If you are following me on Instagram you might have noticed that I posted some fashion & style photos from the new collections in local shops. I thought id share a little of whats new here 🙂


Tommy Hilfiger 




Tommy Hilfiger






Womens Secret


Tommy Hilfiger


I Am


Tommy Hilfiger


Womens Secret




I Am

I am loving all the floral, lace and nudes. Touches of colour to brighten up an outfit. The quirky and fun cherries. Valentines is coming up so its a reason to splash out on something a little sexy, and buy something special. 

Love Steph x



#100HAPPYDAYS: DAYS 71 – 77

Challenge week Eleven.

Day 71: Chilling out with the guys. Perfect vibe.
Day 72: Online shopping makes me happy.
Day 73: Bright colours ♡ feeling good about this design.
Day 74 A gift to myself, the brand new perfume “Dolce” by Dolce and Gabbana
Day 75Max Factor Goodie Bags ♡ one for me and one for beautyshewrote
Day 76Coral toes! A little pampering.
Day 77: Looking good, feeling good.

This week was a good week, I did a huge amount of shopping… I think I need to put myself on a shopping ban. Some of the online shopping items I’ve received already but most I am still waiting for Excited!

I also managed to squeeze a little pampering in this week.

I have a really cool collab coming up with MAX FACTOR soon! So keep an eye out 😉

I am really happy I started the #100HappyDays challenge, I love looking back over the things I did at the end of the week, it makes me feel good. I am thinking of starting a photo a day challenge after this…

Hope you had a wicked week!
Love Steph x

Product Haul: Mavala Polish

I saw these polishes today and thought they would be perfect additions to my growing stash…
A girl can never have too many colours!


What I loved about them both was that they had these little sparkly micropigments.

I don’t normally like green’s but this had these little flecks of gold that just caught my eye, its really unique. I also love the little redish sparkles in the rich cherry polish.

I cant wait to see how they will look on my nails and if the micro-shimmer will show as well outside of the bottle.

Mavala are a really great brand for small sizes perfect for girls who get bored easy! Plus they will never dry up before you reach the end of the bottle!

 Have you tried Mavala before?
Love Steph x



Plaza’s New Collections: S/S 13

Today I was invited for a short fashion show hosted by Plaza Shopping Complex in Sliema.

There was a really cool DJ Miss Cognati pumping the beats and making the crowd buzz while we waited for the show to start.

I also saw some of the most stylish women at the event such as Pavli Medvedova of Pavlistyle, Caroline Paris of CarolineStyling and behind the scenes I saw Marisa Grima.


I really liked the way the model’s was styled as it shows the diversity of brands within the complex, as well as the variation of different clothing from casual wear to evening gowns.

I would have liked to have seen more of the Plaza stores getting involved because the complex hosts numerous fashion and accessories outlets. This was a very short event but was an interesting concept.

Some of the brands that took part was:

  • Benetton
  • Artigli
  • Bortex
  • Emporio
  • Suiteblanco
  • Stivalletti
  • Boux Avenue
  • Franks (for Makeup)
  • Tony & Guy (for Hair)

The event was hosted by Plaza Tv’s Natalie wearing a gorgeous pair of heels… Who even gave me a quick interview after the event (I am really trying to work on this fear of camera’s). So much so that it inspired me to go buy a new pair for work.

I look forward for the next one…