I have been a Gelish trained nail tech for almost 6 years now, my love for the brand grows with each collection. I have a thing about nudes and one of my favourites is “Prim-Rose and Proper” from the Spring 16 collection. Since I did this set just before the new year I added in “Oh What A Knight” from the 2014 Once Upon a Dream collection.


I love that “Prim-Rose and Proper” is a milky off white pink. It’s a beautiful clean colour, and mixes well with the shimmering metallic “Oh What A Knight”. I love using a matte topcoat especially in the winter months. I think a velvet texture is perfect for this season.


I couldn’t resit adding an extra bit of sparkle using one of my BM stamping plates (sorry I forgot which one I used) and a gold konad stamping polish. I felt the matte vs shimmer and pink vs gold to be a really pretty colour combination. I am really happy with this set. 

I hope you love them as much as I did!
Love Steph x



For this super cute girlie manicure I used “Light Elegant” by Gelish, and stamped a flower print onto the accent nail using white Konad stamping polish.

light elegant gelish

The Stamping plate was from BundleMonster and the plate was number 404, this is probably one of the most loved plates I have in my stamping collection.


I really need to invest in some more stamping plates with floral prints, I really love how they look!
Steph xx


I absolutely love this set I did today using Gelish “Ice Skate, You Skate, We All Skate” topped with geometric gold print using one of my Bundle Monster Plates “BM 414” and Konad Gold Stamping Polish.

gelish Ice Skate, You Skate, We All Skate with gold print

The dark green and gold mixture paired together is stunning. At first I wasn’t sure how it would look stamped over all of my clients nails, but I actually really like the overall effect. I love that although they are all made using the same stamp they are unique and individual.


What do you think? Would you wear these colours in this style?
Love Steph x


I am absolutely in love this manicure. I used Gelish “Forever Beauty” and “Oh What A Knight!” with black Konad Stamping polish, and a bundle monster plate.

gelish nails

It says “Love. Live. Laugh.” the perfect polish mantra for the New Year. We wanted to keep to nude tones but give a slightly different feature to the accent nail, so I suggested we stamp a quote.

I used the bundle monster BM-405 stamping plate

bundle monster bm-405

Today I cut my nails and changed the shape for the first time in about a year, now my nails are short and square. Im looking forward to seeing the new nail trends 2015 will bring. What colour polish are you wearing?
Love Steph x


I have wanted to buy a stamping kit and plates for the longest time, I had spoke to the lovely Jemma of Eeeek! Nail Polish, who pointed me in the right direction. If you love nails you really need to check out her blog as it’s always full of beautiful designs and colours.

So I followed her advice and bought a stamp and scrapper months ago, and then I got busy and it kind of slipped my mind, I finally got around to ordering my first set of plates.

Bundle Monsters 2013 CYO set.

I chose this set as it had 26 plates, and quite a good base verity of styles:

bun-nplatecyo-1_002 bun-nplatecyo-1_003 bun-nplatecyo-1_004_1

I know that there are some I will prob never use, but that would happen no matter which sets I buy. So I ordered this one from amazon. If all goes well with these then I will totally invest in a few more. I need to buy some stamping polish still. But I will see how it goes with some normal polish before I order any.

Hurry up Mr postman 😉
Have you tried out stamping? let me know which plates you love!
Love Steph x