Hey there!
So yesterday I treated myself to the Olaplex treatment, I wanted to see what all the fuss is about…

If you don’t know Olaplex is:
“free of silicone, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes, and is never tested on animals. Olaplex reconnects broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair. Hair bonds are broken during thermal, mechanical and chemical services.” – Olaplex

It’s a revolutionary product that links broken bonds in the hair during and after chemical services making them stronger than they were before. That means you can push boundaries, hair can be made lighter without causing damage. It can be mixed with bleach, with keratin, it’s even compatible with perms!

I love to really take care of my hair, and I have always done regular cuts and salon colours, with the house stuff going on I haven’t actually cut my hair since FEBRUARY <sad face> and swapped to box colours <crys>. I felt like my hair really needed a bit of a treat since my ends are a little dry. ¬†I found a salon doing a promotional offer and decided to book myself in…

Here is my hair straight after the treatment:

olaplex olaplex

I feel like I should be in a hair advert, super soft, super healthy, it feels like its never been coloured. If you get the chance to try it out go for it! The photos show my hair without a blow dry, no filters, just pure gorgeous healthy feeling hair ūüôā

You can find out more about Olaplex and the local salons on the Olaplex Malta facebook page: HERE 

I am a very happy bunny!
Love Steph x



Yesterday I desperately needed to buy shampoo and conditioner, mine had finished and I had all of about 5 mins to browse the isles in the pharmacy and make a choice, so I hurried to the shampoo section. I have been hearing good things about TRESemmé from some of the other Maltese bloggers so I decided to give them a go.

I had tried TRESemm√©¬†before when I still lived in London (maybe 10 years ago) but at the time it didn’t do so much for my hair, I am so glad that I gave the brand a second chance because instantly I felt a difference in my hair’s condition.¬†I wouldnt normally write a post for the first use but my hair feels super soft, and silky. I couldn’t stop running my fingers through my hair all afternoon and I like the way it smells.


Want hair that‚Äôs smooth, straight and easy to style? Use the shampoo specifically formulated to leave your hair gorgeously sleek and manageable. The TRESemm√© Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner system transforms your hair, making it gorgeously sleek with less frizz, smooth and easy to style.” –¬†TRESemm√©


When used with TRESemm√© Keratin Infusing Shampoo, this salon-quality conditioner nourishes each strand to leave hair smooth, shiny and manageable. The system transforms your hair, making your hair gorgeously sleek with less frizz, smooth and easy to style”¬†–¬†TRESemm√©

I plan on writing up a full review later on each product once I have used them a few times, but so far I am a very happy bunny. And the best thing for 500ml they are in the 5e mark so its beauty on a budget!

What haircare are you girlies using?
Love Steph x


Hey beauties!
So anyone who saw Mondays Muse post knew I was going to get my hair done this week! I have been really happy with my colour and I didn’t want to change much, but felt I needed a new shape.

So I kept my brunette base, and renewed my highlights.
I love my hair dresser Clinton, at first I found the lights a little too bright, so I spoke to him about my concerns, and arranged it in the afternoon. Clinton¬†applied¬†a toner that was 2 shades darker, it made a huge difference! Even though the change was subtle I felt more blended, more “me”. The end result is fabulous. It’s great having a stylist who listens when your not happy with something and does his best to correct it even though they are busy.

That’s what customer service is, ensuring each and every client leaves happy, comfortable and satisfied.

I have found him brilliant for changing colours, I’ve gone from red to blonde to brunette under his care, and he always listens to what I want to do next and advises me how.

This was when the lights were a little too bright for my liking just to show you that even though it wasn’t my preferred¬†colour it still looked good:

I will try to take another photo tomorrow to show you how it’s looking now, maybe you wont notice the¬†difference, but I feel it. I am glad I had the confidence to let him know how I was feeling, when I was younger I always felt “shy” to say something in case I insulted my stylist.

I cut a good amount from the back but left my layers to grow out, so that I can attempt to cut my hair a little something like this:

long bob

This might be a long process, since my front is currently shorter than the back and the way I want it is the other way around. But I have a plan and it’s in motion. ūüėČ

Long bob for the win!

