I picked up a few L’oreal make up items recently from Melita Health and Beauty in St Julians. I will be posting their in depth reviews soon. I have been using them for about two weeks now and gotta say these surprised me!


Keep posted for swatches and my humble opinions…
Leave me a comment and let me know your L’oreal essentials ⇩ ⇩ ⇩
Love Steph x 



I am a little addicted to these…
Out of the 17 shades I own 5 and I am tempted to pick up a few more. I really don’t know how I lived so long without these in my life!


They have a cute yet simple packaging. The lids are black and the highly pigmented cream is visible though the tubes. The doe foot applicator makes it very easy to apply the lip cream. The names are listed on the bottom of each tube and each one is named after a city.

soft matte cream gloss nyx cream gloss names


Neither lipstick nor lip gloss, this matte lip cream is a new kind of lip color that goes on silky smooth and sets to a matte finish. Soft Matte Lip Cream is surprisingly durable and, unlike some matte lipstick formulas, also moisturizing.” – NYX 

I want to call this a lipgloss simply because of the method of application, yet its not glossy. Its got a smooth creamy texture whilst applying and dries into a matte weightless vibrant colour. Once the cream has dried it really stays put, I can wear it for hours, and kiss my partner without fear of leaving a mark.

I wouldn’t call it moisturising, however, I wouldn’t say it leaves the lips looking dry/feeling extremely either. After a full day of wearing I do need to slather on my favourite Elizabeth Arden 8 hr lipbalm to re-hydrate.


nyx soft matte lip cream swatches
L-R: “Milan“, “San Paulo“, “Ibiza“, “Amsterdam“, “Copenhagen“.

The first shades I bought were Amsterdam & San Paulo. I had seen the beautiful red Amsterdam on a few blogs and really loved it, and the San Paulo looked like a good neutral shade not to bright not to nude perfect for everyday. A week later Milan, Ibiza and Copenhagen followed. So far I have used them all apart from the Copenhagen which is just a little bit too dark for my features. Sigh.

Described as:

Milan – Mid toned blue toned pink.
San Paulo – Plummy pink.
Ibiza – Matte deep rose pink.

Amsterdam – Pure red.
Copenhagen – Matte rich plum.

You can see me wearing the Milan here, Amsterdam here.


Well the price is brilliant less than 7 euro a tube! They do however tend to get used up pretty quickly, the Amsterdam has already started to dry out from over use. There is 8ml (0.27 fl oz) in each tube which is actually much more than some of my glosses. I guess that’s the only downfall of the matte quick dry texture.


I am amazed how well they stay in place! The second they get wet though they become like any other lip product and will fade. However for work where I am not eating and drinking for hours at a go, my lips can look as freshly coloured at 4pm as they were at 9am!

I would like to buy a few more of these, if not for myself to keep in my makeup kit. Such as Prague (a matte merlot), Sydney (a soft lavender), Monte Carlo (a deep cranberry red), Istanbul (a clean pink), and Antwerp (a mid toned, yellow toned pink)… I am sure I could add a few more but must resist the urge to buy all the lipsticks!

Have you tried Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream? what colours are your faves? and if not why?! Lady you better rush out and pick up a few from your local store.

Love Steph x

Summer Skincare Routines

Hey beauties… Summer is def on the way and so I thought I would write a post about how to look after your skin during the summer months. This is in the order that you should be applying your products 🙂

CLEANSING Just like in the winter months you will want to do a double cleanse in the eve, and one cleanse in the morning to remove dirt & grime etc… I know that most people tend to feel their skin oiler in the summer months, so you may wish to swap to gel or foam textures instead of creamy lotions or milks. Personally I use a “Special Cleansing Gel” from Dermalogica which is non drying so I stick to this formula all year-long.

TONING Now ladies (and gents) this is something that most seem to be guilty of skipping out on, you really need to invest in a toner. Why? Because when you cleanse the products you’re using strips off the natural oils and changes the ph level of your skin. The toner will re-balance the skin, bringing the PH level back to its normal state, protecting your skin against bacterial invasion and dehydration. Quite an important step don’t ya think 🙂 Another favourite of mine by Dermalogica is the “Multi-Active” toner which is a spray toner super quick, refreshing also saves money on cottons pads…

SCRUBS In the winter months you can use scrubs which are more acidic, these are chemical based to brighten the skin, remove dead cells and unclog pores. They normally contain levels of “Salicylic Acid” which doesn’t tend to mix very well with UV. This can cause problems like pigmentation. So you have two choices, keep a high spf and avoid the sun (Which I tend to do) or swap the chemical scrubs for physical ones which have granules. Everyone who follows this blog will know how much I need “Daily Microfoliant” by Dermalogica in my life, which is a Chemical scrub.

P.S. PLEASE stop buying products with microbeads they are extremely bad for the environment more info HERE, next time you are shopping for a new scrub (face or body) please think about the damage the plastic does to the sea.

MASKS Now is a great time to increase hydration using masks, if you are prone to break outs you can use purifying masks on the problem areas and use a hydrating one on the surrounding skin to help balance it out. I love to use vitamin mask’s more often at this time of the year to help protect my skin against sun damage. I adore Dermologicas “Multi Vitamin Power Recovery Masque” which is also known as the hangover cure for skin, I also really like Shiseido’s “Moisture Relaxing Mask”.


