Hey there you beautiful readers, some of you may already know that I recently did not one but TWO Makeup Revolution hauls, which you can read about here and here.
In one of the hauls I bought 9 lipsticks and before you say anything…
Yes I NEEDED all 9!

coloursL-R Top: Lady, Sweetheart, Divine, Dazzle.
L-R Bottom: Dare, Encore, Beloved, Bliss, Flashing.

Some of the textures are extremely glossy or creamy, where as some are more matte and waxy. The matte ones have brilliant staying power but can also feel a little drying on the lips. The colours I chose are the more mainstream shades, which I can use on clients for shoots or bridal. I am very tempted to buy some of the bolder colours in another haul.


I love how they are designed with the colour code on the lid! However, I have to say there is one major flaw, there is no code on the base. When doing makeup bookings I will remove all the lids and then use the colours the client likes the most. When packing up I will be rushed and I can imagine that putting the correct lids on the correct colours to be a little time-consuming. Also the lids are slightly tricky as they wont all stay on.


As I mentioned earlier a couple of the shades are very waxy in texture, this is a bit drying and have quite a strange feeling. However they last much longer so that’s a positive which I think outweighs the negative. I think if your lips are very dry the addition of a balm or a swipe of gloss would be necessary. The more glossy textures are really lovely to wear and they have an okay staying power. They all have a wonderful fresh coconut scent which makes me love them even more!


From L-R: Bliss, Divine, Sweetheart, Beloved, Encore, Flashing, Dazzle, Lady, Dare.

As you can see I bought a range of peaches and corals, pinks and a couple of reds. I wanted to show you what the colour transfer is like, so I used a piece of white paper to blot the colours. I really like the range of shades I bought but I think I need more nudes.

 The photo on the left is with natural light, and the photo on the right with flash. Can you see how the shimmer in Encore shows under the flash. It was really hard to pick up on camera. You can also see how the matte colours really didn’t want to come off from my lips, where as the glossy ones are very easy to smudge and transfer.


The price I paid was 1 pound each, which is brilliant value and I think I will get a lot of use from them. For the price I really can’t complain and the quality is pretty good, I have been wearing “Lady” most of today and I got some really nice compliments, it also matched perfectly with one of my GOSH lipliners.


How soon untill I can buy more? I think I am becoming addicted.
The colours are very close to the ones on the photos from the site, so you don’t have to worry about shades not being how you expected them to look (one of my biggest worries when shopping online).

makeup-revolution-haul-2Top L-R: Divine, Beloved, Dare, Bliss, Dazzle.
Bottom L-R: Lady, Sweetheart, Encore, Flashing.

I saw some photos of the blusher palettes and they are soo on my wishlist. I am really impressed by this brand. They are cheap and quality for the price is excellent. I hope to write-up some more post’s soon on some of the other Makeup Revolution products I bought… Lets just say I am IN LOVE with one particular highlighter.

Love Steph x 


New Glasses!

Hey beauties….

I have been a contact wearer since I was 16, I have only owned a few pairs of glasses since I got my contacts for the usual reasons, feeling like a nerd, I never found a style which suited me, or they felt awkward on, plus they get dirty so fast that I often ended up looking through blurred, smeared glass.

However, with age you realise that relying 100% on contacts is not ideal, that at some point you need to rest your eyes.

I find glasses are so over priced, I’ve never paid less than 300 for a pair (frame and lenses) which is a huge financial burden, especially when I pay about 200 a year for the contacts (also overpriced) and factor in that you have to change prescriptions every so often… not having 20-20 vision sucks. I keep promising myself that one day I will do laser, but that’s rather far down the list of priorities at the moment.

So the hunt for a nice pair of glasses started, and a few weeks ago I was given a website Zenni Optical, which promised good quality lenses and frames for a fraction of the cost of the big names…

I thought what the hell and uploaded a photo of my smiling face an clicked over many different frames. In the end I chose a pair like this:


They arrived yesterday!

Now this pair was listed as one of the cheapest the frames are only $12.95. So I was actually very impressed, with the frame, lenses and shipping I paid $57.80 which works out to be roughly 43 euro.

I look a little something like this:

Now that I know how they are I would be willing to pay a little more for a better frame.
I am also thinking about getting a pair of sun glasses.

