There is nothing women love more than to shop, especially when the sales arrive. I popped by CALVIN KLEIN at The Point today and fell in love with a handbag. 


I am on a nude kick at the moment after painting my nails in a lavender taupe the other day (a post will soon follow) and this bag is just a lovely nude “dirty” pink shade. 


The inside is a purple taupe that compliments the pink really well. The size for me is perfect not to big and not to small. Comfortable. I am not usually a fan of bowler bags because of the small handles. I tend to sling my hand bag over my shoulder. So this is a brilliant new addition definitely different from my others.

I love the little details.

The staff are really friendly. I was served Matthew (according to my receipt). He was really patient while I looked at all the different styles. They have some really beautiful stock at the moment, I should have taken pictures. Ah well, you just have to take my word and go visit!

Love Steph x



I have been a Gelish trained nail tech for almost 6 years now, my love for the brand grows with each collection. I have a thing about nudes and one of my favourites is “Prim-Rose and Proper” from the Spring 16 collection. Since I did this set just before the new year I added in “Oh What A Knight” from the 2014 Once Upon a Dream collection.


I love that “Prim-Rose and Proper” is a milky off white pink. It’s a beautiful clean colour, and mixes well with the shimmering metallic “Oh What A Knight”. I love using a matte topcoat especially in the winter months. I think a velvet texture is perfect for this season.


I couldn’t resit adding an extra bit of sparkle using one of my BM stamping plates (sorry I forgot which one I used) and a gold konad stamping polish. I felt the matte vs shimmer and pink vs gold to be a really pretty colour combination. I am really happy with this set. 

I hope you love them as much as I did!
Love Steph x


For this super cute girlie manicure I used “Light Elegant” by Gelish, and stamped a flower print onto the accent nail using white Konad stamping polish.

light elegant gelish

The Stamping plate was from BundleMonster and the plate was number 404, this is probably one of the most loved plates I have in my stamping collection.


I really need to invest in some more stamping plates with floral prints, I really love how they look!
Steph xx


I am a little addicted to these…
Out of the 17 shades I own 5 and I am tempted to pick up a few more. I really don’t know how I lived so long without these in my life!


They have a cute yet simple packaging. The lids are black and the highly pigmented cream is visible though the tubes. The doe foot applicator makes it very easy to apply the lip cream. The names are listed on the bottom of each tube and each one is named after a city.

soft matte cream gloss nyx cream gloss names


Neither lipstick nor lip gloss, this matte lip cream is a new kind of lip color that goes on silky smooth and sets to a matte finish. Soft Matte Lip Cream is surprisingly durable and, unlike some matte lipstick formulas, also moisturizing.” – NYX 

I want to call this a lipgloss simply because of the method of application, yet its not glossy. Its got a smooth creamy texture whilst applying and dries into a matte weightless vibrant colour. Once the cream has dried it really stays put, I can wear it for hours, and kiss my partner without fear of leaving a mark.

I wouldn’t call it moisturising, however, I wouldn’t say it leaves the lips looking dry/feeling extremely either. After a full day of wearing I do need to slather on my favourite Elizabeth Arden 8 hr lipbalm to re-hydrate.


nyx soft matte lip cream swatches
L-R: “Milan“, “San Paulo“, “Ibiza“, “Amsterdam“, “Copenhagen“.

The first shades I bought were Amsterdam & San Paulo. I had seen the beautiful red Amsterdam on a few blogs and really loved it, and the San Paulo looked like a good neutral shade not to bright not to nude perfect for everyday. A week later Milan, Ibiza and Copenhagen followed. So far I have used them all apart from the Copenhagen which is just a little bit too dark for my features. Sigh.

Described as:

Milan – Mid toned blue toned pink.
San Paulo – Plummy pink.
Ibiza – Matte deep rose pink.

Amsterdam – Pure red.
Copenhagen – Matte rich plum.

You can see me wearing the Milan here, Amsterdam here.


Well the price is brilliant less than 7 euro a tube! They do however tend to get used up pretty quickly, the Amsterdam has already started to dry out from over use. There is 8ml (0.27 fl oz) in each tube which is actually much more than some of my glosses. I guess that’s the only downfall of the matte quick dry texture.


I am amazed how well they stay in place! The second they get wet though they become like any other lip product and will fade. However for work where I am not eating and drinking for hours at a go, my lips can look as freshly coloured at 4pm as they were at 9am!

I would like to buy a few more of these, if not for myself to keep in my makeup kit. Such as Prague (a matte merlot), Sydney (a soft lavender), Monte Carlo (a deep cranberry red), Istanbul (a clean pink), and Antwerp (a mid toned, yellow toned pink)… I am sure I could add a few more but must resist the urge to buy all the lipsticks!

Have you tried Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream? what colours are your faves? and if not why?! Lady you better rush out and pick up a few from your local store.

Love Steph x


I did this beautiful mani for my favourite fashionista & blogger Pavli.

I used Gelish “Simply Mauv-elous Dahling” with the Matte topcoat, “Golden Treasure” and “Lust At First Sight” both with the shiny topcoat and a golden stamped design using a max factor “Gold” nail polish. Her nails are stunning and are completely her own.

10804987_10152611601858264_90957297_n 10807981_10152611601898264_1592143904_n

Here are some close ups:

10721363_10152611601903264_1146524232_n 10752152_10152611601863264_1818093717_nbm 417

The stamp I used was from the BM 417 plate, shown above on the left. We wanted to achieve a lace style print, which is why I used a glittery polish instead of a creamy polish.

I am really happy with the effect.
I’m currently crazy about matte finishes and so are my clients.

Love Steph x