I started this blog as a twenty something, and here I am in a whole new bracket. My life has changed so much in the past few months that it’s some times hard for me to keep up. I am officially 30! Woah where did the time go? It really doesn’t feel so long ago that I was being a typical rebellious teenager and that was half my lifetime away!

I wanted to keep it simple this year since the Malta Marathon was also on the same day as my birthday. I knew it would be chaos with roads closed, diversions and people everywhere. So I invited a group of about 25 to the house for some platters and a lot of bubbles.

We had Strawberry Aperol Spritzers & Limoncello Spritzers. Copious amounts of Prosecco, Champagne and Wine. I forgot to cook half the party food I bought after a few drinks! But it was such a blast. I had the most wonderful red velvet and buttercream cake made, it really was delicious! It was custom made with the logo Chanel No.30 by Nathalie Curtis. If you live in Malta and need something made check out her creations Cute Sweet Treats.

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Spritzers & Platters

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Chanel no.30 cake

Quite a lot has been done since I last posted decor wise. I managed to find a company to custom make my curtains. Simple, fresh and clean looking. The company that did them were wonderful they took care of everything from sewing to installation and you can find them on facebook too! Frills Curtains & More.

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White Linen & Olive tree.

We finally fitted our kitchens worktop, the last few months we have been making do with a tetras game of carefully slotted ceramic tiles. When we had ordered the kitchen I had ordered it without a worktop thinking id manage to get a quote for a quartz top.

However, my budget was cut short by a surprise expense (which has been a common theme during the process – haha ). So I decided to do a postform worktop until we can save for the quartz. The carpenter had an injury and a backlog (also very normal) and so it took us ages to fit the postform.

Finally it looks like a real kitchen now! I still want to do a quartz top but I figure this will buy me some time while I move onto other areas of the house. I also want to do the subway tiles and the quartz together. Look how pretty ❤ my little house is becoming a home…

Bit by bit the house is really starting to take shape. Next step insect nets & starting on the bedroom…

Work wise things are good, and I was invited to a few blog events recently. I will be working on the posts soon. I also have some amazing products to review. So watch this space!

Oh and btw I have a new hair colour!
Love Steph x




Happy Easter to you all!

I hope however you guys are celebrating this long weekend it’s a wonderful one. May you all have lots of pretty chocolates and enjoy time with your families and loved ones. Here are some super cute Easter themed photos.

How are you beauties spending the holidays?
Today I am relaxed at home about to put on a face mask, and Sunday my cousin is cooking lunch. I cant wait! The bf has an adventure in store for me tomorrow, so here’s hoping for nice weather!

This year is totally flying by… Cant believe Spring is here and Summer is fast approaching. As soon as this weekends over I really need to be more strict and re start my diet. Since March 2014 I have lost almost 10 kilos (10 on a good day 7 on a bad one – I seem to yo yo) I want to try to bring my weight down by another 10 kilos. I can do it!! My partners been so supportive and his also been on a weigh loss mission, his lost 13 kilos so far…

The difference a year makes!

This blog has given me so much strength, motivation, and courage. I truly miss having the time to write more frequently, but that will soon all be over and the next chapters on it’s way!

With the house things are going very well and extremely fast now, the kitchen (all except worktop and tiles), bathroom, and internal doors are ordered. Next up on my check list is the water and electricity meters, and sorting out the life and home insurances. Almost ready! 2 months down, 2 (ish) more to go!!! and then its prepping for the big move!

Love Steph x


So quite a bit to update all you beauties on 🙂

Firstly I am now an aunty, my sister had a baby boy! So that’s rather cool.
Aunty Steph hehe.

Secondly I am off to the uk next month for a week for training for CACI ULTRA. It’s a machine we had upgraded in the salon in March and I have been wanting to go up to train for a really long time. It has a million functions but it’s most famous for lifting and toning both face and body, and is excellent for skin rejuvenation. So it should be a big hit with my clients afterall if it’s good enough for JLO…


Thirdly I have lost 5 kilos so my confidence is super high right now, I feel great and its nice to see people who I havent seen in a while and be told how good im looking. ❤ Here’s to dropping just that little bit more hehe

Alot is going on in my personal life, and my professional life is manic.
I’m in a good place and things are progressing, there is so much to think about I have been using Pinterest again recently… which you can follow me HERE.

Bedrooms, and bathrooms and kitchens… oh my! then of course wedding inspo, which is hand in hand with honeymoon inspo.. Anyone want to sponsor this blogger a trip to FIJI?