Love Steph x


The Autumn Hairstyle Edition

Very very soon have my next hair appointment, and so like most women all around the world, I turned to Pinterest for inspiration. This week it’s all about styles I love and might surprise myself with. I can be very spontaneous when it comes to my hair ūüėČ So who knows how I might leave my stylists chair…

After all they do say “change is good for the soul”...
It’s so tempting to get a new colour/style¬†for a new season! The only thing I know for sure is I don’t want a fringe, its taken me forever to grow mine out.

Love Steph x


Fashion Week Malta has showcased some wonderful creative and talented work.
Here are some of the highlights.

Day One Am: Creative Factory 7 & Ritienne Zammit.

CF7 Show: Hair by Michael & Guy, Makeup by Krista Paris with Eva Garden.
Ritienne Zammit Show: Hair by Michael & Guy, Makeup by Sara Doublet & Gabriele Zammit Grungo with Eva Garden..
Supported by Marsovin La Torre and VeeGeeBee Art Studio

Creative Factory 7

1  Bernard Polidano 2  Bernard Polidano 3  Bernard PolidanoPhotography Credit: Bernard Polidano Photography

I loved the pastel splashed blazer I think this piece is very “me”.¬†I like how the makeup was done for this collection too, a bold display¬†of colour which seemed to compliment the collection nicely. I thought the hair was really cool, I love the big beehives and the floral bands in the girl’s hair.

Ritienne Zammit

2 Bernard Polidano 3  Bernard Polidano 4  Bernard PolidanoPhotography Credit: Bernard Polidano Photography

I first saw¬†Ritienne Zammit’s collections on runway a few years ago, she has a very distinctive design¬†which season after season kept her signature style. I didn’t like the eye makeup for this event, I found it to heavy and a messy “Grunge” although I did like the dark lips as I thought it matched the mood of the fabrics. There was definitely a “Goth Rock” feel to this collection.

Day One Pm: New Designers

The New Designers show actually featured 12 designers and their collections.

1. Edith – designed by Nathalie Bronfman.
2. GreMar – designed by Marie Grech
3. Marta Gomez Vidal with Jungle of Textures collection
4. Marco Parascandolo
5. Fransina – designed by Fransina Grima
6. Churpina – designed by Christine Joan Sant
7. Mosca – designed by Aga Rusajczyk
8. Lukka – created by Luke Pizzuto
9. Taia – designed by Mandy Farrugia & Alicia Roslichenko Schembri
10. Celeste – designed by Martina Spiteri
11. POSHet! – designed by Ana Noguiera
12. Kenshin Collection – designed by Rosemarie Abela

Hair by Dominic Bartolo, Dreads Hairdressing, assisted by Jessica Mascari, Priscilla Mifsud Cini and James Attard, supported by Joico. Makeup by Elaine Galea, Krista Paris, and Christelle Lays, supported by Evagarden.

These are my favourites from mixed designers.

celeste kurt paris gremar kurt paris Marco Parascandolo kurt paris Taia kurt parisPhotography Credit: Kurt Paris
T-B: Celeste, GreMar, Marco Parascandolo, Taia.

I loved this beautiful white flowing dress by Celeste, I thought the lace dress by GreMar was stunning although it’s similar to designs I have seen over the years it’s a classic. I enjoyed¬†the slogan T-shirt’s by Marco Parascandolo for the non Maltese on this blog the “Kemm NHOBB” top means “I like a lot” or “how much I love”. I also really liked the fabric and the cut of the outfit by Taia¬†which is a current trend yet still classy and chic.

Day Two: Caroline Hili

Hair by Clinton Chetchuti of Vigorous. Makeup by Mateja Camilleri and Christelle Lays using Eva Garden.

Bernard Polidano 1 Bernard Polidano 3 Bernard PolidanoPhotography Credit: Bernard Polidano Photography

This was a gorgeous collection, and the first time I have seen Caroline Hili’s creations. I look forward to seeing much more from her in the future. Her dresses had a wonderful cut and shape to them. I thought that the designs are very sexy and feminine yet chic and elegant. They showed just enough flesh and covered up enough at the same time to make the collection wearable.