For all you ladies that are looking for prescription glasses at a good price I totally recommend checking out Zenni Optical.

Love Steph x


Hey ladies!

Like a lot of you I’ve managed to accumulate a ridiculous amount of products, which I never ever use up… Mainly because like a magpie I keep buying anything that catches my eye, then tend to forget about the old ones.

I’m starting to feel like a hoarder!

After doing a “little” spring cleaning I noticed some area’s needed to be reduced more than others, so now I am in the phase of re-bulking and adding balance to my makeup kit. It’s so important for when I have Photoshoots / Bridal Event’s / Bookings that I have a variety of fresh non expired products. One area that I cut down on is lip liner’s so checked out some colours from a brand named GOSH Cosmetics.

Whilst I was in front of the stand I swatched all the colours.
I was really tempted to buy all seven!

swatchI didn’t have the time to take down the name of each colour (sorry).

The colours I bought are:

“Simply Red”
“Flirty Orange”
“Wild Cherry”


I was really impressed when I swatched these. They glide on smoothly, have a slightly waxy finish and they really stay put. I left them on my hand for a few mins and tried to rub off with a tissue. These babies wasn’t going anywhere! I had to use a little soap and water to finally remove all traces.

They do state on them that they are waterproof.

On my lips I coated all over and then applied lipstick ontop, they have a nice texture on the lips (I can feel there is something but its not drying or heavy or sticky) and it made the lipstick go that extra mile.

The best part is the price they are only 7 euro each!
I think that’s a bargain.

I think that the three colours I chose will be very popular over summer. My collection has quite a few red/ brownish tones so I would like to add a couple more pinks and a subtle nude colour. Can you believe that including the three I just bought I have only ten lip pencils now? I had forty freaking seven before.


Any recommendations for other good long lasting lip pencils with nice colours?
Love Steph x



I have been using this moisturiser for a little more than a month now. I really wanted to wait so that I could give a good review. I don’t like to  judge a skincare product before about 4-6 weeks because that’s how long it takes for our skin cell’s to renew and depending on the promise of the product some times you need to repeat buy before you really see a difference.

Hydra Life Close-Up moisturizes and treats the causes of visible pores by targeting them at their source. The skin is perfectly moisturized and mattified; the skin’s texture is smoother, while the appearance of all types of pores is deeply corrected, instantly and lastingly. 
It offers skin a silky, subtly glowing finish. The skin’s texture no longer has anything to conceal, even close-up, with no need for tricks or operations. 
Its rosy-colored aqueous gel glides comfortably onto the skin and offers the dual sensation of powdered freshness and improved makeup hold throughout the day”  – Dior



I really like how this is packaged I love products that come with pumps because you waste less product. Also it’s so much more hygienic and better at keeping ingredients active as it limits the amount of oxygen / bacteria which can get inside.

Hydra Life is Dior’s hydrating range so like the rest of the line it’s got a cool blue theme.


Whether dilated, blocked or slackened, all 3 types of pores are corrected thanks to a deep, targeted action. The skin is rebalanced and moisturized, the pores are tightened, and the skin’s texture is smooth and even.  

Proven results:
+40% moisturization
-40% visible pores” – Dior

This is quite a promise especially since my skin can get rather dehydrated (I need to drink more water etc) since my skin is not very oily only a little on my nose and general t-zone area this is where I expected to see the most results.


Like I mentioned earlier Close-Up comes in a pump form, I find I need about 3/4 pumps to cover my entire face and neck.

20140512_204959 20140512_205016 20140512_205031

In the first photo you can see how much product is dispensed from one pump. The second shows how light and fluid the texture is and the third photo shows how bright and radiant my skin looks after application. The fluid has a very pale rose-coloured tint which can’t really be seen on camera, but gives my skin a wonderful luminosity. It also has a beautiful non artificial light rose/floral scent which makes it feel luxuriously fresh.


I was a little worried that the drier areas (cheeks and forehead) would react to such a light lotion as I am used to thicker creams. My skin seems happy and it keep’s my skin moist throughout the day. I do think my skin looks more radiant. I can’t say that I have seen much of a difference in my pore size (then again I never had a huge issue with my pores and I think I would need to be using it longer than a couple of weeks) but I have found that since I switched my foundation has a much silkier finish.

