I am always searching for something to make my house look more like a home, whether its online or in the shops. This week I passed by ZARA HOME’s new outlet at Pama Shopping Mall. If you love Zara go and check out the store its beautiful. 


How incredible are the marble style vases? I also love the sparkling table mats.


Are you a skull fan? I find it fun and quirky but the style is not really me. Loving the dark Martini glasses. 


My dishes are all white, while it might be a bit boring to some I find it practical and timeless. Plus if one breaks its also easier to replace. I would definitely rather add pops of colour to my table with flowers, candles, or with linens.

I like the mirror trend thats going on with furnishings at the moment. Those jewellery boxes are stunning. 


My house is very monocromatic, my walls are white, kitchen and doors are an espresso colour. A rich black brown. My furniture is also mainly white. We have silver accents. So this all appeals to me. Slowly I will start introducing pops of colour and if you havent guessed it im obsessed with lots of greys. 


I find these citrus colours so fun, especially for summer. They can really brighten up the kitchen and work perfectly within the bathrooms. My style is much more muted overall, but I love the glass displays. We were given some Mdina Glass items for our wedding and they make a great touch and cheer up a room.

As I mentioned earlier we have silver accents, so this display is sooo me. I love the bathroom soap dispensers. I bought mine somewhere else but they are actually very similar to these. Would you put shells/corals in your bathroom? 


I like the leaf print candle. I bought some gorgeous plants today I will post about them a bit later 🙂 


You can’t go wrong with white. Crisp and clean always.


Coral and gold go so well together. Beach lux, when I see these colours it makes me want to buy a gozo summer home, peacefully overlooking the sea.


Those silver crackle vases! They are a total must have. I also didn’t realise until I looked closely at this photo that there is a glass mirror bottom tray. I have been looking online for months for one. How did I not see it in the store??? That’s it this weekend I need to go to Zara again!



I LOOOVE those light barely tinted blue tumblers.


Please don’t blame me for any damage that will be done to your credit cards as a result of this post.
Love Steph x



For this super cute girlie manicure I used “Light Elegant” by Gelish, and stamped a flower print onto the accent nail using white Konad stamping polish.

light elegant gelish

The Stamping plate was from BundleMonster and the plate was number 404, this is probably one of the most loved plates I have in my stamping collection.


I really need to invest in some more stamping plates with floral prints, I really love how they look!
Steph xx


This last week I have been thinking long and hard about how I want my bathrooms. We measured, noted the sizes, thought about the best way we can use the space and Monday I went to pick tiles and sanitary wares.

We have 1 main bathroom and 2 en-suites, one en-suite for our bedroom the other en-suite forms part of my partners study / “ManCave“. Any guests staying with us can use the main bathroom.

bathroom sizes
I know, I know, the plans are far from scale, I used Paint. I am old school.

For the “ManCave” en-suite.

This will be used mainly by my gamer partner so I wanted to keep things simple. I wanted to keep the colours neutral so I went for grey floors and white walls and a pattern mosaic which will be featured in the shower.

Mancave tiles

For the “Master” en-suite.

I think this will be the most used bathroom of them all, so I wanted to keep the colours similar, with the same grey floors, glossy white walls and a pattern mosaic tile which will run the length of the shower wall. I went for a gloss finish for the tiles to make cleaning easier. We will have a rain shower and instead of a acrylic shower tray I decided to tile the floor and have the water drain into a tray. I think this will give a nicer effect.

For the “Main” bathroom.

I wanted unity throughout so I went for the same floor & wall tiles of the “Master” en-suite, but I wanted to give it a little bit of a twist and went for a matte finish patterned mosaic to feature over the bath.

main bathroom tiles

I know that the pictures are not the greatest quality but originally I took them quickly just to send to my partner whilst I was in the showroom since he was at work.

I really love the stone coloured tones and I think they will go with what ever theme I chose for the rest of the house. I would rather have a splash of colour with accessories like towels that something permanent. I don’t want to get bored with the tiles after a few years and with a bold colour my taste might change.

I am hoping that overall the look will be neither masculine nor feminine and classic and stylish. Do you like them?
Love Steph xx


I’ve got kitchen fever!

The floor tiles are all white, and the kitchen layout is in a U shape and opens into the living / dining room. I think I will use the space by fitting in a L shape kitchen and using the free wall which divides the kitchen from the hallway for either a mirror to give the illusion of space or artwork.

At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted a all white kitchen and now thanks to Pinterest I am lusting after dark / black wood. I would like to use white tiles and then have splashes of colour. The walls throughout the house will be in neutral tones.

Hopefully in the next few weeks I can show some photos to a carpenter and take it from there… Gosh it seems like there is soo much to think about… One room at a time!
Love Steph x


This week I bought a few (5) new LCN nail polishes to bulk up my winter collection…
I will post them in a mini haul hopefully in a day or two…
(Along with my 6 new Essie colours)

So I thought id share with you some amazing colours which would look great this season, to maybe inspire you girls to be naughty so I feel better about my impulse splurge. Mwahahaha 😉

 What colours have you going crazy?
I’m currently wearing Mavala’s Black Cherry, which is a really beautiful rich vampy tone.

Love Steph x