I managed to paint my nails for the first time in months this week! I just love this colour it’s so freaking sexy…  It’s sans topcoat but still with a beautiful shine… and PS these essie instant dry drops have literally just changed my life, I will write up a full review soon for you I promise…

fifth avenue essie

The colour is “Fifth Avenue” also by Essie and I love this beautiful spicy red. I am ecstatic that they finally hit Maltese shores. I have 6 amazing colours now to swatch and share with you, so keep an eye out 😉

This weekend I was invited to a wedding, they had a really cool super hero theme. So here I am (in the gold dress) catching up with these amazing girls…

wedding fun

So yep, thats just a quick update with my so called life…
Love Steph x

Monday Muse #10

Since Easter is over this is the “Healthy Edition”.

Easter has passed, and soon all those chocolate treats will be far from temptation, I dunno about you guys but I have zero willpower. If I know it’s there I want it, it’s much easier not to have it near than have a stash hidden.


Drink more water
Eat more fruits / veg
Walk more to / from work
Be more aware of what I am eating / drinking
Basically detox and start being more healthy, occasional treats should be that “occasional

I am seriously loving the retro pin up bathing suits, and these pretty colour combos it’s all about yellows, oranges, corals, pinks and reds right?
Love Steph x

30 Before Thirty

They say 3 is the magic number…

I saw this on another blog (RestoredStyle) and decided that with three years left until the big three-zero that is Thirty, this post would be a good motivator. They say to write down the things you want, so here goes…


One – Buy a Property.

I think this is the biggest and most important goal for me. I want to be in the position to own a place to call my own before I reach 30. Sometimes I wonder if I made the right choices? I have worked hard to put myself through school (privately) and become a self employed beauty therapist. In the 7 years that I have been living in Malta (5 years spent studying) I have done 7 diplomas. Education is something so important to me and I will always want to always better myself…
Although, I cant help but have days when I think to myself “If I saved the money I spent on education on a place I would feel more secure”. Then again not many 23 year old’s start their own business. With a little careful planning I know I will have the place of my dreams.

Two – Travel More.

I was tempted to write down names of places however that would take most of my 30 goal’s up. I have the travel bug, last year I managed to go abroad four times (London, Sicily, Cyprus and Amsterdam) I know if I want to complete goal number ONE this is something that I will need to cut back on. I have agreed (with myself) that I am allowed working holidays. Next year is my lucky birthday and I know there are a few cities I would love to spend it in…

Three – Get my Citizenship.

I have a love/ hate relationship with regards to this goal. It is extremely difficult to acquire citizenship in Malta. It can be done but it is a tedious process (with lot’s of paper work) which for me has always been a little too much of a challenge. This is a country I live in, pay tax in and I want to be a citizen. I have decided I have to sort this goal out 🙂

Four – Walk the Marathon.

This goal I adopted in Jan of this year, the marathon was being held in Feb. I signed up with enthusiasm and started to train but quickly lost motivation. 21 kilometre’s is a daunting task to some one that isn’t exactly the most healthy… This bring’s me to Five.

Five – Get Healthy.

Well this is on almost all resolutions for most of human kind – This time I’m serious! Okay! Must buy a new gym kit, and join a new gym.  I just want to be the best possible me and that means the healthiest version.

Six – Learn to Drive.

Yes it’s shocking I know. This is a management issue. (When I had the money I haven’t had the time, and when I’ve had the time I haven’t had any money.) Team this with the idea that (in London) when I was 17 the cost of driving lesson’s was 25 sterling an hour and it was always a better idea to spend it on new items of clothing. Then when I moved to Malta I decided to work full time, study full time and cram in as much as a social life as possible… I never really needed to learn… I still don’t want to buy a car until after goal number ONE but I do want to get my licence sorted.

Seven – Learn a Language.

When I first moved to Malta I took a intensive course in Maltese (180 hours in two short months) it left me brain fried & most of the words that I was taught I forgot. Having said that I do understand quite a bit as well. I would really love to learn Italian. I think that would also hep me to understand Maltese better.

Eight – Read More…

I have always enjoyed reading, I am a book worm and I am proud of that. I like to read Jilly Cooper style book’s full of love, lust, cheating and back stabbing twists. I am also the type of person who start’s a book and will not stop until finished. I have been known to hang up phone conversations to finish chapters.
I am not the best writers. My grammar is bad and my spelling is worse (Thank god for spell check) reading and writing helps me to improve these skills. I always believed I am dyslexic but I never took the test’s to prove it.  I was always scared to blog because I thought that the things I write would come across badly… I didn’t want to be afraid of what people think anymore, this is for me.

Nine – Learn to Cook.

The past year I have dabbled in the kitchen a little, I have even made some meals for my bf and his mother from scratch! I still have a very long way to go…

Ten – Something ridiculously expensive that I bought for myself. Just because I deserve it.

