I picked up a few L’oreal make up items recently from Melita Health and Beauty in St Julians. I will be posting their in depth reviews soon. I have been using them for about two weeks now and gotta say these surprised me!


Keep posted for swatches and my humble opinions…
Leave me a comment and let me know your L’oreal essentials ⇩ ⇩ ⇩
Love Steph x 



I have wanted to buy a stamping kit and plates for the longest time, I had spoke to the lovely Jemma of Eeeek! Nail Polish, who pointed me in the right direction. If you love nails you really need to check out her blog as it’s always full of beautiful designs and colours.

So I followed her advice and bought a stamp and scrapper months ago, and then I got busy and it kind of slipped my mind, I finally got around to ordering my first set of plates.

Bundle Monsters 2013 CYO set.

I chose this set as it had 26 plates, and quite a good base verity of styles:

bun-nplatecyo-1_002 bun-nplatecyo-1_003 bun-nplatecyo-1_004_1

I know that there are some I will prob never use, but that would happen no matter which sets I buy. So I ordered this one from amazon. If all goes well with these then I will totally invest in a few more. I need to buy some stamping polish still. But I will see how it goes with some normal polish before I order any.

Hurry up Mr postman 😉
Have you tried out stamping? let me know which plates you love!
Love Steph x


Hey there you beautiful readers, some of you may already know that I recently did not one but TWO Makeup Revolution hauls, which you can read about here and here.
In one of the hauls I bought 9 lipsticks and before you say anything…
Yes I NEEDED all 9!

coloursL-R Top: Lady, Sweetheart, Divine, Dazzle.
L-R Bottom: Dare, Encore, Beloved, Bliss, Flashing.

Some of the textures are extremely glossy or creamy, where as some are more matte and waxy. The matte ones have brilliant staying power but can also feel a little drying on the lips. The colours I chose are the more mainstream shades, which I can use on clients for shoots or bridal. I am very tempted to buy some of the bolder colours in another haul.


I love how they are designed with the colour code on the lid! However, I have to say there is one major flaw, there is no code on the base. When doing makeup bookings I will remove all the lids and then use the colours the client likes the most. When packing up I will be rushed and I can imagine that putting the correct lids on the correct colours to be a little time-consuming. Also the lids are slightly tricky as they wont all stay on.


As I mentioned earlier a couple of the shades are very waxy in texture, this is a bit drying and have quite a strange feeling. However they last much longer so that’s a positive which I think outweighs the negative. I think if your lips are very dry the addition of a balm or a swipe of gloss would be necessary. The more glossy textures are really lovely to wear and they have an okay staying power. They all have a wonderful fresh coconut scent which makes me love them even more!


From L-R: Bliss, Divine, Sweetheart, Beloved, Encore, Flashing, Dazzle, Lady, Dare.

As you can see I bought a range of peaches and corals, pinks and a couple of reds. I wanted to show you what the colour transfer is like, so I used a piece of white paper to blot the colours. I really like the range of shades I bought but I think I need more nudes.

 The photo on the left is with natural light, and the photo on the right with flash. Can you see how the shimmer in Encore shows under the flash. It was really hard to pick up on camera. You can also see how the matte colours really didn’t want to come off from my lips, where as the glossy ones are very easy to smudge and transfer.


The price I paid was 1 pound each, which is brilliant value and I think I will get a lot of use from them. For the price I really can’t complain and the quality is pretty good, I have been wearing “Lady” most of today and I got some really nice compliments, it also matched perfectly with one of my GOSH lipliners.


How soon untill I can buy more? I think I am becoming addicted.
The colours are very close to the ones on the photos from the site, so you don’t have to worry about shades not being how you expected them to look (one of my biggest worries when shopping online).

makeup-revolution-haul-2Top L-R: Divine, Beloved, Dare, Bliss, Dazzle.
Bottom L-R: Lady, Sweetheart, Encore, Flashing.

I saw some photos of the blusher palettes and they are soo on my wishlist. I am really impressed by this brand. They are cheap and quality for the price is excellent. I hope to write-up some more post’s soon on some of the other Makeup Revolution products I bought… Lets just say I am IN LOVE with one particular highlighter.

Love Steph x 


Last week I placed my first ever Makeup Revolution haul… (which I received yesterday)…
Today I placed another! Crazy? Maybe… But this time it was lipstick based.

Cause seriously all girls need more lipstick right?

makeup revolution haul 2

Lipsticks are:
Top L-R: “Divine”, “Beloved”, “Dare”, “Bliss”, “Dazzle”.
Bottom L-R: “Lady”, “Sweetheart”, “Encore”, “Flashing”.

And the two highlighters are: “Golden Lights” (top) and “Peach Lights” (bottom).

I think I need to put myself on a makeup ban!
Have you tried any of these before ladies?
Love Steph x


Another day, another reason to shop…

Today I passed the 2nd level of Dermalogica’s training, which means I can start the 3rd (aka EXPERT) level training after summer. I am so so excited, it means I will be considered one of the highest Dermalogica trained therapist’s in Malta. I can’t wait for the new chemical peel system to be launched in November… It’s already getting amazing results over the pond in America.

To celebrate I thought I would treat myself to some new make up brushes. I’ve wanted to invest in some new ones for a while now and today it was like I had a neon flashing sign sending me a message, first I went to check out “The Little Scottish Corner” and there was a Real Technique’s review, the next blog I clicked onto was “I am Cherrylemon” and there it was another review for Real Technique’s. 

I had to buy a set, or two right?

First I looked at the Core Collection, then I looked at the Starter Kit

I decided I needed both set’s in my life…

Starter Set

Base shadow brush: applies a smooth, flawless foundation of colour.
Deluxe crease brush: soft, oversized design for effortless contouring.
Accent brush: for precision detailing, highlighting and smudging.
Fine liner brush: for precision application of liquid of cream eyeliner.
Brow brush: distinctive shape easily defines eyebrows.

Core Collection

Detailer brush: precision cut to effortlessly conceal problem areas; or, use with lipstick for long-lasting shape and definition.
Pointed foundation brush: Use with liquid foundation to build custom coverage.
Buffing brush: ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation.
Contour brush: delicately applies highlighter to contour or create sheer, soft-focus finish.

I am excited to see how they perform, I have read so many rave reviews that my expectations are set up pretty high. Even though the set’s are not really expensive with shipping it was a little more than 30e for both.

Have you got any of the Real Technique’s brushes?
What do you think I made the right choices?
Love Steph x