Product Review: Guerlain Météorites Blossom Collection

Guerlain is incredibly high up on my LOVE list of brands, and I know it’s a favourite in the blogosphere too. I am a huge fan of their “Terracotta” range, and I adore “L’or” I had tried a version of the Météorites before and I think it’s a really beautiful product.

This time I will be reviewing the “Perles De Poudre Révélatrice De Lumiére” & the “Météorites Pinceau Poudre” which both form part of the newly released Spring 2014 Collection.


The Guerlain Météorites have had a revamp and the new packaging is spectacular.

Perles De Poudre Révélatrice De Lumiére

The attention to detail is excellent, I love the casing and how the product feels like a jewellery or trinket box. The moment you open the lid you get a sudden waft of sweet almost candy like fragrance drifting towards you, it reminds me of the candy Violet’s I used to have as a child. The case seems very sturdy and inside there is a powder puff to protect the pearls from leaking or breaking.

Météorites Pinceau Poudre

The powder brush comes in a black velvet pocket. There is no denying the luxury and when you open it you get a shock of pink. I was quite surprised by how feminine the brush looked. I already own Guerlain’s angled brush and I think it’s essential to my kit, so I am thrilled to try out the Météorites brush.

Overall the packaging for both comes in a very chic black box. I think that this particular collection is very whimsical, and with the revamp they kept the container tin (instead of cardboard like some of the past collections) which should hold up better over time.


The reformulation has given the Météorites Pearls a softer finish, this is because of Guerlains revolutionary “Stardust Technology” which helps to diffuse light creating a flawless radiant finish.

“The Météorites hold the secret to Stardust technology – a light-creating polymer, which transforms light invisible to the naked eye into a pure and endless glow on the skin.” – Guerlain

Guerlain's Météorites Blossom CollectionPhotocredit: Guerlain

Guerlain Météorites blossom brush

“The new Météorites deserved a new Powder Brush! Its adorable natural pink bristles, which are longer and softer on the skin, sweep lightly over the pearls to take only the exact quantity of powder required and not one milligram more! Its shiny and pure white handle is a promise of luminosity. Dressed in festoons, it recalls the most beautifully elegant objects by Guerlain, whose name stands out in silver letters.”  – Guerlain

A luxurious brush made of pure male Tibetan goat hair, round, full, supple and silky, the Météorites Pinceau turns each powder application into a unique moment of softness…

To put it to the test I actually made my bf close his eyes and run the brush along his forehead and cheeks to see his reaction. Although he felt it slightly tickling he described it as a velvet texture. When I run it along my skin I notice how light and smooth it feels it glides beautifully.


I think this is the part you have been waiting for…

“The legendary blend of enhancing and illuminating colours adapts to every skin tone to add the purest halo of radiance. As the theme and guiding concept between the different harmonies, the signature of the Météorites radiance is composed of three iconic shades: delicate mauve catches the light, pink refreshes, while yellow counters dullness and corrects redness, in addition to luminous pearls. Three harmonies boost the light thanks to tiny pearly particles as evanescent as starry dreams:

PURE LIGHT FOR FAIR SKIN: within the legendary harmony, green pearls form a halo for skin prone to redness, white pearls reflect the light to make the complexion glow and champagne pearls become one with the skin tone to gently illuminate it.

TONE-ON-TONE LIGHT FOR MEDIUM SKIN: the most nude harmony, in which beige pearls act as complexion-perfecting agents, champagne pearls naturally reflect the light and peach pearls give a satin sheen and a unique glow to the skin.

WARM LIGHT FOR GOLDEN SKIN: the most smouldering harmony highlights beige pearls that even out the complexion, chocolate pearls with satin shimmers and vivifying fushia pearls that revive radiance for de­liciously beautiful skin.

Crafted using the same unique procedure, mastered by a small circle of artisans, Météorites pearls have an unparalleled texture. A cloud of intangible powder that seems weightless, leaving nothing on the skin but a divine glow. A ravishing change has indeed taken place; today, the powders deliver even more radiance for instant luminosity with a sheer finish.”  – Guerlain

The colour I have is 02 Clair which against my skintone is very subtle, it has a very pretty glow which gives just a slight hint of shimmer. I wouldn’t recommend this shade for a darker skintone.


