Monday blues…

Today I had a shoot set with Pavli for her upcoming magazine issue.

The clothing was a collaboration between Pavli and Martina Spiteri a local and extremely talented designer who goes by the name Celeste. Its a  fun collection with a pop art theme and bold bright colours.

When Pavli asked me to do the make up for today’s shoot and I asked what theme she told me she wanted to keep it fresh. Looking at a few magazines over the weekend I got hit by the colour Blue.

So today when Pavli asked me what colour I had chosen there was no question I needed to add a pop of colour and blue was the exact way I wanted to do it. One of the things I really love about working with Pavli is that she trusts my ability and colour choices. I know that blue can sound shocking to most people and the colours I had on the table was bright.

I mixed up hues of gold and blue, using a summer edition palette from Estee Lauder and a colour from Loreal, and some of my favourite make up essentials…

blue makeup

Here is some of the behind the scenes photos! I cant wait to see the finished results…

The Team:

Make up: Steph Lauri
Hair : Pat Bugeja – Goldwell
Styling: Pavli Medvedova – Pavlistyle
Clothing: Celeste with Pavlistyle
Photography: Karl Cutajar – Lama Photography

I would like to say a huge thank you to all of the above not only for the hard work but including me in the team.

Products used:

Foundation: Clinique Even better 04
powder: Clinique Blended 20
Bronzer: Guerlain Terracotta
Eyeshadow: Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Sand & Sea Palette, Loreal Colour Infallible 018 blue curacao, I used a little from YSL ombre 5 lumieres 03 to highlight
Brows: Estee Lauder brow duo 02
Concealer: Estee Lauder Doublewear 01
Blush: Estee Lauder Bronze goddess sunblush illuminator
Lipgloss: Clarins
Mascara: models own



A few weeks back I did a shoot with an amazing team for PavliMagazine issue 5. 

I am so happy that the issue was launched. You should definitely check it out on .

There are some really interesting articles, one from fellow bloggers All Things Fabulous. There is an interview with an awesome new photographer, and of course a trend article written by me. Today I will share with you the pictures from one of the two shoots I have featured.



Photography –  Lama Photography – Karl Cutajar
Makeup artist – Steph Lauri –
Stylist – Pavli Medvedova – Pavli The Stylist
Hair Stylist – Clinton Chetcuti – Vigorous – power to your hair
Models – Francesca | Orsika | Marthese – SOMANAGEMENT.EU
Photography Assistant – David Mansfield


I am in love with the pictures. There is more  “behind the scenes” and on the magazine. I want to say a big thank you to all the team, the models are so talented and a pleasure to work with. Clinton is a master hairstylist and of course the effort from photographer’s Karl and David. But the biggest thank you goes to Pavli for all the hard work organising the Magazine.

Street Style: 03/5/13: Stop the press.

Hey guys 🙂

Today is the opening of the 3rd Malta Fashion Week, which will continue until the 11th. Yesterday I was able to attend the press conference, sponsored by Vodafone, Mercedes-Benz and The Baystreet complex.

I loved catching up with some of the island’s most fashionable whilst waiting for the press conference to start.

Style Section: Marisa Grima

I really liked the outfit that Marisa was wearing. She Always looks so cool and comfortable yet smart. I adore the Floral Blazer and check out those awesome boots!!

Marisa is wearing:

Blazer – From Zara.
Denim shirt, jeans & belt – From Stradivarius. 
Necklace- From Zara.
Boots- From River Island.

After all the socialising the conference started…

MFW press 2013

Over the last 15 years Adrian Mizzi (who is the executive producer) has worked hard with his team to bring Malta’s fashion industry to a competitive level.

This year Mr Mizzi proudly told us how even though only in it’s 3rd year that Brands invited for Malta Fashion Week opened their businesses in Malta, guests even brought property and we managed to bring over to our shores media, designers, and stylists from at least 15 different countries for the first time.” This is an amazing feat for Malta bringing in and generating investment. Mr Mizzi then told us “This year we had a much bigger interest for foreign participation from a diverse range of countries from Sweden to Nigeria” I am so excited to see the international designers show which will be held on the 10th May!

Last year I had featured on two displays for MFW in Valletta, Its a beautiful display that you have to go see. I am sure this year will be spectacular. This picture was taken by the fantastic photographer Karl Cutujar.

There are lots of shows that I am excited to see:

Mon 6th: Charles and Ron:  Having spoken to Ron recently I am really ecstatic to see this collection. I am sure it will impress and is one not to be missed. Charles & Ron designs are for women who not only love fashion, but also have a passion for life; confident women who like to be noticed’. The C&R collections are inspired by ‘Silver Screen Hollywood Glamour’ and have a distinct Mediterranean influence.

Wed 8th: New Designers: I think this is one of the shows I look forward to seeing the most as it boasts the collection of new and upcoming local talents. I am really looking forward to see the collection by Martina Spiteri for her brand Celeste in collaboration with Pavlistyle. I was with Pavli soon after she picked up the fabric and I can tell this is going to be a cool collection!

Thurs 9th: Fersani: Fersani is a new brand created in 2011 but has received tons of recognition. Every design is a reflection and recreation of elements found in our natural surroundings. Mary Grace’s inspiration lies in the beauty that she finds around her – the colours, the patterns, the textures and the energy.

Fri 10th: International Designers: I cant wait to see the collections on this show. I am sure it will be intriguing to see creations from international talents. When I had gone to the Runway shows I loved seeing the brilliance and creativity that the show brings. I am sure that MFW will be equally impressive. There is nothing better than seeing the energy of a designers clothing brought to life on the catwalk.

Sat 11th: The awards show: This is one I def cant miss! With so much talent on this small island its tough competition and I  cant wait to see who wins which categories! I wish them all the best of luck.

Which shows are you excited about?

BTS: Malin & Rodrigo for PavliMagazine

On the 11th March whilst the island of Malta was celebrating a political change…

Myself, Pavli, Karl Cutajar, Clinton Chetcuti and two talented models from SO Management was shooting for Issue 05. We were unlucky with the weather as in the morning it was raining but we still managed to get some really amazing shots for the magazine.

These are some of the sneak peaks and behind the scenes.


Le Soleil D’or – Sundays Shoot

With Karl Cutajar, PavliStyle, Clinton Chetcuti and three stunning models from SO MANAGEMENT

The inspiration:

pureThe latest influx of achromatic styles are a breath of fresh air. I was inspired by fresh crisp whites by DKNY combined with fluid textures. I felt like I needed to shoot something that was pure and equally fresh.

I spoke to Pavli and we immediately started planning on how to make it work. It was her idea to use three models and that we should use each to represent a different kind of woman. With regards to make up I wanted to keep them feeling soft fresh and feminine while still emphasising each girls different personality and attitude. Each girl was styled differently yet we kept a uniformed appearance.

Clinton did a wonderful job on hair also adding to the personality and style of each girls unique personality.

Karl has just released a short fashion video for the shoot…

Video –  Lama Photography – Karl Cutajar
Makeup artist – Steph Lauri –
Stylist – Pavli Medvedova – Pavli The Stylist
Hair Stylist – Clinton Chetcuti – Vigorous – power to your hair
Models – Francesca | Orsika | Marthese – SOMANAGEMENT.EU
Photography Assistant – David Mansfield

Here are some of the behind the scenes which I took…

While shooting David Mansfield was shooting the behinds the scene imagery which together with the final pics will be featured in PavliMagazine issue 05! I cant wait to see the final version!!!