a coffee. So it’s definitely something that I want to keep in my routine. I love the glass jar the packaging is gorgeous. Although I hope in the future that Estee Lauder would consider refill packs. At least there is the option to recycle the packaging. 


I feel like I am really giving my skin what it needs when I use this product. I wake up and feel my skin soft & hydrated. It’s almost a shame to have to cleanse my skin in the morning. I plan on buying my usual Advance night repair serum and using them together as a booster on the weekends, and when I feel my skin stressed. Although saying that I am an Advanced Night Repair addict. So don’t be surprised when I tell you I am using them both daily.

Love Steph x



Be confident. The difference is clear. This intense treatment mask draws out impurities and removes excess oil and shine with a soft clay formula. Refines and refreshes as it frees skin of flakiness and roughness with gentle exfoliators. Deep clean treatment helps clear and prevent clogged pores to minimize future breakouts.” – Estee Lauder


I have been using this product since it was launched last year, and I repurchased it recently. I don’t use it all the time, perhaps once every couple of weeks.

I find that I get very congested little pores on the tip/underside of my nose. And all the other products that I have tried just doesn’t work as well as this. So some times I use it just there as a spot treatment.


See the significant change in how your skin looks and feels with our Triple Action Clarity Technology. With the proven power of salicylic acid, it helps stop the breakout cycle, free skin of flakiness, control oil and refine the look of pores.” – Estee Lauder

When you open the jar, the texture is like a whipped cream. At first touch its creamy and dense yet it still feels very lightweight. I am a huge Salicyic fan, its just a wonderful wonderful ingredient to de-grease and eat away at all the dirt and grime that sits on our skin and in our pores. The Kaolin clay is a fantastic purifying ingredient and their is micro fine scrub to buff the skin. I find my makeup goes on so much better when I use this exfoliating mask regularly.


As you can see the pale aqua mask goes on smoothly and has these little spheres of microdermabrasic scrub. After about 5/10 minutes I wet my hands and gently glide over my skin. I then remove the excess with a flannel. and voila my skins nice and smooth. What I like about it is although its a clay mask I don’t feel my skin tight or stretched. The product has a beautiful richness to the texture and it doesn’t dry hard, leaving my skin feeling supple and clean.



The Clear Difference Purifying Exfoliation Mask retails for approx 38 euro in Malta. I find a little goes a long way and that it takes me quite a long time to use it all up. I think some one who has a more oily skin would prob use it a bit more, and more frequently since some times I use it just as a spot treatment. For me I think its justified.


I think this is an item that I will just keep repurchasing. I really love how my skin feels clean after, and even though I follow a really good skincare routine and have regular facials it is the only product that works. I have tried quite a few different exfoliators and even use the Dermalogica AgeSmart lactic acid cleanser. This for me is a must have item in my skincare arsenal. I like to follow it with Clinique’s over night mask from the Moisture Surge range.

Hope you enjoyed reading this review, got any must have masks? Share them with me in the comments.
Love Steph x

New Year… New Cosmetics Vs Old Favourites?

Hello beauties!
Today I bought two new products…

As some of you may know the last few weeks I have been on a mission to find a new foundation… (which you can read about Here, Here and Here) In the end I decided to go back to a tried and tested favourite of mine. Nothing beat’s Clinique when it comes to foundation…


This is “Super Balanced Foundation“.
Sheer might be fantastic for summer but not so much for the colder seasons and even though the texture is lightweight this gives me a moderate coverage. It’s oil free and good for a combination skin like mine.

I chose the colour 03 which is ivory.

As you can see from the pic it’s quite a creamy texture (it’s not runny at all) I could actually keep it on my finger upside down without it dripping. I like the way it just glides onto the skin.

I think the only con is that the container is made of glass so it’s a bit fragile. Although this has been my go to foundation on an off for years (I switch between this and “Even Better“) I’ve never broke a bottle (touch wood). I decided to rekindle my Clinique love affair after wearing the Sheer & Perfect by Shiseido for a week. I knew I wanted something light but I felt I needed a decent coverage. I might convert back to Shiseido for the hotter months of summer….

I guess some times what you are used to is the best after all!

estee lauder hydrationist

The other product that I bought was Estee Lauder’s “Hydrationist Cream” for normal / combination skin types. I have to admit I have used this in the past but the formula has been updated a few times since I last tried it.

With the cold my skin has been feeling a little dehydrated recently and although I really like Dermalogica’s “Skin Smoothing Cream” I felt like it just wasn’t hydrating enough. Skincare should be adjusted to what our skin needs so something like the Hydrationist is perfect because it’s a gel-creme texture packed with lot’s of moisture.

Another thing I have grown to really like is creams that don’t contain an SPF. I am head over heels for La Roche-Posay’s  “Anthelios SPF50 Fluid Extreme” it’s become a big part of my routine in the morning.
I think it pays to invest in a separate sunblock since most creams only have a factor 15 and that’s really not enough to protect the skin, especially in a climate with a high UV index.

Well that’s my splurge for today!
Love Steph x


Makeup look #07: The Naked2 Touch

Yesterday I received my Urban Decay Naked2 eye-shadow palette…. 

I can’t tell you how excited I was! When I opened the tin case I just stared at it….
I couldn’t believe how beautiful it is with each shade listed. I also really like the double headed brush the bristles are really soft to blend and the other more compacted to apply the contour shades.

naked2 palette

This morning I decided to apply them since I wanted to see the tones in natural light…,

I applied:

Nyx photoloving primer
Clinique even better foundation 04
Clinique blended face powder 20
Estee Lauder brow perfecting duo 02
Urban Decay Naked2 shades: chopper, tease, busted and bootycall to highlight
Loreal teleoscopic mascara waterproof
Clarins eyeliner pencil 01
Guerlain terracotta bronzer
Estee Lauder Bronze goddess blusher
Estee Lauder  pure colour lipgloss 04

I love how the colours blended so easily together, and the Busted and the Tease have a really nice purple tone which made my eyes look much greener. I was really impressed by the Chopper it’s got a really nice bronze gold shimmer which is perfect alone or blended!

I have been wearing the shadow’s since this morning and now they are still perfect. The colours havent changed or dulled during the day and the shimmer and matte textures still show their true forms. I can see why so many people rave about this palette! I will do some swatches for you in the coming days!

I think me and my Naked2 will be best of friends for a long time to come!
What eyeshadows are you loving at the moment?
Love Steph x

makeup look #06 : Green with envy

Hello everyone, 

So today I felt like going a little lid heavy…

makeupThere is no editing or filter’s to this photo.

I used a beautiful deep green with a touch of sparkle from my NYX Cosmetics 112 colour box, a dab of Chanel from Les 4 Ombres #39 Raffinement on my lid crease and using the same quad to highlight under my brows.

Eyeliner I am wearing Max Factor’s Liquid liner in a gorgeous turquoise,  and Loreal telescopic mascara. My brows are done using Estee Lauder’s brow duo. My foundation is Clinique Superbalance #04 and Clinique’s Blended Powder #20 Invisible.  I am wearing a touch of Estee Lauder Limited Edition Bronze Goddess blusher, and also Estee Lauder PureColour Gloss #04.

I hope you like this look!

Steph x