 When applying using the brush it gave a very nice finish. It’s so subtle that it was extremely difficult to catch on camera, which in my opinion is fantastic because who wants to get snapped at the party and have a face full of shimmer? Give me a natural healthy radiance any day!

So to get it to show for the photo I did have to load up quite a bit of product (using the powder puff) which then in turn made my hand look over powdered. I can assure you with the right amount this is a brilliant product especially for highlighting.


I really like how both products are packaged, the textures of the bristles and the radiance of the powder is beautiful. I personally love the smell of the product which brings back found childhood memories. However for some one who doesn’t like heavily scented products then the Météorites Pearls is not for them…

Perles De Poudre Révélatrice De Lumiére: Retails at 51.45 euro.
Météorites Pinceau Poudre: Retails at 38.90 euro.

They are high end products and although they have a high end price tag I have always found them to be long lasting as a brand. The angled brush I own is nearing it’s 6th year and is still in perfect condition. There is something about buying a high end product that gives me a soul deep satisfaction, it is definitely a splurge but I also see it as an investment.

I really like the idea of pearls I find it to be a little more exotic and luxurious, I also never feel the need to carry my make up with me to top up. However, I know that there are some that like to keep products with them at all times. I know that the case is tin so its more sturdy but I couldn’t bring my self to have it rattling away in my handbag…

The quality of the brush is excellent, I like the splash of pink its extremely unusual and very feminine. I look forward to years of highlighting with it. Although not cheap compared to brushes of other high end brands such as MAC’s Tapered brush (which would cost roughly 47 euro) the cost is comparable.   

I have a special treat, I teamed up with FRANKS so that if any of you lovely ladies want to buy either the Météorites Pearls or the Brush then you will be given a beautiful mini of the Météorites base! This is actually one of the products on my Spring Wishlist! All you have to do is quote “Blossom” at the counter. The promotion will run for one week starting Monday 17th March 2014.


Have you tried Guerlain before? Tell me your opinions!
Love Steph x


Guerlain Christmas Collection 2013: Crazy Paris

Guerlain is one of my most coveted make up brands

I have always been a huge fan of their limited editions, especially the Christmas ones!
Christmas in cosmetics is such a magical time of year each collection brings out something unique and special.

Guerlain is such a classical brand that I was really shocked to see such a neon influence in the collection, it’s a bold move and really fun!


The star product of the range has to be the “Crazy Paris” eye palette 

This palette has a wonderful vibrant shades as well as grey and black shadow (which can be used wet or dry)
what do you think of the four brighter shades…?

I love the hot pink and I think it would blend so nicely with the grey!


I am an Addict to the Terracotta range and I love that they brought out new shades! I cant wait to pop into Frank’s and try them out. It’s more vibrant shades are to help brighten dull winter skin. Since my skin is pink toned I’m not sure it would suit me as much as the typical Maltese skin-tones which tend to look yellow in the winter months. How amazing are the Meteorites ?

Photocredit: & Google

I think my FAVOURITE TREND product has to be the UV topcoat! 
This is so cool because its sure to dazzle in the clubs, add it on top of any polish for a vibrant neon glow under black light.
I think for any nailpolishaholics this is going to be one of the must have’s of the season!


This winter is really going to be a beautiful one with such stunning collections! Have you seen the upcoming CHANEL Christmas Editions? read about them Here.

