If you are following me on Instagram you might have noticed that I posted some fashion & style photos from the new collections in local shops. I thought id share a little of whats new here 🙂


Tommy Hilfiger 




Tommy Hilfiger






Womens Secret


Tommy Hilfiger


I Am


Tommy Hilfiger


Womens Secret




I Am

I am loving all the floral, lace and nudes. Touches of colour to brighten up an outfit. The quirky and fun cherries. Valentines is coming up so its a reason to splash out on something a little sexy, and buy something special. 

Love Steph x




Stepping into spring sees the return of brighter colours, and nothing is more perfect than this pretty tomato creme from the Gelish “A Very Nauti-cal Girl” collection. 


My client wanted something that was classic and fun, since she wears reds frequently we chose this shade as it has an orange undertone. 


I am so looking forward to seeing my clients transition into bright bolder colours.
Love Steph x



There is nothing women love more than to shop, especially when the sales arrive. I popped by CALVIN KLEIN at The Point today and fell in love with a handbag. 


I am on a nude kick at the moment after painting my nails in a lavender taupe the other day (a post will soon follow) and this bag is just a lovely nude “dirty” pink shade. 


The inside is a purple taupe that compliments the pink really well. The size for me is perfect not to big and not to small. Comfortable. I am not usually a fan of bowler bags because of the small handles. I tend to sling my hand bag over my shoulder. So this is a brilliant new addition definitely different from my others.

I love the little details.

The staff are really friendly. I was served Matthew (according to my receipt). He was really patient while I looked at all the different styles. They have some really beautiful stock at the moment, I should have taken pictures. Ah well, you just have to take my word and go visit!

Love Steph x


Hey beauties.

So this is my first post in the “Decor Diary” series of the blog, basically I want to share with you some more house related ideas and include some progress reports 🙂

I have had this crazy obsession recently with olive trees! (thank you Pinterest), actually I found out my olive tree addiction spans back further than I thought when I found some saved photos in my phone for home ideas.

I think that this tree is so simple and chic and this is why:

The leafs have a beautiful pale silver & green colour and I love that they grow so tall. They can be pruned like a bonsai tree which is interesting and can offer an elegant and unusual design element into the interior. Of course when grown indoors they wont fruit (as there will be no way to pollinate the flowers) but I’m okay with that.

So I went to the garden center and bought a olive tree last weekend. I am still waiting for it to be delivered since its not something I can just pop into my partners Smart car. I did excitedly take a photo to show my mum, so mine will look like this:

my olive and pot

I wanted to keep the pot very simple and chose this square faux slate style. I am hoping that this tree will help fill some of the emptiness from where my Christmas tree was.


My tree arrived and now looks like this:

my olive tree

Covered in fairylights ooooh soo pretty!!!

We have a really long way to go, but I have also ordered a few items from Ikea (using MaltaShopper) they come directly from Catania since Malta doesn’t have a full Ikea store yet.  They will be delivered next week. Yay!

Nothing too exciting for the majority of you, just a couple shoe racks for our hallway and a chest of draws for the bedroom. I don’t really like buying online so much since you can’t see it in person. However the Malm dresser is really popular on pinterest and the shoe racks are soo well priced that I couldn’t resist.

The items I bought was in the black cherry colour similar to my doors and my kitchen. Even though we haven’t received them yet I have already decided that I will order another 2/3 chest of draws just because they are so versatile. I love them in the black but I also really like how fresh and clean the white looks.

I am still finding it difficult to find curtains for a good price. I have to go and get some more quotes maybe if I have time this weekend.

I just want something very simple and very fresh looking. Plain white sheers. I don’t want anything too fusy. Kinda like these:

So that’s basically where I am at!

We still have a really long way to go, but now everything is fun. Since we have been living together in the apartment since the end of October the pressure of doing stuff is soo much less. The first month was just unlimited trips to the supermarket to buy literally everything from washing baskets and pegs to pirex dishes and wooden spoons.

Now its a matter of ok this month we need X Y Z and its fun to look at things and say “I want this one”.  🙂

Wishing you all the best!
Love Steph xxx



I absolutely love this set I did today using Gelish “Ice Skate, You Skate, We All Skate” topped with geometric gold print using one of my Bundle Monster Plates “BM 414” and Konad Gold Stamping Polish.

gelish Ice Skate, You Skate, We All Skate with gold print

The dark green and gold mixture paired together is stunning. At first I wasn’t sure how it would look stamped over all of my clients nails, but I actually really like the overall effect. I love that although they are all made using the same stamp they are unique and individual.


What do you think? Would you wear these colours in this style?
Love Steph x