By the middle of your 20’s you should be using a good eyecream, something light to help prevent first lines. I am now in my late 20’s so it’s even more important that I think about preventing those fine dehydration lines (the ones which run vertically on the skin) from forming into first wrinkles. Sigh! It’s down hill from here…

Normally in summer it’s better to switch to lighter textures, so you may also think about purchasing a gel eyecream when what you’re using runs out. Since a gel texture will also help with puffiness and dark circles it can be especially useful since the summer months often bring wild nights. I am Crazy for Dermastir “Twister Eye & Lip Contour” which I have sampled recently, but I am also really happy with my Estee Lauder “Hydra Complete” I am actually thinking to use both, Lauder for the day Dermastir for night…. Hydration and anti ageing 🙂

Remember to apply only a small amount (size of a pea, half for each eye) along the socket bone, if you are putting too much or too close you may end up with irritated, puffy eyes.

SERUMS Serums are great ! Since sun damage causes free radicals to attack our skin a serum which contains anti-oxidants are amazing for this time of the year. Also for those who get a little dehydrated in the summer months (that’s lack of water not oil) a hydrating serum might be the boost your skin needs to keep it looking firm, plump and supple. I adore Estee Lauder’s “Advance Night Repair” for this since it’s packed full of anti-oxidants and contains hyaluronic acid which keeps moisture in the skin, I can’t wait for the launch of their new hydrating serum! Has anyone tried it?

If you are wondering why I placed serum after eyecream, it’s because the skin of the eye is very fragile the eyecream will act as a barrier preventing the serum and moisturiser from getting to close to the eye area.

MOISTURISER As I mentioned with some of the other products, keeping skin protected and hydrated is so, so important. The majority of people will find that they want to put away heavy creams and go for light lotion formulas. In the day make sure you’re using something with lots of vitamins for protection.

Night creams are generally richer textures which you might find too much if you live in a hot, humid climate in that case I would skip the balms and oils (Even though I love face oils like Clarin’s “Blue Orchid Oil” I find I hate applying it in summer) and look for a more gel/cream texture.

In the evening your skin will be repairing so you will want to find products which will help repair or use anti ageing  ingredients and during the day tackle hydration and protection. I am currently using Dior “Close-Up” day and night, which is lovely and hydrating.

SPF Now I get told by so many girls “but I have SPF in my foundation” ladies… Seriously how thick do you apply your foundation? Because you would need a full caked face to get the spf from your fluid or liquid. Even if a moisturiser contains SPF they generally arnt very high.

I would recommend buying a separate one which you can layer on at the end of your skincare routine. I have been using La Roche Posay “Fluide Extreme SPF50” for more than a year now and it’s a critical part of my routine. I keep this one going all year-long… Remember to apply this to your hands to prevent age spots and don’t forget the ears, neck and décolletage.

Signs associated with aging – wrinklesfrecklesskin thinningsunspots (also known as age spots), uneven pigmentation – are the aftermath of sun damage. Ninety-percent of wrinkles are caused by the sun, and while intentional overexposure (tanning, sunbathing) is incredibly harmful, two-thirds of all sun damage is, surprisingly, incidental walking the dog, driving” – Source

LIP PROTECTION Don’t forget lip burn very easily so make sure you have a good lip balm with Spf for the day, I really want to try out La Roche Posays “Antherpos Ceralip Sunscreen SPF 50” which is supposed to be one of the best on the market. Then give your lips a nourishing balm at night, I really like Elizabeth Arden’s “Intensive Lip Repair Balm” for this reason.

P.S Don’t neglect your body! scrub and moisturise ladies it will give you a much better tan and keep your skin silky smooth. Hope it helps you when your choosing your next set of products. Love Steph x

summer skincare


Last week I placed my first ever Makeup Revolution haul… (which I received yesterday)…
Today I placed another! Crazy? Maybe… But this time it was lipstick based.

Cause seriously all girls need more lipstick right?

makeup revolution haul 2

Lipsticks are:
Top L-R: “Divine”, “Beloved”, “Dare”, “Bliss”, “Dazzle”.
Bottom L-R: “Lady”, “Sweetheart”, “Encore”, “Flashing”.

And the two highlighters are: “Golden Lights” (top) and “Peach Lights” (bottom).

I think I need to put myself on a makeup ban!
Have you tried any of these before ladies?
Love Steph x


Hey ladies!

Like a lot of you I’ve managed to accumulate a ridiculous amount of products, which I never ever use up… Mainly because like a magpie I keep buying anything that catches my eye, then tend to forget about the old ones.

I’m starting to feel like a hoarder!

After doing a “little” spring cleaning I noticed some area’s needed to be reduced more than others, so now I am in the phase of re-bulking and adding balance to my makeup kit. It’s so important for when I have Photoshoots / Bridal Event’s / Bookings that I have a variety of fresh non expired products. One area that I cut down on is lip liner’s so checked out some colours from a brand named GOSH Cosmetics.

Whilst I was in front of the stand I swatched all the colours.
I was really tempted to buy all seven!

swatchI didn’t have the time to take down the name of each colour (sorry).

The colours I bought are:

“Simply Red”
“Flirty Orange”
“Wild Cherry”


I was really impressed when I swatched these. They glide on smoothly, have a slightly waxy finish and they really stay put. I left them on my hand for a few mins and tried to rub off with a tissue. These babies wasn’t going anywhere! I had to use a little soap and water to finally remove all traces.

They do state on them that they are waterproof.

On my lips I coated all over and then applied lipstick ontop, they have a nice texture on the lips (I can feel there is something but its not drying or heavy or sticky) and it made the lipstick go that extra mile.

The best part is the price they are only 7 euro each!
I think that’s a bargain.

I think that the three colours I chose will be very popular over summer. My collection has quite a few red/ brownish tones so I would like to add a couple more pinks and a subtle nude colour. Can you believe that including the three I just bought I have only ten lip pencils now? I had forty freaking seven before.


Any recommendations for other good long lasting lip pencils with nice colours?
Love Steph x