Love Steph x

Wish List – Makeup I want & need. 30/3/13

This is my current cosmetic wish list…

wishlist 300313 (1)

  1. This is the brand new mascara from Clinique called High Impact Extreme. I have always been a fan of Cliniques mascaras and even though I tend to change brands I always go back to them. I am currently using one by Gosh (which I was given as a free gift with purchase) It’s good for everyday use but for the evening I prefer much more volume.
  2. This is a product which I am obsessed with at the moment Givenchy  Le Rouge Lipstick 204. I had tried this product for the first time a few weeks ago when it was launched and I absolutely fell in love with it. My review can be read here…
  3. This is the only product on my list which is not available in Malta. I came across it while searching and reviewing products online, its by a brand called Young Blood and is made from minerals. The product is a Gel Liner and comes in four shimmery shades and three creme textures. I will have to check this out more online and find a way to get it. This beautiful shade “Lagoon” is to die for.
  4. This is the only bronzer I will wear! I bought my first Guerlain Terracotta bronzer a few years ago and I adore the range (I am converted). Last summer I bought one whilst travelling and stupidly told the sales assistant the colour I wanted and didn’t check the product. When I got home I realised it was the Mono colour (not the one I wanted). I still have a lot left even though I use it everyday. The multi tonal “Brunettes” is my favourite because the shades are perfectly matched to my skintone. As soon as mine is finished I will be going back to my bronzed love.
  5. This is another product from Guerlain on my wish list called L’or I love this base for the radiance it gives, packed with 24k gold flakes it is a luxury must have item. This is also extremely hydrating as the gold flakes are suspended in a gel to give the skin moisture.
  6. This is new BB Cream on the market by Clarins I have tried the texture on my hands and its really smooth with a nice light coverage. In summer months I love to go lighter during the day and I think this is one of the perfect products to do that with.

What would you put on your list?


makeup #03 : Chanel Les 4 Ombres #39 “Raffinement”

After splurging yesterday on Chanel’s Les 4 Ombres this is what I had to say…

I think this is the first time that I have bought a quad which is perfectly harmonised the colours was a dream to apply (I normally like to mix up a lot of different brands).


Each shade complemented the other and contained the perfect shades to suit my skin tone. They have a great texture which allows them to blend smoothly. The darkest shade being a matte colour has a beautiful rich pigment, where are the other three colours are made up with a light reflecting shimmer.

The effect was semi smokey and can be played up in different ways. I started off by using the lighter shades and then built up intensity. I used the darkest shade to line around my eyes (with a dampened brush).

My look for today consisted of:

Clinique: Even better foundation 03.
Clinique: Almost powder 02.
Estee Lauder: Double wear concealer.
Estee Lauder: Brow duo.
Guerlain: Terracotta powder 04
Chanel: Quad 39.
Estee Lauder: Bronze goddess limited edition blusher (from a few years ago)
Deborah: Mascara.
Estee Lauder: lipgloss (I forgot the shade)
Clinique: High impact eyeshadow 103 used as a highligher on top of my cheek bones and a little under my brow.



Featured on PhotoVogue Italia


Photography: Karl Cutajar – Lama Photography
Photography assistance: Phil Cope
Stylist: Chanel Camilleri – Bon Ton Fashionista
Model: Estelle Abela – Supernova Models Malta
Makeup: Steph Lauri –
Hair stylist: Pat Bugeja – Artistic director Goldwell

Featured Photo’s

More from the shoot…

I would like to say a big thank you to all who worked in this shoot. I am so thankful and blessed to work with such amazing creative professionals. Every time I get involved in a project like this it brings such satisfaction when I see the final result. There is so much behind the scenes work that goes on behind every photo. To check out our behind the scenes post please click here

Make up used during this shoot…

Foundation: Estee Lauder DoubleWear Max Cover 11 – This colour was chosen much lighter than the models skintone
Powder: Clinique Almost powder 02.
Bronzer: Guerlian terracotta.
Eyeshadow: Clinique 103 ButterBronze – I used the white to high light under her brows and on her cheekbones, I also used a pale gold colour which is of a Clarins palate but I no longer have the number of.
Eyebrows: I used the Duo Powder and Setting Gel both by Estee Lauder.
Lips: I used a Guerlain lip liner, a lipstick by Deborah and a gloss by Estee Lauder.

Clothing used during this shoot…

Topshop, Zara, Miss Selfridge and Aldo. I would like to thank Erin-Coal for the Veil.

Until the next shoot….