Mani #26: Sweet Like Candy

Happy Wednesday guys! I hope that the day treated you well and you have lovely plans for Easter. I am so excited that we have Friday off.

As you may know I am crushing over my new Dior “Wonderland” nail polish but I have been wearing coral tones on and off for a few weeks now (as I was wearing “Cute As A Button” two weeks before) and needed to something fresh to look at.

I decided that the best way to do so is add in a contrasting colour on an accent nail. So I used Lcn 326  “Colour Me Up“.

The effect reminds me of candy colours…
Which since its practically Easter seems fitting.

What I love about LCN’s 326 is the flecks of shimmer I don’t think you can see it so well on camera but it’s a subtle golden/fuchsia shimmer which I think matches perfectly against Diors 575.

This mani makes me so happy ❤

Are you ladies rocking any candy colours? or Easter nail art?
Link me i’d love to see them.

Love Steph x




Mani otd #19: Royal Obsession

Purple is such a decadent colour, luxurious and indulgent…
What I love about this shade of purple as it has light flecks of gold, so I thought pairing it with a gold accent nail would really set off the colour.

Unfortunately the camera really doesn’t do the purple justice, the flecks are really hard to see in the photos.

I used:
Lcn base coat.
Max factor colour effect gold – Full review here.
Lcn 326 –  Colour Me Up.
Mavala topcoat – Colorfix.

 I am already noticing that my client’s are longing for the brighter spring colours, on the other hand I’m still lusting over the rich deep tones of winter. Another month or so and you will start seeing the bright blues and pinks and perhaps even corals… hehe 

What tones are you obsessing over at the moment?
Love Steph x


Mani otd #16: When in doubt wear red…

I am totally obsessed with red <nails>…

 Red can be classical sexy and sophisticated yet the wrong shade can transform even the most beautiful into tacky and trashy. Finding the “Right” red is like looking for that little black dress. When you find the right shade whether it’s a nail polish, a lipstick or an item for your wardrobe snap it up!

Red is a power colour!

Bold, daring and passionate they say that its stimulating and gives courage. I know I feel sexy when I wear red! I think it is the perfect “pick me up” colour to wear as well as it gives such a boost.

This is one of my favourite’s it’s called HotChilli by LCN. I posted about it before when my nails was shorter and square but since they are now a little longer and rounded the style looks very different. I have to admit I prefer the rounded shape and I am still crazy for this colour!!

This is the longest my nails have been in a while. I normally keep them super short because of work (I cut them right down about once a month) yet this shape hasn’t interfered with my work. I feel comfortable to perform a facial or massage without scratching my client’s and I keep my nails obsessively clean.

There is nothing I hate more than dirty nails!

Do you have a favourite red? please share it in a comment!!

Love Steph x

Fighting Fungus… Mykosept Products.

Hello Ladies.

Today I want to talk about a really serious issue… FUNGUS… This can be either finger or toe nails….

This is not the nicest of subjects, and I know a lot of you might shy away from the subject. However it’s important to know how to treat since fungus is soo easy to get (It accounts for about 50% of nail problems), especially in the toes.

It is estimated that between 6 to 8 percent of the population will have nail fungus!

What causes fungus?

  • A family history of fungal infection (genetics)
  • Heavy perspiration
  • Humid or moist work environment
  • Wearing socks and shoes that prevent ventilation
  • Walking barefoot in damp public places (swimming pools, gyms and shower rooms)
  • Previous injury or infection to the skin or nail
  • Diabetes, AIDS, circulation problems, a weakened immune system
  • Tight footwear with crowding of toes
  • Exercise that causes repeated minor trauma to the hyponychium (where the finger tip attaches to the nail)
  • Dirty tools, keep files and all tools clean! Disinfect before and after use.

I will skip the pictures, and show you how to treat… 🙂

I am so happy to be launching Mykosept, it’s a part of the LCN brand and it’s really effective for treating fungal issues. It is important that you follow the maintenance routine to see results. Skipping applications will just prolong the treatment and cost you more time and money!

mykosept plusMykosept Plus is a clear polish with anti-fungal properties, for use on the finger and toe nails. It’s special AM factor contains the patented ingredient Piroctone, to treat and prevent nail mycosis. To prevent cross infection avoid sharing this product. The set includes Mykosept Plus 3ml (should last about one month per bottle), two files (to shape the nail) and a buffer (used to gently buff off the residue before re application).

The way to use this product is by applying an amount to the nail EVERY DAY.

mykosept spray

Mykosept Spray cares and protects against external influences with ingredients Bisabolol and Panthenol which protects against mycosis and bacterial infections. Apply Mykosept to the nails and between the toes. This product needs to be applied under the nail 3x a day in order to see results.

Where can you buy Mykosept Products?

This is a product sold by professionals in spas and salons. If you are based in Malta you can buy it from Melita Skin and Beauty Clinic or Melita Pharmacy in St. Julian’s, for other localities in Malta you can contact Sue Caruana whose the importer via Beauty Inc.  People don’t suffer in silence it will only get worse and worse, when treatment is so simple… I really hope this post will help you! Especially if you have been battling against fungus for a long time!

Love Steph x

Product Review: LCN urea foot care range.

Summer is here and its taking its toll on our skin…

One thing I notice from working in a salon is how fast our skin can dry up and crack. Home care is the MOST important part of looking after our skin. I also know how busy us women are, we have no time and we need results fast.

Today im going to review two fantastic products from LCN…

lcn urea

For ladies who want it all and want it fast there is the urea 10% foot spray. This product is fast acting just a few pumps onto the affected area and immediately you will start to feel the skin coated in a light hydrating film.
The product has a delicate scent which you wont find over powering. The best thing is its not sticky at all.

I think this is the ideal product for prevention, it doesn’t leave a heavy residue on the skin which in summer is really important. I would recommend using this product twice a day. A quick application in the morning just before putting on our flip flops and an application before going to bed. The reason for this is because our feet will be open to the elements during the day and that extra hydration and vitamins (from jojoba oil and provitaminb5) will help to protect.

It’s also a great product to take to the beach with you as after swimming salt and chlorine could really dry up our skin. 

For the girls and guys whose feet are badly cracked and dry, then a more intensive product is needed. In that case I would recommend using a balm such as the Urea 40% chapped skin cream. It’s perfect for people with rough calloused dry skin. Even though the product is labelled as a cream its intensely rich. Its texture is smooth and silky a little amount of product goes a very long way and its fast absorbing into the skin.

Even though its a heavy weight I wouldn’t describe this product as greasy. Although I think if you was to apply to much it would leave your feet slipping in your shoes, so remember less is more!
I would recommend this product more for night use and combined with the spray in the day for a fantastic result.

What products do you use to keep your skin baby soft?

Steph x