Stepping into spring sees the return of brighter colours, and nothing is more perfect than this pretty tomato creme from the Gelish “A Very Nauti-cal Girl” collection. 


My client wanted something that was classic and fun, since she wears reds frequently we chose this shade as it has an orange undertone. 


I am so looking forward to seeing my clients transition into bright bolder colours.
Love Steph x




Hey, Twirlfriend!

Isn’t it the coolest name? This Gelish is from “The Great ICE Scape” Winter 2016 Collection. It’s a warm nude cream, which reminds me a little of “Do I Look Buff?” which is a cooler tone. 

Nudes are brilliant because they don’t show as much re growth but at the same time can be a little boring. So we spiced this set up with some black polka dots.


Super cute!

I really like that the dot’s on her accent nails made this mani pop.
Love Steph x


I love having a more subtle colour on my nails, especially when they are kept short. Gelish’s “I Orchid You Not” from the Spring 2016 Botanical Awakening collection is the perfect taupe shade. It has a lavender undertone and a cream texture, in some lights it borders on a grey.



Excuse my hands, they are on the dry side at the moment with this horrid cold weather. I am applying hand cream non stop but it really doesn’t seem to make a difference. 

There is nothing better than a fresh set of nails!
Love Steph x


I adore this beautiful shimmering bronze colour from Gelish’s “The Great Ice-Scape” Winter 2016 collection. I love that they added a beautiful rich copper tone to the collection especially for the clients who are fed up with Christmas reds and winter blues.  

“Ice Queen Anyone?”


It’s such a shame the camera just doesn’t do this shade justice. Note to self I must buy a camera and not use my phone. Having said that it might make a few clients shy if I whip out a canon to take photos of their nails.

I don’t cut my clients cuticles (Unless they are really long and scraggly), I use a LCN treatment to push back and a cotton bud to remove any excess cuticle stuck to the nail. After a few treatments you start to notice that the cuticles grow less thick. Nothing is nicer than neatly manicured nails.

*Pro tip* Always keep a nourishing nail oil by your bed, before you sleep just rub on your finger tips around the cuticle area. This will stop them getting dry and since you are sleeping it gives a full (hopefully) 8 hours to penetrate. Plus under the cuticle is where the magic happens so you will start to produce stronger less brittle nails.


Is this a colour that you would wear? I definitely would! I think the colour is actually quite subtle and easy to wear despite that it’s a shimmer. I also think that it would be beautiful on most skintypes. 

Love Steph x


I absolutely love this set I did today using Gelish “Ice Skate, You Skate, We All Skate” topped with geometric gold print using one of my Bundle Monster Plates “BM 414” and Konad Gold Stamping Polish.

gelish Ice Skate, You Skate, We All Skate with gold print

The dark green and gold mixture paired together is stunning. At first I wasn’t sure how it would look stamped over all of my clients nails, but I actually really like the overall effect. I love that although they are all made using the same stamp they are unique and individual.


What do you think? Would you wear these colours in this style?
Love Steph x