Today I stopped by the 3INA makeup store at Pama Shopping Mall, they have a really cool Valentines offer on two looks:


Each look consists of a blush, a red lip colour and an eyeshadow. 

Left Valentines look: 

  • Red lipgloss
  • Pink powdered eyeshadow
  • Pink powdered blush

Right Valentines look: 

  • Red liquid lipstick
  • Nude cream eyeshadow
  • Peach powdered blush

Both looks are very easy to wear. I love the liquid lipstick and nude cream shadow, I have similar from another brand otherwise I would have bough this set. They say you can never have too much makeup but I am trying to not repeat similar purchases. So instead I bought some items that my kit was missing.

I took my time looking over the hundreds of colours they have on display:


The lighting made it a little hard to take photos, but as you can see there are loads of colours and a ton of choices. All for a pretty good price. I could easily spend a fortune as everything looks amazing. The textures are pretty good too. I swatched a few items and they seemed quite pigmented. 

Will post a review of what I bought in another post soon.
Love Steph x



So on a impulse I decided to shop online, which is something I really don’t do very often.
I like to see a product before I commit, feel the textures and test performance.

But I came across a post by fellow blogger Stefy Puglisevich, of a palette she just bought and I Googled them, when I saw how cheap they are I thought what the hell and bought 3 different ones with the excuse they would be good for my makeup kit….


Matte Brights

I saw the colours and was attracted to them like a magpie, soo bright… must have…

matte brights

Romantic Smoked

I liked this neutral palette as I thought it would be perfect to use for bridal makeups, and the colours look like they would suit just about any skin tones.

romantic smoked

Eyeshadow and Eyebrow Palette Disapear till tomorrow

I liked that this had the eyebrow cake included in the palette, the colours look pretty and more golden than the “Romantic Smoked” palette so I thought they would compliment each other well should I want to mix up shades of both.

Awesome Eyeshadow and Eyebrow Palette Disapear till tomorrow


For all 3 and shipping I spent a little over 20e, which is nothing.
They had load’s of buy x get x free style offers on the website too but I think it’s better I stop here. I bought yet another Givenchy Lipstick this week to wear during Fashion Week. Naughty me, will need to find the time to post a review since it’s a brand new shade… anyway back to REVOLUTION I am really looking forward to receiving them, hopefully shipping wont take so long.

Have you been going a little makeup crazy recently?
Tell me what your guilty pleasures are 😉

Love Steph x


This week I saw this beautiful eyeshadow by Bourjois and just fell in love.

I think it’s a limited edition.
I tried to google to see if I could find it’s name but there seems to be no online reference so number #18 it is.

bourjois 18 bourjois 18

It forms part of the new “Little Round Pot” range.

Bourjois has used the revolutionary “baked technology” since 1863 to give its eyeshadows an ultra soft, light and easy-to-blend formula. Dont be shy, apply as much colour as you want for a luminous result.”  – Bourjois

A nice thing about this eyeshadow is that it’s made from up to 80% minerals.


I like the packaging, it’s cute and girlie and has a magnet to snap shut the lid. Since this shade is ultra shimmery the plastic casing which perfectly matches also contains a slight shimmer. Even though I don’t really collect single’s this does make it easier to find in a mass of cosmetics. I find it very appealing. It also came with a little applicator brush but to be honest I threw it away because I prefer to use my own brush set.

bourjois 18 bourjois 18


As I mentioned earlier the website states that its made with up to “80% minerals” and it’s also “Paraben free” so if that’s something your conscious of that’s awesome. It is also “Hypoallergenic” (Contains fewer allergens) and “Fragrance free” which is great for sensitive eyes. Perfume in products is one of the worst skin irritants.

I don’t mind my products containing Parabens since Esterase III in keratinocytes is a skin enzyme that completely hydrolyses topically applied parabens This means that our skin will not absorb a topically applied paraben. In addition, Parabens are occur in our food naturally… (You can read my full article about Parabens here.)


Since this is a product that can be used both “Wet” and “Dry” I thought id show you a swatch for both.

IMG_20140518_093719L-R: Wet – Dry.

When doing my own makeup I’ve always applied this eyeshadow “Dry” so when I did this swatch I was really surprised how nice the finish is when “Wet“. Also when I rubbed my hands the “Wet” application held on to my skin with less fallout… When I next do my makeup I will HAVE to apply it “Wet” so I can see how it blends and lasts.