Caroline Hili’s collection titled Desert Storm, demonstrates a distinct inspiration from nature, with art nouveau style floral and leafy embellishments flowing smoothly into tightly pleated skirts that fan out as if being windswept. Colours are based on natural greens, blues and creams. Her attention to detail and use of quality materials is unmistakably present in every piece on display.

Clint Scerri HarkinsPhotography Credit: Clint Scerri Harkins

How fantastic is this makeup? I adore it! I like that it fits into the “wild” and “Nature” theme of the collection.
Hair is done by my all time favourite hairdresser Clinton.

Overall I wish I had managed to catch this show in person, I think I really missed out.

Day Three: Charles&Ron

This is one of the shows that you just can’t miss, it’s always packed out and the collections are to die for. You can read the full review Here. I actually had the pleasure to talk to Ron this week after the event and discuss some of the things I thought about the theme and the inspiration. The work that goes into the collection is incredible and I think it shows. Every year this is the busiest show and the venues are always packed out.

I love love love this collection!
That black and orange combination,¬†the use of colours pastels and prints and the fountain. I think it was very 50’s and reminded of Bridget Bardot. There was a element of “French” style fashion to this collection. Really really amazing.

The Charles and Ron Fashion Show is supported by Transforma and Evagarden.
Hair by Alexander’s Haidressing. Makeup by Justin Brincat, and nails by Femme Beauty.

My favourites:

Bernard Polidano 1 Bernard Polidano 2 Bernard Polidano 3 Bernard Polidano 4 Bernard Polidano 5 Bernard Polidano 6Photography Credit: Bernard Polidano Photography

Photography Credit: AprioriPhotoStudio

Make up was by Justin Brincat, one of the best Maltese makeup artists he is truly talented and ever so creative. You just have to check out his page…. If you love makeup you will want to live in his photo albums…

Here is an AH-MAZ-ZING close up by Notorious Photography.

Melvin Notorious Photography

I am beyond words!

Day Four: Tiffany Pisani Swimwear.

Tiffany Pisani¬†an established model, you may have seen her crowned on “Britains Next Top Model” 2010, branching out into design she launched her own swimwear label in 2012. As you can imagine her collection is stylish¬†and perfect for the trendy girls. I really like the colours and the cuts of this seasons collections, I loved the combination of colours, how bold the prints are.

Tiffany Pisani Swimwear is available at Label C, Sliema. Jewelley by: Marpresia Marpesia & Co. Hair by Chris Mifsud (M.A.F.) and Claire Vassallo (Hair O Hair). Makeup by: Elaine Galea Venere. This event was also supported by Frank Salt Real Estate.

These are some of my favs from the 2014 collection.

Damien Caruana 1 Damien Caruana 2 Damien Caruana kurt paris 1 kurt paris

Photography Credit: Damien Caruana & Kurt Paris.

Day Five:¬†The Bridal Fashion Show ‚Äď Weddingbells,¬†Pronovias, Loredana Roccasalva

As you can imagine this show had some jaw dropping dresses!
I did write-up review for each which you can read Here, Here, and Here.

I really loved seeing each creation coming out onto the catwalk, there are some really impressive dressing and I would love to be a 2015 bride to get to wear one of them! I was never that little girl who dreamed of a big white wedding, but since the show oh have I been day dreaming!

WeddingBells : Hair by Steve Vella (Cutting Edge) Makeup by Elaine Galea (Venere) using Eva Garden.
Pronovias:¬†Hair by Deandra’s Hairdressing Salon & Hair Stories.¬†Makeup by: Elaine Galea (Venere) using Eva Garden.
Loredana Roccaslava: Hair by Lara Steer (D Salon) Makeup by Elaine Galea (Venere) using Eva Garden.

There are my top 3 dresses!

wedding bells kurt parisWedding Bells – Photography by Kurt Paris.

I loved this dress because of the heart shape, I adore the lace and the bustier. I liked that it trailed out it suited the model and the make up was perfect, I like the hair being swept up. It was a very chic look.

pronovias  Steven MuliettPronovias (Elie Sabb) – Photography by Steven Muliett

This was the first dress on the runway for Pronovias and the first in the flesh Elie Saab dress I’ve had the pleasure to see.
My jaw dropped.