Eleven – Ride a Horse.

I did this a couple of times in school when I was very young. It is on my to do list 100% I have two amazing friends Nicole and Gina who are the go to women about horses. I think once the weather is a little better I will make the effort to go. I might even ask my cousin and her daughter to join me.

Twelve – Go Diving.

I have friend’s who dive and one whose family own a diving school. This is something I would love to do. I have to over come the fear of looking like a whale in a wetsuit… She keeps telling me they are actually very slimming. I must do a lesson though!

Thirteen – Get completely Debt free.

Whilst studying I took out a small loan, it is due to finish automatically before I turn 30 but I want to try and pay it off quicker 🙂 A mortgage doesn’t count that’s an investment.

Fourteen – Try Skiing 

I have never gone skiing, my partner is quite adventurous, and he has never seen snow falling so this would be a great experience for us both. Last year when we was in Sicily we went up Mount Etna and he was able to feel the snow that was settled. I think it would be magical for him to see it falling.

Fifteen – Learn to pole dance. It’s fun and sexy.

Sixteen – Watch a Broadway Show.

I always wanted to take my cousin to London with me. Since she met her partner, got married had her baby, going away together hasn’t really been much on the plan. But I would like for us to go away together just us. For one long weekend and watch something on Broadway. We have 3 years to do this!!

Seventeen – Learn to make one wicked Cocktail!

So that when it comes to entertaining guest’s I would have the perfect signature cocktail. My older sister Natasha is really good at this one… I must get her to teach me something when I next visit her.

Eighteen – Ride in a hot air balloon.

Even though I am scared of height’s this has to be on my list. I never had a problem flying but I think that is because I felt secure. I am sure a big basket attached to a balloon is secure as well? Right… 🙂

Nineteen – Attend a fashion show.

This one I kind of did already… I went to all three Runway’s in Malta. I got to see beautiful collections (worn by some of my best friends – and the most amazing models) by Hasan Hejazi, William Wilde, and Eleanor Amoroso. I would like to see a fashion show in one of the major cities.

Twenty – Try Yoga.

When I was younger, I tried to teach myself yoga from a book whilst my best friend tried to learn from a dvd. It didn’t really help and I ended up hurting myself trying to do a head stand against  the door. I want to take a class with a real teacher!

 Twenty One – Donate Blood.

I have a big fear of hospitals. Needles don’t actually scare me, but when I give blood I faint. Happen’s every single time. I have never had problems with receiving vaccinations. I guess it is to do with my blood pressure (It was always low, but now seems to be normal). What ever the reason, I have seen the blood drive’s and I have always been alone when I saw them. I would like to find out my blood type as well.

Twenty Two – Become a better Photographer.

This is a goal I am working on. Mainly for the blog. I have decided that I want to buy a camera. The last one I owned was disposable and I was about 16? I use my phone for everything.

Twenty Three – Buy a better Phone

I have my eye on the Samsung S3. I know the S4 is soon going to be released… I dunno if it will be worth waiting or not. I need a new phone soon so I think it comes down to which is more affordable. I hope to know by next week. 🙂

Twenty Four – Go Wine Tasting.

This has been on my list the last few months… There is a great Maltese vineyard called Meridiana. They produce my favourite bottle of wine ISIS. I would love to organise a group for wine tasting.

Twenty Six – Learn to make Sushi

I had tried this once before. I need to perfect the rice but my rolling skill wasn’t so bad. Must try this again. Or better still take Sushi lessons ( I know I wrote cooking lessons for number NINE, This still deserves a spot because me and my partner are huge sushi fans)

Twenty Seven – Look after a Plant.

My mother would be proud. She is a keen gardener and in my life I only ever had a Cactus. It is still at my mother’s house 1,200 miles away from where I live. I used to water a friends plant’s while she travelled. I think I did a good job… 🙂 I want to have a pretty flowers.


 Twenty Eight – Be Grateful. 

I saw this on Pinterest… I didn’t start one this year, but I will be preprepared for next…
I did start a Memory jar for 2013 which I need to add more memories too. I need to stop being so busy and have more time for the simple things.

Twenty Nine – Try Go Karting. I have never done this and I am sure it will be lot’s of fun.

Thirty – Celebrate the last day of my 20’s in style.

Im not sure exactly how yet… (and my 28th is my lucky birthday) So maybe this should be about Celebrating all birthdays in style… What ever I plan on, I know that I will be surrounded by the people who mean the most to me.

I might not accomplish them all, but maybe I will be able to look back on this list in 3 years and smile at the memory of a fabulous decade!