When I apply Close-Up I feel this lovely velvet film coating my skin.

I think that this is a product which my skin will get the best benefit from in during the summer months when the weather is that much hotter.  Also since I have been using Close-Up I’ve noticed that my skin feels more supple. I am planning to repurchase this when it finishes and then in about October swap to a richer cream for the winter months when my skin starts getting a little drier.

Its got a lovely lightweight texture so I can easily layer up my skincare and makeup products without it feeling heavy. I also noticed that I am not using concealer in my daily routine, I apply just foundation and powders and I feel my skin is good to go. My make up also lasts well into the evening from early morning which is an added bonus.

I would totally recommend this product
Love Steph x

Product Review: Batiste Dry Shampoo

I think you will think I am a little late to join the Dry Shampoo revolution…

Well I tried dry shampoo in the past a few times and I never really found a brand I liked, for various reasons it just never became part of my routine and after trying 2/3 different brands I gave up. I thought I was doomed to look like my hair had been dunked in a chip pan the day after I washed it forever.

I have unbelievably oily hair which I need to wash max every 2 days, every day would be ideal but I ain’t got time for that! Even a hairdressers blow dry never lasted me more than 1 day.

I recently decided to give it another go and bought one by let’s call it “Brand x”  (I hate bad mouthing products) it was great the first few times I used it. Gave my hair a nice shot of volume. Every time I washed and styled my hair I would give it a quick spritz and go. The next day my hair would be oily but not as oily as usual, but the product didn’t perform on my already oily hair. It didn’t really bother me I was happy with the “Brand x” being used just as a volume product, to be honest I thought that was going to be as good as it gets for my hair… After a couple of uses I noticed that the powder seemed to have run out from the can and what ever I was spraying was leaving my hair feeling limp and sticky.

Sigh, it was good whilst it lasted.

I was ready to give up again and was telling my friend about my hair care problems whilst she was getting her nails done. She told me to try “Batiste” dry shampoo and gave me a travel sized sample.

What the hell, ONE more chance dry shampoo!

I think this product has just turned my whole haircare system upside down, I applied it after styling my hair the same way I did with the “Brand x” and the effect was good my hair had that added volume, but the real shock was the next morning. I applied a little to my hair and wow what a difference. So much so that I took a photo and sent it to my friend (please note I was still with make up half done in a bed robe – I was that impressed).



The aerosol can comes really nicely packaged, they have quite a range and the one I have has a “Tropical” scent and the can really brightens up my desk. Bright yellow and green the can is really fun. Since then I checked out a few they have in the pharmacy and I really like the look of the “Blush” which is very girlie and pink.


Well this is a little tricky to answer, as I don’t really know what’s inside it only that it’s been nearly 2 weeks and I only needed to wash my hair on day 5 and today which is day 4. I call that a freaking miracle.

Scents: Like I mentioned earlier mine is “Tropical” and its very beachy with coconut that kind of makes me wish I was somewhere far away. The scent isn’t over powering though, so you don’t have to worry about it clashing with your perfume.
I am looking forward to trying out some of the other scents like “cherry”


I apply it in two ways.
On clean hair: I spray my roots so that any excess oil is absorbed by it before making my hair look limp. It also gives a nice umpf to it.
On oily hair: I section my hair and spray between the sections, then a wait a min and give a quick massage to spread the product about. Then I can brush my hair.

I still pull up my hair since I wear my hair tied for work. But it actually looks ok whilst down. I would like to try to find the time to blowdry my hair whilst it’s dirty so I can see how it will look restyled. I feel much neater even if my hair is tied because it still keeps the volume. Normally my thin, fine, oily hair just lays flat across my scalp in a pony tail and the result is far from chic.


I love, no I ADORE this product. For me this is a miracle in a can, so much so I am actually going to share with you the half made up photo I sent to my friend… This is my day 2 hair…

getting ready for work

Can you see the happiness on my face and the shock that my hair looks like it’s just been done? That’s DAY 2 ladies 🙂
I have decided to buy 2 one for my house and one for my bf’s and keep the sample for travelling. Best of all the price they are under 5e!

This product deserves a huge 5 out of 5.


Have you tried dry shampoo before? and what are your experiences?
Have you got any more tips for me?
Love Steph x