Loredana Roccasalva Dennis CallejaLoredana Roccasalva – Photography by Dennis Calleja

I loved how unique this dress was, rich and the combination of black satin and burgundy lace.

I really like how the make up was kept simple and fresh, each model had a beautiful radiant glow befitting of any bride.

Day Six:¬†Gagliardi Fashion Show ‚Äď Celebrating 50 years of Bortex in Malta
The show was held in the national library and not only showcases the latest collections of the Gagliardi brand, but also commemorates 50 years of Bortex in Malta.

This was one of the shows I didn’t manage to go to, (since there was another event which I was committed too) so I missed out on gorgeous men in suits. Sigh… Ah-well at least I get to look at the photos, I have to admit for men’s suits Bortex is one of my favourite stores and Gagliardi have wonderful tailoring. I have seen quite a few of my guy friends wearing their collections and it is somewhere that I always recommend.

I have always admired a man in a good suit, so any men reading this, go now and invest in a good suit!

“Gagliardi embodies the timeless appeal of Savile Row but adds a distinctive Mediterranean flair and a penchant for rich colour. The label combines the quirks of modern fashion: on-trend cuts, seasonal shades and varied textures, with a no-nonsense, old-fashioned approach when it comes to quality and craftsmanship and the use of luxurious fabrics.¬†The result is a rarity in menswear: realistically cut clothes that are shot through with clever little touches usually confined to catwalk collections.”

Hair by Marielle Calleja, Prive Hairdressing. Makeup by Krista Paris, assisted by Christelle Lays.

These are some of my favourite suits (- not men) ūüėČ

kurt paris 1 kurt paris 4 kurt paris 5 kurt paris 6 kurt paris kurt paris3Photography credit: Kurt Paris.

Day Seven: International Designers.

I think this was one of the most exciting days as it showcased international talent. It’s a fantastic feeling¬†to see designs of another country on our catwalks. I hope that our designs inspire the foreign designers as much as they might inspire the local ones.

Jean Paul Benielli

‚ÄúLa Femm‚ÄĚ which consists of evening gowns made from the finest fabrics including hand-embroidered laces, chiffons, organza and satin that are worked to create refined silhouettes. The laces, silks and luxurious embroidery are covered with Tahitian pearls, Swarowski crystals, sequins, glass beads and chiffons with everything being carefully hand-made with a personal and elegant craftsmanship.

Hair by Toni & Guy and the Essentials Artistic Team. Makeup by Elaine Galea, Mateja Camilleri, Krista Paris, Josianne Abela Nelson, Terry Grech, Talitha Dimech, Diandra Mattei, Gabrielle Zammit Grungo, Leanne Magro, and Christelle Lays.

These dresses are astounding, they made my heart pound…
If I ever needed a reason to join the gym I would carry a picture of one of these dresses and stick it to the treadmill!
I mean seriously, how can a piece of fabric be made look so good? Great cuts and a great creative mind that’s how!

Bernard Polidano Bernard Polidano1 Bernard Polidano2 Bernard Polidano3 Bernard Polidano4 Photography Credit: Bernard Polidano Photography

Danijela Bozic

The collection is called ‚ÄėFloral Rhapsody‚Äô and it is designed for the woman who expresses her emotions through extravagant dresses with strong colours that represent the form of rare and exotic flora. Pearls and crystals reflect her deep feelings. She is dark and mystical but also very chic with a strong personality and passion laced with mysticism. The materials used for the collection are lace with crystals, satin, velvet and muslin.

Hair by Toni & Guy and the Essentials Artistic Team. Makeup by Elaine Galea, Mateja Camilleri, Krista Paris, Josianne Abela Nelson, Terry Grech, Talitha Dimech, Diandra Mattei, Gabrielle Zammit Grungo, Leanne Magro, and Christelle Lays. Jewellery: Vesna Milosevic РElm Jewellery, Serbia.

I loved this collection, the cuts are so elegant and I loved the use of white, then again I also loved the red outfit. I think everything about this collection just impressed me. There was a huge attention to detail. I love how this collection was styled as well, the statement jewellery which perfected each outfit.

