I am always searching for something to make my house look more like a home, whether its online or in the shops. This week I passed by ZARA HOME’s new outlet at Pama Shopping Mall. If you love Zara go and check out the store its beautiful. 


How incredible are the marble style vases? I also love the sparkling table mats.


Are you a skull fan? I find it fun and quirky but the style is not really me. Loving the dark Martini glasses. 


My dishes are all white, while it might be a bit boring to some I find it practical and timeless. Plus if one breaks its also easier to replace. I would definitely rather add pops of colour to my table with flowers, candles, or with linens.

I like the mirror trend thats going on with furnishings at the moment. Those jewellery boxes are stunning. 


My house is very monocromatic, my walls are white, kitchen and doors are an espresso colour. A rich black brown. My furniture is also mainly white. We have silver accents. So this all appeals to me. Slowly I will start introducing pops of colour and if you havent guessed it im obsessed with lots of greys. 


I find these citrus colours so fun, especially for summer. They can really brighten up the kitchen and work perfectly within the bathrooms. My style is much more muted overall, but I love the glass displays. We were given some Mdina Glass items for our wedding and they make a great touch and cheer up a room.

As I mentioned earlier we have silver accents, so this display is sooo me. I love the bathroom soap dispensers. I bought mine somewhere else but they are actually very similar to these. Would you put shells/corals in your bathroom? 


I like the leaf print candle. I bought some gorgeous plants today I will post about them a bit later 🙂 


You can’t go wrong with white. Crisp and clean always.


Coral and gold go so well together. Beach lux, when I see these colours it makes me want to buy a gozo summer home, peacefully overlooking the sea.


Those silver crackle vases! They are a total must have. I also didn’t realise until I looked closely at this photo that there is a glass mirror bottom tray. I have been looking online for months for one. How did I not see it in the store??? That’s it this weekend I need to go to Zara again!



I LOOOVE those light barely tinted blue tumblers.


Please don’t blame me for any damage that will be done to your credit cards as a result of this post.
Love Steph x



Today we popped into The Atrium to gather some home inspiration!

Although right now we were just window shopping I found so many really cool and different pieces. There is a wonderful collection by “Kare Design” which has some very edgy statement designs.

Overall, I loved the huge rugs, the multitude of coloured curtains, the beautiful big sofas, and stunning mirrors. So many things to help give me ideas… Here are some of my favourites!

The outside furniture is to die for!
I absolutely fell for the big canopy umbrella & the sofa table sets.

I got lost among all the trinkets and amazing decor…

They had everything including the kitchen sink!
I can’t wait to come back and splurge on some of these gorgeous things.
Love Steph x

Lunch at Margo’s

When the weather is this beautiful there is only one thing to do….
Drop the top and go for a ride!

Malta is beautiful in spring, fields full of yellow wild flowers and poppies, blue skies without a cloud in sight, and best of all the way the sea looks crystal clear and calm.

adventures in the smart yellow fieldssea

We look for roads we have never been down before and often find ourself on the edge of a cliff looking at the beauty of the sea.

No adventure is complete without lunch…

We drove down to Mistra Bay to a fantastic pizzeria called Margo’s, when we arrived we had the whole restaurant to ourselves although within about 45 mins it started to pack up rather fast… Couples and families enjoying the comfort of the shade and the chill out sound of latino music.

 I love how the restaurant is secluded, it’s peaceful and  surrounded by a garden, something unusual in a rather built up island.

They have the most amazing pizza’s and my favourite is the “La Notte Bianca” a very interesting mix of ricotta, pumpkin and salmon, topped with poppy seeds. It’s a rather strange choice for a pizza but don’t knock it until you try it! It truly is a sensational mix of flavours… My partner took an Italian speciality a very simple yet delicious pizza made with parma-ham and rucola. Just looking at the pictures is making my mouth water all over again…

amazing pizza pizza x2

One of the things which really makes Margo’s special is the desserts, in particular the Pannacotta, always different as it’s infused with in season flavours such as lavender, with vanilla seeds from Madagascar. It is one of the most amazing desserts I have ever tried. Even though full from the pizza we always have just about enough room to share one. It comes in the most simple jar and a spoon, but trust me when I tell you, “You do not want to skip dessert...”

pannacotta vanilla seeds delicious

Rich, creamy and full of flavour each spoonful is truly something special.
Feeling satisfied there was only one thing left… To drive home and enjoy a quick siesta…

The start of a perfect Saturday!

Love Steph x

Mani #26: Sweet Like Candy

Happy Wednesday guys! I hope that the day treated you well and you have lovely plans for Easter. I am so excited that we have Friday off.

As you may know I am crushing over my new Dior “Wonderland” nail polish but I have been wearing coral tones on and off for a few weeks now (as I was wearing “Cute As A Button” two weeks before) and needed to something fresh to look at.

I decided that the best way to do so is add in a contrasting colour on an accent nail. So I used Lcn 326  “Colour Me Up“.

The effect reminds me of candy colours…
Which since its practically Easter seems fitting.

What I love about LCN’s 326 is the flecks of shimmer I don’t think you can see it so well on camera but it’s a subtle golden/fuchsia shimmer which I think matches perfectly against Diors 575.

This mani makes me so happy ❤

Are you ladies rocking any candy colours? or Easter nail art?
Link me i’d love to see them.

Love Steph x



Monday Muse #09

The Easter Edition.

 As you can imagine this week I am day dreaming about chocolate, bunny’s and Easter eggs! It’s also a great feeling knowing I have Friday off which makes the week pass just a bit easier 😉

Do you have any Easter plans and traditions? 
Normally we go out for family lunch but this year we haven’t really made any plans. I still need to buy an egg for my 5yr old niece but maybe if I’m feeling crafty I will dye one… There are loads of really nice tutorials online and gives me a reason to spend hours on Pinterest.

Love Steph x