So many of you might have seen the Facebook announcement that Matalan is coming. I have known a couple of weeks now when I popped into BHS to check out the last few sale items. The shop was half open and they were renewing the sections.

In the Home section I spied Matalan brand products, and it was confirmed by staff that indeed the shop was changing. I am very excited to see whats new and here is a sneak peek of some photos of the collections which were arriving:


The new items are definitely more fashion forward. The prices are brilliant I can see myself spending a lot of cash here. For example the bed sets start from about 25 euro, I think price wise are the best on the island. I love the cute animal candles, the signs an the pillows! I am looking forward to seeing the shop fully stocked.

I really enjoyed shopping in BHS so I am glad that they are not closing the brand completely and are keeping the Valletta shop so I can still get my fix. 

Bye bye BHS Sliema! Hello Matalan!
Love Steph x




I am always searching for something to make my house look more like a home, whether its online or in the shops. This week I passed by ZARA HOME’s new outlet at Pama Shopping Mall. If you love Zara go and check out the store its beautiful. 


How incredible are the marble style vases? I also love the sparkling table mats.


Are you a skull fan? I find it fun and quirky but the style is not really me. Loving the dark Martini glasses. 


My dishes are all white, while it might be a bit boring to some I find it practical and timeless. Plus if one breaks its also easier to replace. I would definitely rather add pops of colour to my table with flowers, candles, or with linens.

I like the mirror trend thats going on with furnishings at the moment. Those jewellery boxes are stunning. 


My house is very monocromatic, my walls are white, kitchen and doors are an espresso colour. A rich black brown. My furniture is also mainly white. We have silver accents. So this all appeals to me. Slowly I will start introducing pops of colour and if you havent guessed it im obsessed with lots of greys. 


I find these citrus colours so fun, especially for summer. They can really brighten up the kitchen and work perfectly within the bathrooms. My style is much more muted overall, but I love the glass displays. We were given some Mdina Glass items for our wedding and they make a great touch and cheer up a room.

As I mentioned earlier we have silver accents, so this display is sooo me. I love the bathroom soap dispensers. I bought mine somewhere else but they are actually very similar to these. Would you put shells/corals in your bathroom? 


I like the leaf print candle. I bought some gorgeous plants today I will post about them a bit later 🙂 


You can’t go wrong with white. Crisp and clean always.


Coral and gold go so well together. Beach lux, when I see these colours it makes me want to buy a gozo summer home, peacefully overlooking the sea.


Those silver crackle vases! They are a total must have. I also didn’t realise until I looked closely at this photo that there is a glass mirror bottom tray. I have been looking online for months for one. How did I not see it in the store??? That’s it this weekend I need to go to Zara again!



I LOOOVE those light barely tinted blue tumblers.


Please don’t blame me for any damage that will be done to your credit cards as a result of this post.
Love Steph x


I started this blog as a twenty something, and here I am in a whole new bracket. My life has changed so much in the past few months that it’s some times hard for me to keep up. I am officially 30! Woah where did the time go? It really doesn’t feel so long ago that I was being a typical rebellious teenager and that was half my lifetime away!

I wanted to keep it simple this year since the Malta Marathon was also on the same day as my birthday. I knew it would be chaos with roads closed, diversions and people everywhere. So I invited a group of about 25 to the house for some platters and a lot of bubbles.

We had Strawberry Aperol Spritzers & Limoncello Spritzers. Copious amounts of Prosecco, Champagne and Wine. I forgot to cook half the party food I bought after a few drinks! But it was such a blast. I had the most wonderful red velvet and buttercream cake made, it really was delicious! It was custom made with the logo Chanel No.30 by Nathalie Curtis. If you live in Malta and need something made check out her creations Cute Sweet Treats.

Processed with VSCO

Spritzers & Platters

Processed with VSCO

Chanel no.30 cake

Quite a lot has been done since I last posted decor wise. I managed to find a company to custom make my curtains. Simple, fresh and clean looking. The company that did them were wonderful they took care of everything from sewing to installation and you can find them on facebook too! Frills Curtains & More.

Processed with VSCO

White Linen & Olive tree.

We finally fitted our kitchens worktop, the last few months we have been making do with a tetras game of carefully slotted ceramic tiles. When we had ordered the kitchen I had ordered it without a worktop thinking id manage to get a quote for a quartz top.

However, my budget was cut short by a surprise expense (which has been a common theme during the process – haha ). So I decided to do a postform worktop until we can save for the quartz. The carpenter had an injury and a backlog (also very normal) and so it took us ages to fit the postform.

Finally it looks like a real kitchen now! I still want to do a quartz top but I figure this will buy me some time while I move onto other areas of the house. I also want to do the subway tiles and the quartz together. Look how pretty ❤ my little house is becoming a home…

Bit by bit the house is really starting to take shape. Next step insect nets & starting on the bedroom…

Work wise things are good, and I was invited to a few blog events recently. I will be working on the posts soon. I also have some amazing products to review. So watch this space!

Oh and btw I have a new hair colour!
Love Steph x



In a mission impossible style, I managed to sort out my most used products onto my desk, and into the draws. I like to think of this chapter as #OperationGlam.

Please note that the products for my clients are in a travel suitcase since it’s always on the go, but when home lives under my desk, but close enough.

glam desk.jpg

My desk slots in under the window but just before where the door to the back garden starts, so it has quite good lighting.

It’s amaazing not having to share it anymore, when my partner used to sleep over he would take up nearly all the space with his laptop, and my poor lipglosses would be pushed aside or lost under wires. Having a gamer bf also meant stupid fights for example “I want to do my dailies” VS “I need to do my hair/makeup“… when ever we needed to leave the house.

Now his happy in his man cave, and I am basically organising the rest of the house 🙂

Eventually id like to change my vanity corner to something more modern, I have seen some awesome photos on Pinterest.

But you know what they say, good things come to those who wait.
Are you ladies planning any diy glam renovations for the coming year?
I would love to hear about it!

Big kisses
Steph x


Hey you, remember me? The blogger lost in home works…
It’s been about a month and half since my last post, things now are really picking up and falling into place…

My front and back terraces are tiled, the skirting is being placed throughout the home, my bathrooms are all tiled and I am just waiting for the sanitary wares to be installed, I am waiting for the internal doors, and the external windows/doors.

front terrace before and after back terrace main bathroom progress main bedroom ensuite progress games bathroom

It’s less of a dusty concrete mess and I am finally starting to see a home when I am visiting. Each passing week I see it changing, developing. I am finally seeing the end of the construction stage. I cant wait for the sitting in my kitchen with a glass of wine stage!

I am upset that I am absent from the blogging world, truth be told I stopped reading my favourite blogs because it makes me sad… I don’t have the time to write and comment and follow. I wish I did, it’s hard to juggle and I feel like if make the effort to follow a couple then I am missing out on the rest. How can you choose one blog over another when I have so many talented blogs on my list!

I am trying to be more social, and I made a promise to pick up my instagram game: Click here to follow me… Hoping to be full force back in the next few weeks…

Until the next post!
Steph x