If you are following me on Instagram you might have noticed that I posted some fashion & style photos from the new collections in local shops. I thought id share a little of whats new here 🙂


Tommy Hilfiger 




Tommy Hilfiger






Womens Secret


Tommy Hilfiger


I Am


Tommy Hilfiger


Womens Secret




I Am

I am loving all the floral, lace and nudes. Touches of colour to brighten up an outfit. The quirky and fun cherries. Valentines is coming up so its a reason to splash out on something a little sexy, and buy something special. 

Love Steph x




I love fashion, although I don’t follow as closely as I used to, I really enjoy seeing the new collections hit the runway. 

Haute Couture means “High Fashion” and refers to items that are constructed by hand from start to finish, made from high quality, expensive, often unusual fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail and finished by the most experienced and capable sewers, often using time-consuming, hand-executed techniques. 

So I thought I would share with you some of the most beautiful pieces that are hitting the runways for Spring / Summer. These are in no particular order. I always love Elie Saab’s collections, and this year was no exception. I also LOVED the collection by Zuhair Murad. Atelier Versace also had a beautiful collection. 


I hope you liked my picks.

I love how fierce the girls on Elie Saabs runway are with their attitude and sunglasses, made a nice contrast against such delicate and intricate dresses and the colours! oh my! Chanel didn’t disappoint they brought all the sparkles, and of course the signature tweed. Dior had a fantasy and whimsical collection which I liked. Zuhair Murad took my breath away!

The photos have been taken from Haute Couture Week you can see more by clicking the link.

Love Steph. x


There is nothing women love more than to shop, especially when the sales arrive. I popped by CALVIN KLEIN at The Point today and fell in love with a handbag. 


I am on a nude kick at the moment after painting my nails in a lavender taupe the other day (a post will soon follow) and this bag is just a lovely nude “dirty” pink shade. 


The inside is a purple taupe that compliments the pink really well. The size for me is perfect not to big and not to small. Comfortable. I am not usually a fan of bowler bags because of the small handles. I tend to sling my hand bag over my shoulder. So this is a brilliant new addition definitely different from my others.

I love the little details.

The staff are really friendly. I was served Matthew (according to my receipt). He was really patient while I looked at all the different styles. They have some really beautiful stock at the moment, I should have taken pictures. Ah well, you just have to take my word and go visit!

Love Steph x


I am absolutely in love this manicure. I used Gelish “Forever Beauty” and “Oh What A Knight!” with black Konad Stamping polish, and a bundle monster plate.

gelish nails

It says “Love. Live. Laugh.” the perfect polish mantra for the New Year. We wanted to keep to nude tones but give a slightly different feature to the accent nail, so I suggested we stamp a quote.

I used the bundle monster BM-405 stamping plate

bundle monster bm-405

Today I cut my nails and changed the shape for the first time in about a year, now my nails are short and square. Im looking forward to seeing the new nail trends 2015 will bring. What colour polish are you wearing?
Love Steph x


Red-y For The Festival is a stunning creamy red from Gelish.
It has a wonderful coverage which makes this bright red stand out.

red-y for the festival gelish red-y for the festival

Although this is classified as a Christmas red I think it will be very popular throughout the year, as it’s what I like to think of as a true red. It’s not to pink or too orange. Its a beautiful sexy red, something to make Santa blush…

gelish red-y for the festival

Would you keep this colour for the holiday’s or dare to wear it all year round?
Love Steph x