I have this beautiful shade from Mavala number 246 “Black Cherry”…
Which I just adore! 

When I first applied this colour to my nails I got a shock by how dark it was out of the bottle, 2 good coats gives the polish a lovely finish. Rich, bold and vampy. It’s a beautiful autumn shade.

black cherry black cherry black cherry

But wait until you go into the sunlight…

the colour comes alive with a stunning fine red shimmer. Its deep and sexy! I love how this colour looks on my nails especially at this length. The shimmer is beautiful but very frustrating to catch on camera. I am loving this shade after a summer of brights and pastels its really a refreshing change.

Mavala polishes are fantastic they always last about 4 days on my nails.
I applied just the base, 2 layers of colour and skipped the topcoat.

Love Steph x


Mani #24: Mavala “Cyclades Blue”

After wearing a beautiful coral nail polish I felt like I wanted a contrasting colour…  Although pastels are totally on trend at the moment I am craving something just a bit brighter… The weathers hotting up I am ecstatic to be breaking out the colours.

Blue’s are one of my favourite colours to wear I am totally a Pisces!
I think it’s so cool how Mavala name their colours after locations, Cyclades is a Greek island and this does remind me of beautiful blue sea.

Hope your all having a great Wednesday!
Love Steph x



Holiday Haul

So I am finally back home, and kind of relieved to be in my own bed now. This holiday has had plenty of up’s but also some tragic downs, which kind of lead into a retail therapy mode.  So some of the cosmetics I bought are:

holidy haul

Mineralise Moisture Foundation – NC25
Mineralise Blush – GLEEFUL
Fix+ Finishing Mist
Brush – 187

Photo Finish Primer – Light

Créme Eye Liner – Noir
Lip Glacé – Daiquri

Ocho Loco2

17 – Muchi. Muchi
73 – Cute As A Button

171 – Blue Curacao
167 – Cyclades Blue

Absolute Repair Cellular – Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask

Bonacure Oil Miracle Light Finishing Treatment

I hope I’m not forgetting anything! I cant wait to review these products for you, some I have been using for a couple of weeks and some are still in the box untouched (not for long).

Love Steph x


experiment with nail colour…

Nail Polish can be a confusing choice…

With so many products on the market, and so many colours to choose from its not surprising that the average woman can end up with a box of used gloopy polishes in her possession.


This is a product no one can live without 

A few drops of Mavala Thinner will restore thickened nail polish to its correct consistency making it easier to apply in thin coats. So ladies, you can now stop trying to add acetone into your nail polish, we all know it just doesn’t work! 

Just add a few drops, turn the bottle upside down and roll between your hands. This method (opposed to shaking) will prevent air bubbles from getting trapped inside the polish. Leave the bottle to stand for 20 mins. Now you will never need to throw away a colour because it was too thick.

Choosing a colour…

I think for most women this is the hardest part, choosing a colour which suits you as well as looks fashionable. Colours are not just seasonal, they are accessories. The colour you choose represents a small slice of your personality. Nail polish is a quick way to dress up outfits. One of the things my clients are concerned about is colours that clash with the clothes they wear.

Personally I think its good to experiment with colour! Skin tone is important when choosing colours as every colour will look different once applied.  

According to New York manicurist Deborah Lippman “If your skin is dark or has golden undertones, bright, true reds look best. To make pink skin look less ruddy, use lighter orange-reds. If you’re pale, the contrast of a blue-red is striking“.


I recently came across an article about colours and it say’s about you…  

Fire-Engine Red: You’re sassy, self-assured, and not afraid to be dramatic. Bright red is a bold, look-at-me colour that is a symbol for passion, fire, and confidence. You love the spotlight, and you take charge of situations.

Hot Pink: You’re spunky and energetic. Pink is a colour that is associated specifically with women, and hot pink lets you show your spunk and spice.

Pale Pink: Painting your nails pale pink is a subtle expression. You are likely quiet, or at least you don’t want to stand out, and youthful. Pale pink is not significantly different from the colour of your nails (if you’re Caucasian), but you still want to show your soft side.

Black: Painting your nails black is a classic symbol of anti-establishment. It doesn’t mean you are depressed or going goth, but it’s a way of rebelling against the norm and showing some of the darkness in your personality.

Navy Blue: This is a colour of sophistication and authority. Wearing this colour on your nails tells people to listen up, because you’re in charge.

Aqua (Light) Blue: You’re showing the youthful and calm side of your personality when you paint your nails a light blue. Aqua is a cool colour, a nonchalant colour.

French Manicure: You are glamorous and professional. You don’t need a whole new colour; your nails look good as they are, and you simply emphasize and define yourself.

Magenta: A combination of the reds, pinks, and purples, magenta is feminine but not flashy. You are vibrant and youthful, but you don’t need to be the centre of attention at all times.

Orange: This colour is bright and vibrant, for people who want attention drawn to them. It also symbolizes autumn and the changing seasons: a time of brightness and change.

Dark Brown: A dark and rich colour, this shade of brown indicates boldness and authority. You like your nails like you like your men. Just kidding.

Maroon: Maroon is a warm colour, a combo of red and purple, retaining the authority of red and the confidence of purple. It’s a mature, sophisticated colour that, when worn on your nails, invites respect.

Coffee-Coloured: You are earthy and energetic. Tan and light brown are earth tones, cool colours that bring you closer to Mother Nature.

Green: This colour invokes images of vigour and the environment. Going “green” in your nail polish exudes earthiness and spunk.

Deep Purple: Purple is the colour of royalty. Wearing it on your nails shows you have a confident personality, and you’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Lavender: You are graceful and collected. A combination of pink and purple, lavender is feminine and confident without the youthfulness of pure pink.

Have fun with colour.
Love Steph x


Mani #21 Ice Crystals

On Wednesday I’m invited to an event by La Prairie to celebrate the launch of their latest product line. Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal.

lp ice crystals

I am really looking forward to seeing what’s new and so this weeks Mani had to be dedicated to an Ice Crystals theme.

When I saw this beautiful Sally Hansen nail polish on Friday I knew it would be perfect, and look great with a Mavala polish I already had at home.

The colours used are…
Sally Hansen: 657 Mermaid’s  Tale
Mavala: 269 Deep Blue

I used my favourite LCN base coat and Mavala’s colourfix topcoat. My top coat is soon finishing so I am thinking about buying something new, can anyone recommend one?

At first I was going to use the sparkles on one nail as an accent, but my bf really liked the colour and told me to do it on all of them. I think the effect is really fun, and I’m glad I listened to him. What do you think?

Love Steph x