Dare I say that when applied “Wet” it could dupe for Chanel’s “Ombre D’illusion” or Givenchy’s new “Ombre Couture” cream eyeshadow?

When applied “Dry” it has a beautiful dispersed shimmer which I love layering up with my Naked3 shadows (especially under “Liar”). Although it does tend to have a little fall out during the day. I love that it blends beautifully with any shadow I’ve tried to team it up with.


I have only had this eyeshadow for a few days and it’s the first eyeshadow purchase from Bourjois in years! (p.s – I really like their liquid liners) Mainly as I prefer duos/quads/palettes over singles which  tend to get lost in my kit. I have really been happy with this product, it was also reasonably priced at about 8euros. I love to layer it under my eyeshadow to give it just a pop of shimmer.

I love shimmer.

I don’t think this is a product I would use on it’s own.
I think since its 1.5g I should have quite a long love affair with this colour as a little really goes a long way.

There is a little fall out so I think it deserves a 3/5. 
Maybe If I use it wet it would get a higher rating? I will need to try it out and report back 😉

I really like the look of the Bourjois blushers… However, they are also rather shimmery which for winter I don’t like but maybe it will look good with a slightly sunkissed tan?

Are you coveting any Bourjois products in your collection?
Love Steph x

Makeup look #08 : Blackout

This morning I decided to be a little more adventurous….

I normally never wear black eye shadow. Dark browns, greys and purples but black eye shadow? Never.
I think this is very much a phobia from seeing to many girls with black smudged eyes and panda is not my go to look….

This morning I wanted something darker.

I covered my lash line with black eyeliner and then smudged it all over to create a dark base, then I used “Chopper” my so far favourite colour from the Naked2 palette. I just adore this beautiful light rose gold bronze tone! It has a stunning shimmer, against the black it blended and made my eyes pop. I then blended up some of “Snakebite” over my crease…

I was drawn to the colour “Blackout” which I’m sure you guessed from the name is the palettes black. It is so amazingly pigmented just a slight touch really darkened the corners of my eyes. 

Since this was still a day look I didn’t want it to heavy and I blended in with a little “Pistol” and a last sweep of “Chopper” before adding my mascara.

I applied:

Nyx photoloving primer
Clinique even better foundation 04
Clinique blended face powder 20
Estee Lauder brow perfecting duo 02
Urban Decay Naked2 shades: chopper, snakebite, pistol, bootycall and blackout.
Loreal teleoscopic mascara waterproof
Clarins eyeliner pencil 01
Guerlain terracotta bronzer
Estee Lauder Bronze goddess blusher
Estee Lauder  pure colour lipgloss 04

I am crazy for this palette I can only imagine the possibilities!
Do you like this darker day look ?

Love Steph x


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Makeup look #07: The Naked2 Touch

Yesterday I received my Urban Decay Naked2 eye-shadow palette…. 

I can’t tell you how excited I was! When I opened the tin case I just stared at it….
I couldn’t believe how beautiful it is with each shade listed. I also really like the double headed brush the bristles are really soft to blend and the other more compacted to apply the contour shades.

naked2 palette

This morning I decided to apply them since I wanted to see the tones in natural light…,

I applied:

Nyx photoloving primer
Clinique even better foundation 04
Clinique blended face powder 20
Estee Lauder brow perfecting duo 02
Urban Decay Naked2 shades: chopper, tease, busted and bootycall to highlight
Loreal teleoscopic mascara waterproof
Clarins eyeliner pencil 01
Guerlain terracotta bronzer
Estee Lauder Bronze goddess blusher
Estee Lauder  pure colour lipgloss 04

I love how the colours blended so easily together, and the Busted and the Tease have a really nice purple tone which made my eyes look much greener. I was really impressed by the Chopper it’s got a really nice bronze gold shimmer which is perfect alone or blended!

I have been wearing the shadow’s since this morning and now they are still perfect. The colours havent changed or dulled during the day and the shimmer and matte textures still show their true forms. I can see why so many people rave about this palette! I will do some swatches for you in the coming days!

I think me and my Naked2 will be best of friends for a long time to come!
What eyeshadows are you loving at the moment?
Love Steph x