Bernard Polidano 2 Bernard Polidano 3 Bernard Polidano 6 Bernard Polidano 7 bernard polidano1Photography Credit: Bernard Polidano Photography

Makeup for this collection was done really nicely too, I managed to find a close up:

Bernard Polidano 8Photography Credit: Bernard Polidano Photography

It was smokey but well blended, really gorgeous! I like that lips were kept nude since the emphasis was on the eyes. and hair was lovely. Also did you notice that the nails are kept nude? I am kinda loving it, amidst all the spring / summer bright’s it was refreshing to see the nails more natural.

Joan Isioma Okorodudu

Joan is the one-woman extraordinaire behind Nigerian fashion label House of Jola and also one of the main powerhouses behind Nigerian Fashion. Her designs celebrate all that is Africa with bold prints, bright colours and clothes that speak volumes about having fun with fashion.”

Hair by the TONI&GUY artistic team Malta. Makeup: Bayou Hastrup assisted by Tracy Iyoha and Chichi Okafor

I really liked some of the more flowing and bold colours used in her collection, there is one croptop/skirt set which I just adored, white and a splash of blue hues. Beautiful. Simple. Stunning. I also really liked the pant suit in the first photo. I thought this collection was very wearable and very me.

Dennis Calleja Dennis Calleja1 Dennis Calleja2 Dennis Calleja3 Dennis Calleja4 Dennis Calleja6 Dennis Calleja7Photography credit: Dennis Calleja

Judy R. Clark

This collection features Harris Tweeds, Scottish lace and tartans in Judy R Clark‚Äôs signature tailoring and flamboyant silhouettes. Each couture piece is hand made in her Edinburgh Studio using the best of Scottish fabrics. The eccentric British look of the collection has made this Scottish Designer of The Year one to watch.”

Hair by Toni & Guy and the Essentials Artistic Team. Makeup by Elaine Galea, Mateja Camilleri, Krista Paris, Josianne Abela Nelson, Terry Grech, Talitha Dimech, Diandra Mattei, Gabrielle Zammit Grungo, Leanne Magro, and Christelle Lays.

I have to admit I am not a big fan of tweeds, but I loved the eccentricity of this collection. I think my favourite is actually the last photo, although I love the black on black outfit in the middle. I also want to point out that the cuts especially for the blazers are incredible.

bernard polidano Bernard Polidano1 Bernard Polidano2 Bernard Polidano3 Bernard Polidano4 Bernard Polidano5Photography Credit: Bernard Polidano Photography

Sally Bawa

The label offers beautifully crafted pieces in two distinct lines ‚Äď ready to wear as well as exclusive, plus a service that offers clients total participation in the design process. In this collection she creates stunning hand-painted pieces with striking designs that combine different patterns and colours. The collection has been described as a ‚Äėrevival for the love of art and a combination of imagination and representation.”‚Äô¬†

Hair: by the TONI&GUY artistic team Malta. Makeup: Bayou Hastrup assisted by Tracy Iyoha and Chichi Okafor.

If you love bold prints and bright colours this is the collection for you. I loved it, although I don’t think I’m brave enough to pull off such patterns. After seeing this collection I wish I was! I liked that this collection included a section for the fashionable man, Eccentric. Fun and Bright.

Bernard Polidano7 Bernard Polidano6 Bernard Polidano4 Bernard Polidano5 bernard polidano Bernard Polidano3 Bernard Polidano1 Bernard Polidano2Photography Credit: Bernard Polidano Photography

The models and the make up…. Wow just stunning!

I wanted to thank Adrian J. Mizzi (and team) for organising such an event…
I can only imagine the hard work put in by the Models, Stylists, Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, and the crew backstage in charge of things like Sound and Lighting. Of course a huge thank you to the photographers, especially the ones who I borrowed photos from.

A huge thank you for the months of planning to bring us such a treat, all the sponsors who helped bring it all together and make this event free for the public to attend.

And to all who are reading this post, I hope you enjoyed looking at the collections as much as I did, and for the foreign readers Malta Fashion Week is held every May…

Love Steph x